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Katina`s notes of mother. Second parachute jump. To read part I

About my first pregnancy and childbirth here.

the First trimester

Only to diversify morning, I decided “to damage“ the overlooked test for pregnancy. And the destiny gave me the real Surprise! Two strips were shown. I am pregnant?! Is that so! It is almost impossible! But it almost there was also enough to start New Life...

Morning stopped being ordinary. Continually I approached the test and looked at the second stripe. What for? Whether waited that it will disappear, whether was afraid not to see it. And to restore chronicle of events, I looked for the calendar card. Not at once, but it managed to be found. I stared in numbers.... ha - ha! Most likely, so important event, conception, took place in day of mine 26 - the anniversaries. It is good that I still nurse the daughter and therefore I was limited to one glass of champagne. Here it is amusing! The first pregnancy was at us “A congratulation for March 8 which turned back a gift by New Year“. And here, apparently, there will be “Birthday greetings which will pour out as a gift by May 1“


So, we will count what will turn out an age difference of children? 2 years 4 months. I remember opinions of friends, family and authors of articles in magazines, fast I analyze - a conclusion: the ideal difference does not exist.


It is interesting how my parents (now we live at them) will treat news of fast appearance of one more child? Well, I still have time to prepare the daughter, parents and to be prepared most for the forthcoming changes.


Ya to nobody, except the husband yet, to tell this news. Let I will have a secret!


In this pregnancy to me fully manages to be experienced what is toxicosis, reaction to smells, weakness, drowsiness. I call myself precisely “milksop“ or “a boiled fly“. I lay down and wake up together with the child, I sleep during its day dream, and to me all is not enough.

On term eight weeks I go to a maternity welfare unit to the local gynecologist. The first ultrasonography showed one fruit, all meets standard, but “in features“ is written: “A low platsentation“. It me so frightened that in the car on the way home I burst into tears. If the placenta goes down and to settle down on a neck, then it is necessary to do Cesarean section. And it is early, usually in two weeks hospitalization, operation and then even days ten. I cannot so time abandon the child. Even for the sake of the second!

- Everything will be good! - chilly, but the husband firmly calmed.

the Gynecologist explained

- the placenta will grow and can rise. On such term of pregnancy there are no reasons for serious concern. But reminded that it is not necessary to lift weights.“ As though I have a choice! What to do to me with Katerina (12 kg) to whom at all talk about any little man at mother in a tummy is not clear so far?“

By the way, about one fruit. Honestly, I always wanted twins. And chances to give birth at once to two at me are big - in a sort there are twins. Though... this event would deprive of me hope for one more pregnancy and childbirth. Here so, yet without having given birth the second, I already plan the third.


In this pregnancy in my life the place to prejudices will not be. I need to cut hair. From the moment of the last hairstyle there passed nearly 4 months! It is solved and made - having hardly found the former a physiological state, I go to the hairdresser. The result is tremendous!!!

So, having 10 - a week embrionchik, I already absolutely quietly perceive smells from which quite recently to me became badly. After this drowsiness and weakness were gone. Long live happy expectation!!!

As soon as we reported

to parents about pregnancy, I constantly tell Katerina about the Kid. How it grows in a mother`s tummy. That earlier there was it. That the stomach will be the big - big, so kid there enough soon grew up and it is ready to be born. And then mother will go in maternity hospital to give birth. And in several days, Katya with the father will come to meet mother with the Kid. And all of us together will go home. I constantly want to speak about it and it seems that it is interesting to Katerina to listen and she understands everything. I continue: “Mother will bring very much - very little baby. Until at the Kid teeth grow, he will not be able to eat tasty adult food, he will suck a mother`s milk. If the Kid begins to cry or will want to sleep, then mother will carry him on handles, to calm and then Katya cannot rustle...“ and a lot of things are many other things. In a word, constantly I train the daughter for sweeping changes in our family, illustrating the narrations photos of babies in magazines.

Second trimester.


