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Duties of house personnel of

of the Duty of the governess (for babies till 1 year)

Full care of the child includes observance of a day regimen and carrying out the necessary procedures, feeding, cooking for the child, walks, bathing, maintenance as a nursery and children`s things, visit of child care facilities.

It is desirable for

medical or ped. education, experience with babies, knowledge of techniques of early development.

of the Duty of the governess (from 1 year to 6 years)

Full leaving includes observance of a day regimen, feeding and cooking for the child, washing and an ironing of things of the child, cleaning of a nursery, walk, bathing, visit of child care facilities, development of the child (by various techniques).

It is desirable for

ped. education, experience in preschool institutions or in families, possession of the developing techniques.

of the Duty of the tutor

Care of the child and the observance of a day regimen, walks developing games, preparation for school or the help in development of the school program, ethical and esthetic development of the child, visit of theaters, museums, training in music, foreign languages, painting.

the higher education, experience with children in state Is obligatory for

. establishments or families, good cultural level.

of the Duty of the maid, the housemaid, the housekeeper, the housekeeper

Cleaning of the room (dry and damp), washing (automatic, manual), an ironing, maintenance of an order in the house, clothes. Performance of various economic instructions (purchase of products, household chemicals, payment of accounts, dry-cleaner, laundry, and so forth) washing of windows (by agreement), cooking (by agreement).

experience in state Is desirable

. establishments or in families.

of the Duty of the cook

Purchase of products, cooking and laying, maintenance as kitchen, washing of ware.

vocational education, experience Is desirable for


of the Duty of a married couple in a country house

the Man - combines duties of the driver, the security guard, performs small repair and construction works, care of a site, equipment, bathroom equipment, perhaps, care of animals.

the Woman - the maid, the nurse, the cook, is possible care of a site.

generally the accommodation mode, experience in families or existence of own house is desirable