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I will be happy, and a point! To Tell

to you it is honest, not so I love holidays. And to gifts (in sense as in a certain occasion) I treat single actions rather tensely. I have the theory of a holiday (if it is short, then something type a holiday - every day) and the theory of gifts (as in an animated cartoon it was sung “your best present is I“:-)... or you...:-). But all this, as they say, another story altogether (Which I will tell you too. Another time). And today it is about gifts “apropos“ - here too is what to remember. I should begin well very much from far away. As - allegedly, life will change a gift in any way so you should suffer.

in my life. When I was small and went to kindergarten, there was in our garden poisoning. Salmonellosis. Terrible word. Even now up to the end unclear. And then and just unfamiliar. To evening of that day when everything occurred, and in hospital of our small town already thought that to them children with identical symptoms from one garden arrive, it was decided there and to place all sick children. On groups.


It is clear that I know all this only from mother`s words. Personal memoirs much less. I remember only the avenue before a garden, dogrose bushes in bloom, lamps on both sides... (Probably therefore remembered that lamps. Usually children in a garden only in the afternoon and what it happens at night, and do not guess) Mother carries me on hands, my head overhung it on a shoulder. Before eyes - a checkered lining of a hood of a raincoat. That`s all.

Besides mother told that to parents allowed to be on duty near children at night and that in a fever, delirious, having regained consciousness for some minutes, I asked from it a teddy bear. And she, of course, promised me it to buy. If only I recovered...

I I recovered. At first there passed the acute crisis, and then and absolutely everything was adjusted. About a bear I did not remember any more, and for some reason it did not turn out to buy from mother to me him (can, just in shop was not though today and it is difficult to imagine it:-).

is shorter than

, hushed up this business for clarity and it lost relevance over time. With the imagination I had no problems; to see, found what to ask except a bear. But mother always when remembered my childhood, somehow sadly apologized that could not give me this toy then... To me - that, adult already, the bear cub was also not necessary it seems, but contracted something in soul when remembered it.

Here so. Further, as they say:“ The fairy tale ended. The honest truth began“.:-) I do not remember in what occasion pulled me on a sentimentality: - (I somehow only told this story to one friend. (Can money as a loan asked?:-). Something there at work in breaks between fights was remembered about the childhood... Well, told and told. Listened and is fine. To whom does not happen. (Who in the childhood did not fall from an oven?)

also forgot

Ya about it, it came only on March 8 to me on a visit and presented a teddy bear... It had a round nose and brilliant as a point (most, and final) in my old sad story. And it (in sense, a bear cub, though the friend not the black) was white, as well as it is necessary to a new blank page in my life.

Probably, and to you this feeling when with a feather in a hand you look at a blank sheet is familiar to

? This whiteness promises everything. And it is very terrible in promises to be deceived. What there will be written, I do not know yet.

But one I know precisely now: it is possible to put the end to each sad story. And such gift is worth a lot.