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In big packing there can be not enough delicacy of

there was This spring a pleasant need to congratulate on March 8 the remarkable doctor - the pediatrician from maternity hospital in which my daughter was born four months ago. It there was no wish to Otdarivatsya by traditional box of chocolates and flowers and it was could not (the matter is that for February 23 I already managed to try to be original on gifts to the favourite gynecologists from the same maternity hospital, and with March congratulations it was impossible to lose face).

So to present to the person who is not spoiled by any delicacy for that simple reason that gets paid small works with

in the days and at the nights and also the daughter raises without husband? Did not dismiss me idea of presenting it candies. There was a question of how to present them.

I knew

One precisely - I will not give some candy in a box (in the biggest packing there can be not enough delicacy:-).

as a result arrived as follows. Bought 2 kilograms of qualitative chocolates randomly, types 12, probably. Typed a set of wishes in verses into the computer (not my composition, of course). Wishes were different: playful and romantic. One of them - a quatrain of the poet Svetlana Suslova is now remembered:

That snow when got,
went That nightingales went crazy,
That never came
Time of withering of love!

Each wish was placed by

on a separate card (its width corresponded to length of each candy) and formatted by various fonts. Unpacked all this on multi-colored paper. Then curtailed all cards by means of a pencil into small svitochka and multi-colored strings of the Iris brand attached to candies (more precisely, to candy wrappers). Selected combinations contrast, i.e. colors of konfetochny wrappers, rolls with congratulations and threads - bandagings differed from each other quite markedly.

Presented to

candies in nebesno - a blue gift package. Were nebesno applied to them - a blue card with short warm congratulations (now in prose) and the same blue photo album (presented long ago “ordered“ a photo of my daughter whom it left at childbirth, and at me all hands did not reach. So at delivery I told that the foundation is laid: the album is, Lenkina the photo will be the following gift:-).

Should notice

what against reserved blue scale motley to a raznotsvetya of candies - a pozdravlyalok looked especially festive.

Such here history. Excuse for the long narration, philological education affects:-).

Thanks for attention.