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Gymnastics of

Sports occupations are capable to work wonders - to increase mood, to struggle with a depression, to do a body elastic and beautiful. Think, all this will come to you during pregnancy not as end in itself, and as pleasant addition to those functional occupations with special gymnastics which to you are recommended by doctors that the organism of future mother could be prepared for childbirth it is easy to transfer them and quickly after them to be restored. Even if in a “doberemenny“ state on sports occupations you had neither time, nor forces, then now it is desirable for you to find such opportunity. At the same time it is good if physical exercise become for you not only a duty, but also pleasure.

Why it is necessary?

So what effect, besides well-known increases of a tone, the gymnastics for pregnant women is capable to give all?

Regular exercises during pregnancy allow to reach a number of results, useful to future mother:

Why and how it occurs? The matter is that during pregnancy very important is a training of three muscular groups - muscles of a back, a basin and a stomach.

In - the first, strengthening of muscles of a stomach promotes performance of their function on maintenance of the growing fruit and the increasing uterus. Besides, it promotes more effective attempts - any reductions of muscles of a stomach and muscles of a pelvic bottom thanks to which the kid is born. Attempts are necessary at the end of childbirth and in many respects depend on physical capacities of muscles of a stomach.

In - the second, strengthening of muscles of a basin and a crotch will allow to avoid the problems connected with an urine incontience which sometimes develops after the delivery.

B - the third, strengthening of muscles of a back improves a bearing and reduces tension in a waist, promotes prevention of pains in a waist.

B - the fourth, the exercises training and developing diafragmalny breath allow to breathe correctly during fights thanks to what mother and the kid optimum transfer this period of childbirth.

Agree, for the sake of such achievements it is worth finding for simple gymnastics a little time.

in What the gymnastics for pregnant women differs from just gymnastics in



to achieve the effect described above, specially developed a gymnastics technique for pregnant women. In selection of exercises the attention to preparation of this or that group of muscles is paid, and also for the term of pregnancy because in each of trimesters of the purpose of gymnastic exercises differ, and physiological changes dictate the rules of conduct. Doctors and experts in physiotherapy exercises made sets of exercises for women with various terms of pregnancy: to 16 weeks, from 16 to 24, from 24 to 32, from 32 to 36 weeks, and also during the periods of the second - the third, fourth - the fifth and sixth - the seventh weeks after the delivery.

In the first trimester it is the best of all for p to learn methods of relaxation and respiratory gymnastics. Despite the lack of a stomach, loadings should not be intensive: the first trimester abounds with critical terms on pregnancy interruption threat. In the second trimester it is expedient to strong to be engaged in strengthening of muscles of a pelvic bottom and abdominal tension. In the third the set of exercises is directed to reduction of venous stagnation, increase of mobility of joints, stimulation of activity of intestines.

we will give several exercises useful As an example in every respect at different stages of pregnancy. It is “classics“ of gymnastic complexes for pregnant women - Kegel`s exercise and “Kitty“.

Kegel`s Exercise constructed on reduction and relaxation of muscles of a pelvic bottom and patrimonial ways will prepare patrimonial ways to childbirth and will make them more elastic. It is possible to carry out it in different positions - sitting on a chair, lying, lying with the raised basin, on cards. Squeeze vagina muscles, pulling in them up and inside. Hold muscles in such provision of 10 seconds, without holding at the same time the breath, then slowly relax muscles. Begin with 5 times, gradually finish the number of repetitions to 10. Carry out exercise two - three times a day.

“Kitty“ strengthens muscles of a stomach and facilitates load of a backbone. Get up on all fours, having leaned on palms and knees. On a breath lower a back down, not strongly bending it in a waist, you hold the head neutrally. Then, after an exhalation, come back to a starting position: hang the head, curve a back up, pull in a stomach.

These exercises help the separation of hips and a basin necessary at the time of delivery:

of Squat . Lean a back against a wall, begin to squat, slowly bending legs in knees and slightly raising heels from a floor. The squat has to be the deepest what only you can execute, without tearing off a back from a wall. Be late in this situation 1 minute, you breathe deeply and weaken a basin. To rise back, using a support.

of Rocking . Get up facing a wall at distance about 1 m, legs are placed on width of 60 cm. Lean hands against a wall, slightly bending forward, and within 1 minute shake hips here and there.

