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Just a gift of

All women are divided into two types: on those to which men give gifts, and on those to which gifts do not give.

Ya, unfortunately, I treat type to the second. Perhaps, it is connected with what my father on the eve of the next holiday told to mother: “Ý - aa... Buy yourself something there. Well, you know...“ . I grew up with strong belief that and it is necessary. Having entered a youth time, I with surprise found out that all my friends receive gifts from the boyfriends. And I - am not present! Well, apart from boxes of chocolates, of course, lonely flowers and other cards.

husbands I chose by

B the convinced anticommunist considering Klara Tsetkin as the malicious man-hater what he also declared in ours the first of The Eighth of March. Though he all - presented a gift. The first and only, devoted to this great Women`s Day. It solemnly handed to me... cactus. And it in spite of the fact that diamonds - the best friends of the girl.


several years, this holiday Later in general it was somehow erased from a family calendar. My mother, having lost the stable place of work, moved on earnings searches. The twisting course of life brought the worker of brainwork on the market. To trade in the flowers. From now on “The eighth of March“ began to be associated not with a holiday, and with heavy labor everyday life, a terrible time trouble. In winter stagnation sellers of flowers thirst Women`s Day. With this day many hopes, take-off and falling are pinned. Once in one of such days my husband helped mother. All day long it, standing on the feet, wrapped bouquets. Having come back home, understood that hates flowers. After that from its party I was awarded a bouquet of flowers only once. On the son`s birth.

By the way, my spouse still considers as the best gift for March Eighth the son`s birth. In his opinion, He it presented it to me. And it in spite of the fact that our sonny was born on May 6.

I suddenly wanted

A this year that and I had a holiday. Holiday of spring. Updating holiday. And that on podruzhkina delights concerning its gifts I had not to tell usual: “And at us, well you know, it is not accepted...“ . Yes, I want banal on March 8! That the sonny drew to me the picture, and the husband since morning made coffee, and presented a knickknack small, but awfully expensive to heart in the evening.