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Oligosaccharides - the new important word

Maternal milk - a magic elixir of health with which the nature generously presented the woman. In it all vitamins and mineral substances necessary for the kid for full development and growth are ideally combined.

Breast milk allows the newborn to raise and develop normally. The child who is only on breastfeeding about six months does not need not only a feeding up, but also additional reception of liquid, mother`s milk contains all necessary: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and also biologically active agents. A specific place among them is held by oligosaccharides or food fibers. These important components of breast milk promote growth and reproduction of bifidobacteria in the child`s intestines.

In the nature oligosaccharides contain in many plants, including in vegetables and fruit which we eat. They possess unique ability to influence intestinal microflora formation. Doctors call it “prebiotichesky effect“: as a result of the use of the products rich with oligosaccharides the quantity and activity bifido - and lactic bacteria increases in intestines, and also growth of other types of useful microorganisms is stimulated.

Unfortunately, not all women are capable to provide the child with enough breast milk. Happens so that at mother for any reasons it vanishes or it is not enough for good nutrition of the kid. Of course, there is a set of ways of increase in volume of breast milk, but sometimes all undertaken measures are inefficient, and then there is a question of what to feed the child that his food was full and useful.

I will Especially note

that doctors not strongly recommend to feed the child with usual cow`s milk. The reason is that breast milk of the woman strikingly differs from an animal - cow or goat. Unripe, only formed zheludochno - the intestinal path of the newborn is simply not capable to sustain loading alien protein. As a result at the child kidneys suffer, food allergy develops, the fermental structure and the correct settling of intestines is broken by the useful microbes necessary for digestion of food. As a result there is dysbacteriosis. The wrong feeding of children of the first year of life led to the fact that in our country nearly every third child has diseases of skin and zheludochno - an intestinal path. Also at children anemia develops, they become weaker, quickly get tired.

What then to feed with

the kid if there is no breast milk or it insufficiently? It is up to one year more preferable to use the special adapted children`s mixes which components are as close as possible to composition of women`s milk. Today there are basic mixes which the child receives till 6 months (in their name there is figure “1“), and so-called “subsequent“ mixes which thanks to the structure prepare a gastrointestinal tract for painless transition to an “adult“ table. These mixes are designated by figure “2“.

Unfortunately, not everything that is created by the nature, in power to create

to the person. It belongs also to oligosaccharides of breast milk which importance cannot be underestimated. Until recently the children who were on artificial feeding were deprived of useful properties of oligosaccharides. However today there were already children`s mixes not only possessing nutritious properties, but also reproducing a number of useful effects of maternal milk. In particular, bifidogenny effect. It became possible after creation of special mix of the oligosaccharides similar to these components of breast milk. The developed mix of oligosaccharides the same as breast milk, renders the bifidogenny (prebiotichesky) effect promoting normal digestion.

From the products presented at us for food of children of the first year of life mix of oligosaccharides is, for example, a part of the Dutch mixes Nutrilon, and both a formula for the first, and for the second half of the year of life of the child. The mix of oligosaccharides developed by the Dutch scientists is not a food additive or medicine, but the natural component promoting formation at babies of the intestinal microflora similar to microflora of children whom mothers nurse. Thus, besides providing the kid with all necessary nutrients, the mixes containing prebiotichesky fibers (oligosaccharides) promote normal digestion, timely formation of local immunity, and also increase of motility of a digestive tract.

Today doctors can choose high-quality food for any child. But, unfortunately, maternal milk cannot be replaced with anything. Each mother needs to protect this gift of the nature!