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Increase to pension of

in the course of material preparation I remembered history of the dean of geographical faculty on whom studied. On character it was very active person who got used to be at the head of a set of different projects at the same time, able to organize everything and competently to direct everything. I do not know for what reasons of professor respected by colleagues and loved by students, still such vigorous and strong by sight, got rid on pension, only through three or four months after resignation in a lobby of the educational case his portrait in a mourning frame appeared. In the official obituary it was told about a sudden stroke, but I assume that actually professor was finished off by the “uselessness syndrome“ menacing to those elderly people who got used to live work and, having appeared on pension, lost sense of the existence.

the Indian summer

Solar and happy can become for the person the third part of his life. By the way, quite so - the third life - many psychologists call this period. And tragicly the one who considers this time dozhivaniy is mistaken: all good is supposedly already received from life, it is necessary only to wait for the end. But agree that the nature is wise, and every time of a human century has the good parties.“ The third life“ is characterized by the saved-up experience, understanding of deep truth of life, an opportunity to watch adult children, grandsons. And if you manage to settle with comfort in new pension reality, then ahead you have years and decades of happy, full life. Experience of such people how Mikhail Kotlyarov, Nikolay Amosov, Galina Shatalova, clearly demonstrates that even if the genetics of the specific person is not too successful, then care of the health plus happy character and enthusiasm what? that by business is compensated by weaknesses of last generations. Those who had to be in Western Europe in the USA or even in China, will remember the impressions left by local old men whom sometimes even language does not turn to call this word: light elastic step, confident movements, thin noble faces, affability and optimism in eyes. Of course, I can fairly be objected that at least it is tactless to compare our pensioners receiving beggarly benefits to excellently wealthy western elderly people. He agrees, a situation with pensions in our country shameful. Only to me why? that seems that even if tomorrow in news will declare tenfold increase of payments, the number of optimists in the ranks of domestic grandfathers and grandmothers all the same is cardinal will not increase. Who? from philosophers told that that in an old age of people remains just the same what was all life, only with a plus. That is if he got used to rely on himself and not to despond, then in old age these traits of character will only become relyefny.

Actually for many pensioners to continue to work with

- means to receive much more, than money. To feel still necessary, busy - here that it is the most important for many elderly people. It is clear, leaving on any deserved rest of administrators happens the most painful. Not easy also to find new meaning of life that whose work was connected with collective production and it is impossible out of the ministry, scientific research institute, plant and so on. For example, seriously the design engineer, the retired military should think over the present and the future on deserved rest. And it is the simplest to adapt to the new status to owners of rare crafts or professions, we will tell writers, for them practically nothing will change with registration of pension documents.


Young everywhere at us it is expensive, to old men at us everywhere...

the Real situation such is that even if the person of 50-60 years is in good physical shape, is qualified also experience, to it should very much on - try at least just to get on interview to the company of the profile interesting him. It is clear, that in the conditions of the free market of St. 64 The labor code, forbidding to refuse unreasonably to the person employment, does not work. Discrimination on an age sign - an everyday occurrence in our life. As to realize itself to the person aged? You remember, in a ryazanovsky comedy film “Old men are robbers“ to the main character leaving on deserved rest, the colleague out of politeness told so many warm words at parting that he, having taken all this semi-official organ for an honest truth, decided not to leave the collective which was so appreciating it. If does not include in your plans to be immediately sent to pension on reaching a certain age, try to become on the place on? to the present irreplaceable (extremely harmful theory about the fact that irreplaceable people at us allegedly do not exist, the Bolshevist ideologists trying to create an image of the person - a small screw invented). It is also necessary to be in a harmony both with the administration, and with colleagues. It will serve as an additional guarantee that will not just reconcile to your intention to remain at work of the colleague, and will be sincerely solidary.

Resignation because of achievement of a retirement age practically does not threaten with

to heads of the highest level. And here if you hold a position on average an administrative link, young and ambitious colleagues can force out you. Therefore if you wish to keep in the future on service, constantly improve skills, care for own image of the healthy and vigorous employee, you seek for career development.

Today the probability to be dismissed on age least of all threatens with

to teachers (graduates of teacher training Universities extremely reluctantly go on modest school salaries), workers (in connection with a post - Perestroika problems broke the principle of continuity of shots on production, and system of vocational training only begin to reanimate gradually), to doctors (the reasons practically the same, as at teachers).

the Ideal employee

often is present At many western movies such character as the competent strict lady hoary with age, the acting as the personal secretary of the influential politician or the large businessman. At our bosses it is accepted to keep in an office waiting room the model as additional attribute of own steepness. However, serious affairs will inevitably demand serious knowledge and experience. For example, the former Soviet nomenclature with a long standing of work had knowing reviewers in a high price. And whom you address for consultation in shop more willingly: to the very young little girl or to her colleague of elegant age which for certain and more kindly will listen to you, and will give on? worldly right council?

