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Katina`s notes of mother. Second parachute jump. Part II

Part 1 can be considered it here.


If during the first pregnancy time lasted very long, I literally remember every day that 40 weeks, then this time time flies and week replaces week …

Talk on a name for future child absolutely stopped, perhaps, it is connected with expectation of the forthcoming ultrasonography. I hope that the Kid will be developed so that his sex will stop being secret. In 24 weeks we do the second ultrasonography.

- the Boy, - the doctor chilly answered.

For pleasure at me on cheeks teardrops swept.“ And I will tell the husband what was not visible, let it potomitsya. But, if not the boy, he has no disappointments“.

- Told that nothing is visible … - with feigned sympathy I speak, watching reaction of the husband.

- the Girl, so the girl, - with easy grief of the person who was left without successor the husband reacted.

In general, the husband who was so delighted to news of pregnancy soon ceased to pay to this event special attention. Can on the fact that my psychological and physiological state differs in nothing from not pregnant. Except for change of a figure, of course. Can on that, as for it and for me all is not a new experience any more, and that enchanting feeling which was with the firstborn not to test any more? And I reflect, and suddenly so will be further?

advantages of expectation of the child during holiday on care of the first child Open. One, perhaps, most important and useful - almost guaranteed daily physical exercise! Gloomy days with which this winter is rich cast over me melancholy and to shake from themselves importunate boredom, we with Katerina come to the yard, to a magnificent winter cloth which disposes to amateur creativity. It was necessary to open the account for our snowmen at once. Big and small, made in 2 hours and in 2 minutes …

Evening. And I have the same question, and the same thoughts. The matter is that the daughter sleeps together with us. And all shy attempts to settle out her in own bed ended with failure. A faint hope on independence of the Kid, on the fact that he will want to sleep in the beautiful crib. Though, herself - that can admit, I will lack it. Before going to bed we with Katerina surely think out the tale of the Kid and in an embrace we fall asleep.


Having passed

28 - a week boundary, I in increasing frequency think of childbirth, I remember those the main happiest minutes of my life when just born daughter put to me on a stomach. I very much want to endure this moment again. Cannot wait to see the Kid. Very much - very much I want to feel the first, yet not dexterous, but by nature sure, compression of a nipple as a tiny mouth. How strongly I want to endure these events, so strongly I wait for childbirth. But not for nothing say that it is more terrible to jump with a parachute not for the first time, and in the second because you already know what to be afraid. And not to be afraid, I prepare. I repeat to myself all the time that childbirth is a work! Hard work! The main thing - not to be afraid! The fear clamps and hurts, and pain generates fear. To break off this vicious circle, in labor it is necessary to relax, reveal spiritually and physically and to let out the baby. Pain in labor special, is a sign that everything goes well, the neck reveals, the child to appear soon. Also it is necessary to try to think of the child, for him to fall the Universe, from heat and safety he is pushed out it is unknown where, it is necessary to help him. And the main thing will be adjusted on the fact that everything will be good and everything at me will turn out!!!

If it is honest, I am not afraid for the Kid, now I think more of how my daughter who got used to autocratic domination among grandmothers and grandfathers will apprehend emergence of the peeping lump which will occupy the most part of time mother. How to cope with possible jealousy? Whether I will be able to choose time on so the occupations loved by us now: reading infinite number of books, a molding from plasticine, drawing, etc.? With what words to explain to the child 2 - x years what mother cannot collect the designer when the kid cries? Whether I will be able to make so that Katya had no thought that its steel to love less?

Third trimester.

of Marthe.

the spring Came. With the blue high sky. With the bright, burning sun. With a ringing twitter of sparrows. With a smell of spring. With feeling of updating.

Having languished under beams of the gentle sun, I feel ridiculously in the bothered winter clothes which considerably rounded a tummy already hardly agree on mine. It is possible to tell in this second pregnancy at me a stomach more, than the first time though I add the same speed.