Katerina does not agree to leave to

a breast. And the more I try to distract it from sucking, the more often and longer it is put. I know that it is possible to keep breastfeeding throughout all pregnancy and after the delivery to feed at the same time two children. But nevertheless solved - the daughter, rather big, I will separate. Though except hypersensibility of nipples, breastfeeding of unpleasant feelings does not deliver.

Stopped on old antiquated (rather babovsky) way - to give the child for several days to the authorized representative. In separation my soul pined and broken off, and the breast opposite, quietly “exhaled“ and was not even poured. According to the mother-in-law, the daughter also quietly transferred separation and absence so of necessary (!) darling (!) desired (!) earlier mother`s breast. Having come back home for the third day, Katerina in a couple of minutes of our lobyzaniye remembered a breast and with tears began to ask it. I already thought of a failure of all action, and, calming myself the fact that else there is time, gave to the baby a breast. However the daughter did not take it but only strongly nestles on it a cheek. I was afraid that, having separated the daughter I will lose invisible touch between us. Was afraid that very valuable, spiritual, “only ours“ will leave the relations. But all remained. There are no applyings only. Instead of them the daughter just sits down to me on knees and a cheek strong - strong nestles on my breast.

... In this pregnancy I felt the movement of the child in 16 weeks though I persistently listened to the feelings from 12 week terms. And now, when stirs of the Kid every day become more sensitive, slightly noticeable podragivaniye were already replaced by very notable pushes, thoughts of childbirth, our joint further existence take my each free minute.

I watch

Ya at the daughter and I am surprised what it already adult and at the same time tiny. She well speaks, independently eats, goes to a pot. But the Catena still remembers what is a mother`s breast, often asks on handles and what to palter, still every minute needs my care and attention...

Children`s psychologists advise

, it is necessary to prepare a toy for the senior child in advance. And I already bought the amusing bee for Katya to present her in day of an extract from maternity hospital. And still recommend that at “extract“ of the newborn the midwife took out as it usually and happens. Mother`s hands have to be free for embraces of the senior baby that he did not feel in it the moment lonely and thrown. I decided that I will do everything possible as much as possible to protect weak children`s mentality.

... The father got sick with the first. We did not manage to isolate it as already too caught a virus. The sharp form passed quickly, Katerina in general easily had a disease. And I got terrible cough and it seems, he any more will never leave me alone. Nothing helps. It is most of all a pity for the Kid, it dread to think what to him there inside when I am broken off by fits of coughing...


We completely recovered, sometimes the fatigue, however, leans. At night very often pools, the rivers, the seas, ship-wrecks dream. And water in them all the time different, is more often dark, cold. Somehow there is no wish to draw a parallel with my amniotic waters. And suddenly the Kid feels bad and gives me signs?

... Then, I somewhere read that it is absolutely normal dreams. The mentality to get ready for childbirth which in a dream is represented by water.

- Mother, let`s read books! - Katya insists, tearing off me from the computer.

- Give

! Choose what, - I settle more conveniently on a sofa as I know that reading is for a long time. In what huge number our Kid has an opportunity to listen to fairy tales, verses, children`s songs, poteshka and classical music for kids. And now it seems to me that the similar soundtrack of pre-natal growth of the kid, most likely, will not exert considerable impact on its development after the birth. And expecting Katerina`s appearance, I specially chose time for reading children`s fairy tales. As now I remember, I was enough on only the “Tale of the tsar Saltan“ read up to the end. Well that it is comparable, we will look.

Still Katerina adores drawing

. We draw anything, on any material. It can be the leaflet and the handle, an album and paints, a magnetic board and the special handle, and there can be a stadium which is strewn lightly with snow and a shovel. Personally I tried to draw only in the period of love, in general to work with pencils, paints and a Whatman paper for me a real handful. And now I make progress, was fond of a srisovyvaniye of heroes of the Russian national fairy tales and got an album of our arts.

there Passed the second Katin birthday, behind it - New year. The daughter quite often remembers and asks “Mothers and when there is still a holiday? Many people, all elegant will gather, it is a lot of gifts, songs will sing, “tamtsevat“?


It is surprising, but none of invited noticed my interesting situation! I also did not expect to remain not declassified though carefully thought over clothes.