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Chur, I wash the dishes, or is popular - about dishwashers. Part 2

If, having read the article “Chur, I Wash the Dishes, or Is Popular about Dishwashers“. Part 1, having weighed all “pro“ and “contra“, you came to a conclusion that existence of the dishwasher or simply the dishwasher in your kitchen at all not a utopia, and, being expressed by a high calm, conscious need, probably to you will be reasonably useful to get acquainted with the Russian market of dishwashers, and also with those criteria which need to be considered at the choice of this unit.

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- napervo decide p on by the dishwasher size .

For the lonely bachelor or the childless couple which is leading a nomadic life, i.e. often changing removable housing, an optimal variant - the desktop dishwasher. These “babies“ whose size about 45õ55õ45 cm, 3 - 4 programs of washing have and are calculated on the same quantity of sets of ware, but, in comparison with usual models, spend more water and the electric power in terms of one set of ware. Such dishwashers present firms Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux at the Russian market...

the Majority of the firms specializing in release of the dishwasher present at the Russian market both narrow (45 cm), and full-size (60 cm) dishwashers - both self-supporting, and built in, i.e. capable “to imitate“ complete kitchen (on their frontal panel the furniture facade fastens). If you live in the apartment with small-sized kitchen where each square centimeter on the account, certainly, the option which is most acceptable for you - the narrow dishwasher. And if “squares“ allow, then take the wide dishwasher - you do not progadat.

If your kitchen is connected by

to a drawing room or sound insulation in your apartment leaves much to be desired, then useful will be to pay attention to such aspect as noise level. The majority of cars rustle within 48 - 56 dB, model of average and high price level - 42 - 45.

It is important at the choice of the dishwasher and such aspect as presence at it of the programs interesting you. For example, if you quite often invite to yourself guests, then probably you need to choose the car with a sink cycle “Crystal“. And if you adore baking pies and to bake in an oven fish or meat, then pay attention to presence at the car of the intensive program for silnozagryaznenny ware.

In your family the small child is? Pay attention to whether the dishwasher is equipped with The Lock from Children function (the blocking lock which is put on a car door that too inquisitive kid could not open and be scalded it hot water or steam).


Having chosen the dishwasher, prepare for it the place, considering following. The bipolar socket with grounding is necessary for the dishwasher. Phase (it is desirable - and zero) the wire has to be connected via the automatic machine of a protective network calculated on the maximum current 10 or 16 And yes having reaction time no more than 0,1 pages of the dishwasher attach hoses to a water supply system for supply of clear water and the sewerage for discharge of dirty. The distance to the sewerage, as a rule, should not exceed one and a half meters.

So the market prepares

for us?

Having come even to large shop of household appliances behind the dishwasher, you, most likely, will be amazed since. the choice will be very limited - at most 10 dishwashers models while the quantity of models, for example, of washing machines or electro - and the gas stoves offered in the same place buyers sometimes reaches to 20 - 40. What caused such injustice, it is unknown. Nevertheless, about 150 dishwashers models are presented at the Russian market of household appliances today (by the beginning of the XX century only in Western Europe there were about 80 producers of dishwashers, defining from which firms of Italy and Germany are). If domestic producers already mastered production of such demanded household appliances as glass-ceramic surfaces, the built-in ovens and automatic washing cars, then all dishwashers presented at the domestic market - foreigners. I think, it is only a matter of time though how domestic cars will be competitive, I do not know.; -)


the Rating of reliability of dishwashers

by results of researches of the British magazine Which authoritative in the field, the best results showed Bosch cars, only 6% of owners of the German equipment were forced to call the master. The worst comments were received by Indesit dishwashers. Here more than 24% of owners got acquainted with problems of repair.

On average 14% of owners of dishwashers faced need of repair within six years of operation.

