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Coffee is a little more?

History of coffee leave further thousand year BC. As pioneers of coffee are considered... goats! On a legend came to their mind to taste red berries of undersized trees with silky leaves. Goats came to indescribable excitement, having brought many cares, and having raised many questions at the shepherd who by an example of goats, decided to taste berries too. As it became clear, did not differ in special tastes of berry, but allowed to feel fresh long time.

For a long time people used coffee as “medicine against a dream and fatigue“. But eventually there were also judges of taste of coffee who, in turn, invented coffee ceremonies created little shops, coffee houses...

A in 1665 coffee appeared in Russia: the court doctor Samyuel Collins prescribed the tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich: “Boiled coffee, Persians and Turks znayemy, and usual after a lunch... fair there is medicine against nadmeniye, nasmorok and glavoboleniye... “. Now drink is demanded both as “medicine“, and as “delicacy“, and as a way of communication (“... let`s discuss behind a coffee cup...“ ). It is possible for this reason in the modern world coffee trade on the volume of the sold production takes the second place in the world - after trade in oil.

Robert Napyer invented the coffee maker, Satori Kato - instant coffee, and I... I want to tell you about two gifts connected with such noble drink as coffee.

Rather recently (returned three weeks ago) I was in the city with the name Druskininkai that in Lithuania. There I also decided to buy gifts by such holidays as on February 23, on March 8 and Every Day (my favourite holiday:-).

Wandering about supermarket open spaces in search of the new ideas connected with a gift subject for mother in department of souvenirs and ware I came across some boxes of a cylindrical form with bright and stylish drawings and inscriptions. As it became clear, it were banks for storage of coffee in a set with the cups decorated in the same style. There girls were represented by a cup of coffee, and regardless of in what life situation (houses, at work, in the city...) they are:-).

It is hard to say that mother loves more: coffee or tea. But it was already given by zavarnik (on my memory present - the fifth:-), teapots (oh... mille pardons, I lost count how many they were...) cups (in sets and separately), tea-caddies, tea... And here I found such set for coffee and the first presented:-).

Mother it was pleasant to p:-).

the Second gift - a gift to our favourite teachers. Our class was formed only this year. I would not tell that we at all have no established traditions and orders, but a holiday of spring such collective we noted the first time. And, respectively, the first time congratulated our teachers in such structure.

we decided the habitual, “tortured“ rosette and box of chocolates to replace

this year with all with less festive, but more useful, necessary and almost necessary (it is not enough such teachers who do not drink some coffee at least once in day... there now, let out...:-) pack of coffee and cup.

Here such coffee presents were handed and accepted by

the 8th dates of March of the current year.

Drink coffee, smile more often:-)