For certain professions of people aged possesses qualities of the ideal employee. And fortunately, some wise employers understand it. By the way, according to scientific researches employees are more senior than 55 years certify as ill less often, are less inclined to change work, at the same time rather easily master new technologies (in this case it is about people of rather high educational level). Besides, on the example of many companies scientists came to a conclusion that where the collective consists of uneven-age employees, the internal psychological microclimate is much more harmonious, than in those organizations where the youth works only. In firms in which representatives of different generations work there is much more stability and mutual understanding. The matter is that such social groups are arranged by the principle of a sort where there are authoritative elders - the patriarchs naturally playing a role of mentors and peacekeepers, and the youth at their presence feels more comfortably and shows natural aggression less.

“The main thing - not to lay down on a sofa...“

was So told to herself by Natalya Petrovna Travkina from the city of Shchyolkovo situated near Moscow next day after the former colleagues saw off it on deserved rest. The matter is that Natalya Petrovna knows many examples when yesterday`s bodryachka, especially male, with retirement stopped leading active lifestyle and quickly weakened, fell in the household relation. Natalya Petrovna for herself did not wish a similar fate and with energy peculiar to it began to look for new occupation. And here the powerful washing machine presented by the daughter very opportunely had. The woman advertized in the local newspaper in washing at home, and provided the price approximately twice below that that is broken by firms. However, it usually should take away linen from clients most, but and there is no shortcoming of orders.

On official statistics practically every fourth unemployed registered in jobcenters of Moscow is a person of pre-retirement age. Cases when the administration dismisses the worker with a long standing of all in a year or for two to pension are quite frequent, taking the young employee on its place. Such perfidious ingratitude from the native enterprise which was given all life strongly injures the elderly person and is expressed in a long depression. There is a wish to advise the family of the pensioner to show in relation to him (to it) a maximum of heat and care. And if your loved one expresses desire to start over again working, use services of the psychologist. Such expert is in each regional employment service.

of Vacancy for pensioners are offered by the most various: for the active and not having contraindications on health - work on insurance of real estate, the autocitizen. Often recommend to women in jobcenters positions of stallkeepers, museum inspectors, librarians, various dispatchers, accountants and so on. Also elderly person can quite be taken the seller or the cashier, but most likely not in a supermarket where an intensive operating mode, and in small shop. Will be glad to pensioners in medical institutions and in kindergartens. However, similar work is extremely low paid, and still it attracted unless with side benefits.

So if you for the present do not know where to earn additionally, then surely address in a local employment service. Skilled experts will help you to orient correctly in labor market, proceeding from your concrete situation. Besides, keep in mind that in information base of your jobcenter for certain at the moment there are already vacancies which will interest you. Let`s tell, various social workers constantly are required, delivery of heavy bags with products does not belong to their duties (it is work for young people). Probably will offer you room work with various documentation.

work of the mail carrier is Very popular

among pensioners: since morning carried correspondence on the site and the whole day is free. I for the sake of experiment at random rang round several next post offices and found out that in one of them replacement to the woman who went to the decree is just required...

Some options can quite offer

also in your ZhEK. With pleasure take pensioners nurses in kindergarten, heads of circles in the children`s centers of creativity (in the presence of pedagogical education), in district clinics, and also janitors, watchmen. Everywhere the widespread domofonization provided employment to the whole army of vigilant concierges.

to Men - pensioners, especially former security officers, it is simple to find work in protection, including in very popular mode “days through three“. There is a sense to use services of the private companies in staff recruitment. So, the director of the capital Center of employment and social programs Roman Bredyakhin reported that it is the simplest to find good extra earnings to the pensioner with the car. Orders for the drivers who are well knowing Moscow regularly come to its firm. To bring the owner to work, to meet children from school, to go behind purchases, to bring an urgent package to branch of the company - here the main list of obligations for this vacancy. An average rate for such work - 500 dollars

Pensioners of working specialties now in a high price provided that they “in shape“. Even after 60 years personnel officers will take the machine operator, the gas welder with big pleasure: “The class will show moreover and the factory young growth will tighten!“

the one who is sure that the free enterprise initiative is inherent in generally new generation of Russians Is mistaken. Among “old Russians“ there are enough people with a pronounced business initiative too. Examples of that weight, and at the most different levels. But we in this case are interested not in elderly captains of financial empires more, and ordinary pensioners who without thinking about the state organized to themselves a workplace. Kindergartens at home, garage car services, small repair shops are very widespread now. It is unlikely the skilled accountant who left the main service will lack orders also. In general, home work becomes more and more popular with pensioners and promises quite good money. For example, in the Female business center at the Moscow employment service there is the whole structure: Exchange of home work. It is created especially for those who wish to earn by sewing, knitting, national crafts or work from a home telephone number.

the Provided old age is prepared

also to good teachers. One of the most profitable affairs for pensioners - tutoring. Especially in the price skilled teachers of English, mathematics - physics, music (the services offered by the expert with an academic degree and high school past are even more expensive). In these cases the clients regard solid age as big advantage.

So the pensioner can always earn additionally

, especially our power nevertheless cancelled a few years ago the restrictions which cut off the state pension to those old men who wished to earn additionally somewhere with an exit to deserved rest. The new legislation in this area especially philanthropic to call difficult, but in any case the state ceased to consider a trifle in pockets of those who all life worked for him and for it was at war.