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The feathery gift, or Morning of surprises

March 8 was given very cheerful. And lovely popugaychik became instigators of family fun. But about everything one after another...

From all animals in our family only parrots get accustomed. And to us they most of all to liking. And, as it appeared, these lovely birdies can a lot of useful to you make.

our parrots were brought by

from far and friendly Cuba just on New Year`s Eve. And probably they not strongly liked our climate. They spent several weeks in the warmest room and almost did not eat.

A still we noticed that they very much like gold products, and everything that casts gold. When you bring them food and you stroke, all of them pay attention to rings or chains of this expensive metal. Also can even pull at them.

Shortly before March 8 our mother lost the gold chain though she never removed it, probably, something happened to the lock. Outside there was already a sunny weather and warmed the sun, we began to take out popugaychik on a balcony.

I here in one of such walks our parrot Tim escaped from a cage and quickly dived down. We very much were upset and thought - will freeze, though is solar, but nearly 0 °C!

in the Morning on March 8 we in not a so festive situation drank tea, both Tim was gone, and mother lost a chain. And Tim`s wife - Chalk, that and in general began to miss. And suddenly in a balcony window began to fight.... TIM! Hurrah! He is living!

We opened a door, and it flew to the room, his once fine pink wings were gray, and the cop was almost absent. But in a beak it had a mimosa branch, and we were so touched, and Chalk already fussed around Tim. When we took this tiny branch of a mimosa, found on it a gold chain, several times obkruchenny around flowers. Mother recognized in her the!!

As then it was p, Tim saw it on the earth almost under our balcony and departed behind it, he so loves gold! But could not return back, here and spent the night under a balcony of the first floor. And neighbors from that apartment noticed it, called to themselves, but Tim is proud sat alone, then they threw to it a mimosa armful that he sat on it. Here it also brought in the morning a small branch!

All - the love to parrots is very useful to

! And the love of parrots to gold can significantly facilitate life.

Eighth of March - the fine holiday, and in it is the place to a miracle!