Butterfly . Sit down on a floor, having connected a foot of legs and knees outside. Stretch gradually muscles of a groin and an internal surface of a hip, trying to touch by floor knees. Be late for one minute.

Anyway before beginning to be engaged, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Contraindication to exercises are:

  • sharp stages of diseases warmly - vascular system with disorder of blood circulation,
  • tuberculosis of lungs in an aggravation phase,
  • all sharp inflammatory diseases,
  • of an illness of kidneys and a bladder,
  • toxicoses of pregnant women,
  • of bleeding during pregnancy,
  • pregnancy interruption threat.

    What the regularity and intensity of occupations have to be li>?


    , in this question “pregnant woman“ the gymnastics as much as possible approaches “not pregnant“.

    In - the first, occupations have to be regular - at least 3 times a week for 15 - 20 minutes. By the way, one - two occupations can be replaced with water aerobics or swimming in the pool.

    In - the second, for achievement of the maximum effect of exercise it is necessary to carry out throughout a long time, it is the best of all during all pregnancy, changing the program for trimesters.

    B - the third, each exercise it is necessary to repeat 4 - 8 times; costing the exercises which are carried out, it is necessary to finish with walking and deep breath. Any set of exercises consists of three parts:

    • the Prologue - the breathing exercises preparing muscles for loading and increasing pulse.
    • the Main part - the exercises strengthening big groups of muscles of a trunk, the muscles of a pelvic bottom increasing mobility of joints.
    • Final part - breathing exercises, a relaxation.

    B - the fourth, loading it is necessary to increase gradually. First distribution on time has to be approximately such: 10 minutes - on warming up, 5 minutes the main part (power and static exercises) and 5 minutes of relaxation exercises. In couple of days it is possible to prolong the intensive period of exercises till 15 minutes.

    B - the fifth, during performance of a set of exercises it is necessary to control constantly the health, it should not worsen, you should not feel discomfort, not to mention pain. Exercises should not cause feeling of fatigue, short wind, heartbeat. At emergence of the specified symptoms of occupation it is necessary to stop and consult to the doctor.

    B - the sixth, jumps, considerable tension and the sharp movements as all this can lead to pregnancy interruption threat have to be excluded from a set of exercises.

    Should limit to

    loading and with special attention to treat the choice of exercises if:

    • you have diseases warmly - vascular system;
    • at you the raised or lowered blood pressure;
    • at you very low weight or obesity;
    • you have diseases of muscles and/or joints;
    • premature birth took place earlier;
    • you expect twins (triplets etc.);
    • at you was (eat) istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency (a situation when during pregnancy the neck of a uterus begins to reveal that leads to pregnancy interruption threat);
    • the provision of a placenta does not meet standard (it is low located, prelying, etc.) or there are other factors causing pregnancy not incubation threat.

    needs to stop immediately performance of exercises if:

    • at you began to spin or the head ached;
    • surrounding objects became suddenly indistinctly visible to
    • ;
    • short wind developed;
    • reductions of a uterus began
    • ;
    • you feel by
    • strong heartbeat (usually pulse rate at the pregnant woman at rest makes to 100 ud. / mines, at physical activity normal pulse can become frequent to 140 ud. / mines).

    When and in what to be engaged?

    • needs to Carry out exercises in the morning to food or in 1 - 2 hour after a breakfast. On a hungry stomach it is not recommended to do exercises too - better to eat something easy not later than 15 minutes prior to warming up.
    • the Sportswear has to be sewed by
    • from breathing, passing air, material. Besides, it is necessary that it was convenient, wide and gave the chance to do the free movements. Convenient sports shoes will protect feet and joints.
    • the Floor should not be slippery, otherwise the risk of traumatism significantly increases. It is possible to use special rubber rugs.

    If, having given in to sports enthusiasm, you decide that you within your powers anything and pregnancy in it not a hindrance, remember existence of strict bans. Here they:

    • driving on horses;
    • water ski;
    • diving in the pool and jumping in water;
    • deep diving (the oxygen device can cause blood circulation violation that is threat for a fruit);
    • sprinting;
    • downhill skiing (falling are very dangerous);
    • driving the bicycle;
    • the group games (for example, soccer) menacing with injuries;
    • of exercise, strengthening load of a backbone (for example, a deep inclination back), and also demanding considerable progibaniye and straightening of joints (jumps, the sharp movements or change of the direction of the movement, balancing).