Ya it was specially photographed now, approximately on the same term, as in the photo with the first pregnancy. In the same clothes, in the same way rose, with Katerina not in a stomach only now, and nearby!

- Absolutely identical stomach in both photos, and you carry that heterosexual children! - the girlfriend exclaims, examining my photos. - No, on you, your stomach cannot predict a sex of the child. Yes floor what what difference the baby if only healthy was born …

- That`s it, and I also want to give rise itself, and I have a pelvic prelying.

- Yes you that? - the unknown medical formulation always frightens. - And what is it?

- the Bottom to an exit sits, and it is necessary the head … Yes anything terrible, a commonplace, especially at the second pregnancy. And then, I have all bases to hope for a natural rodorazresheniye, - tell Irka and at the same time I encourage myself - repeated childbirth, an ideal basin, the normal size of a fruit - it is not less than 2500 and no more than 3,5 kg, - all this gives hope. And still, all to whom I would not tell about it calm and encourage me stories that at them / from acquaintances / family the baby turned - at whom in 2 weeks prior to childbirth and at whom in general during patrimonial activity. And we with Katya, before going to bed, ask the Kid to reach every evening the correct position, - I educate the dark girlfriend in this question, stroking a tummy, - we wait when turns.

- Understood. And it is impossible to turn it in any way?

- Exercises are. But my new doctor, and earlier she worked in maternity hospital, told that these exercises are not effective, still there are receptions … By the way, to conversation on the field, here say that on the frequency of heartbeat of a fruit the skilled obstetrician can define a sex. And so, my new without ultrasonography told “boy“.

In 35 weeks the Kid turned:-) As it occurred I did not feel. Now and I, referring to own experience, I will assure girlfriends: will surely turn!


In 35 weeks of pregnancy I added 9 kg, I think on it to stop. Though neither in the first, nor in the second pregnancies to me not to have specially to limit itself in food. I remember, in the first pregnancy I so strictly watched a zdorovost of each eaten piece, even kept “the food diary“, and now … is not so categorical. As all - changes the relation to everything when you expect the second baby!

The the treasured term of childbirth is closer than

, the I become quieter. I called maternity hospital for a long time and learned when it is closed on a sink - just opened - perfectly! At me everything is already ready for the Kid. As it is pleasant to buy - now that I know that the baby needs really - to sort, erase and iron all these tiny things! Everything costs equal piles in clothes and waits … and all wait …

This time wants to give rise rather. No, me it is not heavy, I do not swell, well I sleep and bones do not break - pregnancy comes to an end also pleasantly, as well as began. But I already want to turn the page, there is a wish to participate in labor. Someone will smile after reading of this phrase supposedly where you will get to, childbirth without you will not begin! Here I also want to learn rather how everything will pass. I want to see (!) The kid to embrace him, to touch his gentle thin skin, to touch tiny fingers, to be surprised “and how it found room only there“?! Already I want to seat children on knees and to tell fairy tales, patting on a back and cleaning rebellious locks of hair from a forehead …


April ended with

. Behind a window soft fingers knock a pure spring rain. What is the time? Half of the seventh morning. And I have fights. Each 7 minutes. Hurrah, as well as wanted - on the third of May (I would tell this phrase in any day), during a rain. To lie down a little or to rise? I will drink coffee, I will look at the catalog …

- Ol, you that? - I so was fond of reading that I did not hear as mother woke up and shuddered from an unexpected question. - Began?

- When woke up, thought what began, and now … - I listened to myself. - I do not know.

- Today you will give rise, - mother authoritatively declared, - for now go, have a sleep a little.

- Yes, what to lay down, it seems in a maternity welfare unit it is necessary to me, the doctor accepts in the morning.

the Doctor met by

me a little with astonishment.

- When you have an estimated date of childbirth, on the fifth of May? Here, if you do not give rise earlier, come the fifth, - the gynecologist appointed, - in maternity hospital we will lay down.

my the second the express - childbirth