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The escaping beauty of

Generation of our mothers sincerely is surprised to quantity of jars and small bottles in our bathroom. About face cream and bath foam still understand. But this spray for a breast, gel for a bottom, a srub for knees... “Why it is necessary?“ - they are perplexed.

But we - that well know that care of a body is also necessary today, as well as face care. All of us move less, we sit in front of computers more and more, even more often we go on foreign beaches and we wear sometimes such clothes in which defects of skin on a stomach or hips are especially well visible.

Partly, of course, our brains “are corrected“ by cunning advertisers. Daily and constantly they convince us that the use of it (or perhaps here that... or one more, absolutely new) cream will make us the happiest women on light. And we obediently go to shop where we stiffen before ranks of jars and tubes with acquaintances and not really names. What, is asked, to choose - what to please a favourite body with?

our body is arranged to

remarkably. It is able to adapt independently under various including the most difficult living conditions. Both skin - quite logical and “lawful“ small screw of this debugged mechanism. Its main mission - to protect an organism from external influences. And if we lived in absolutely natural conditions of wildlife, then creams would be hardly necessary to us. Moistening - from air, cleaning - by means of natural dying off of the top cages and washing off by their rains and waters of the river or lake...

But we close skin clothes, we clog up pores cosmetics, we include heating, conditioners, we eat tinned products and we almost do not move. For this reason skin of modern people needs that it was in addition stimulated.

Who whom is called

For a start we will try to understand terms. Today producers suggest to keep and increase beauty with the help:

  • of tonic
  • of gel
  • of a milk
  • of serum
  • Honor