On the question “Whether You Can Recommend Firmly the Brand to Other Buyers?“ more than 78% of owners of the equipment Bosch, Siemens, Miele answered in the affirmative. Less than 16% of owners of dishwashers Ariston, Candy, Indesit, Electrolux, Whirlpool advise to buy these brands.

the Dishwashers offered today the buyer are focused by

practically on any purse. Class hi models - end let out firms Miele, Gaggenau, AEG, SMEG, they are followed by Bosch and Siemens firms, further - Asco, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Zanussi, Candy, and the most available cars at the price are issued under the brands Ariston, Indesit, Brandt, Ardo, Beko... However it should be noted that this gradation is very conditional since the majority of firms releases cars as the house-keeper - a class, and that is called superfancy 2 units . For example, some dishwashers from Bosch are available at the price to those who usually acquire equipment the house-keeper - a class.

the Italian dishwashers of Ariston and of Indesit will cost you $300-750 (the first are mainly focused on a vstroyka, the second - generally self-supporting). Among features which are possessed by these cars it should be noted the following: the drying of “Turbo dry“ preventing emergence on ware of stains from detergent; system “clic - clac“, allowing to change height of shelves, without taking out them from the car; cycle of a careful sink “Crystal“.

the Distinctive feature of dishwashers of Ardo ($400-600) is the possibility of their connection to the highway of hot water that allows to save time of a sink and an expense of the electric power. However it is necessary to remind that during traditional summer cutoff of hot water, and also a swagger - mazhor - the accidents attracting its shutdown you should pass all to a manual sink. However, it is possible to connect the car via the special mixer (Sweden), however it costs expensive.

Whirlpool Dishwashers ($500-900), equipped with electronic sensors “6 - oye feeling“, are independently tested by quality of water and the course of process of washing of ware each 10 seconds and automatically adjust temperature, an intake of water and duration of process so that the result of washing conformed to requirements of a class A. It should be noted also existence of such opportunity as multizonal system of washing by means of which it is possible to use the car in the mode of half loading, having filled with ware only one internal shelf.

Electrolux Dishwashers ($300-1000) are equipped with the Fuzzi Logic system and additional sensors which I define degree of transparency of water, and also the improved systems of protection against a modulation and leakages.

Externally ascetic Scandinavians of Asco ($600-1000) are equipped with such advanced functions as, for example, heating of plates that allows to delete more effectively from them fat; the express - the program (a fast cycle); cycles of “fast drying“ and “additional drying“.

In the majority of the dishwasher of cars of Zanussi ($570-900) the lower basket is supplied with folding partitions which if necessary can be cleaned to place ware of the big sizes in the car. Some of the Zanussi models can be connected to hot water (pluses and minuses of it are above, in the description of the Ardo dishwasher).

Features of dishwashers of Candy ($500-900) is the High Performance program for strongly polluted ware (for example, fat baking sheets) and the Direct Spray system at which water “beats“ ware under big pressure thanks to what the smallest parts and fat are washed away. Candy releases the unit under the name Candy trio - it is synthesis of a cooking surface, multipurpose oven and the dishwasher on 4 sets that, perhaps, will be estimated by owners of “doll“ kitchens.:-)

the Model range of the dishwashers of Bosch who are most demanded in the Russian market ($300-1500) - the biggest (more than 50). It various class of cost, design and technical capabilities the desktop dishwashers which are built in and separate (both narrow, and full-size), in the most “advanced“ from which are used advanced technologies of optical diagnosing of water (the sensor of the second generation Aqua - Sensor I or Aqua - Sensor II) and touch system of exact determination of hardness of water. The majority of the Bosch dishwasher of cars are equipped with the timer of a delay of start and the indicator of the course of implementation of the program.


In the past, 2004, year in the Mall “Okhotny Ryad“ within four weeks the Bosch dishwasher washed the dishes. Each washed-up plate, each saucer, each cup Podchityvatsya, and on specially installed counter the quantity of the washed-up objects was displayed. In 7 full days the car washed up 21 thousand pieces of ware !!! It is the first in the history of the Guinness Book of Records, established by dishwashing ware.

Siemens Dishwashers ($500-1500) as well as Bosch (by the way, both brands are issued one concern - BSH), are divided into compact and standard models. In expensive models of these cars the OptoSensor sensor - the infrared “eye“ which is in a door of the dishwasher and allowing to define degree of hardness of water, the Super Cleaning System system providing thin cleaning of the filter and all internal surfaces is installed.

AEG Dishwashers ($500-1300) is the electronic Fuzzy Logic system which is independently estimating the volume and degree of impurity of ware, five-level system of spraying and ten-step system of adjustment of hardness of water.

the Update Function (updating of the program) - a distinctive feature of dishwashers of Miele ($600-2000). With its help it is possible to change the existing parameters of programs - temperature, an amount of water or duration of washing. Subsequently it can be reprogrammed according to new needs of its owner by means of the ordinary laptop attached to the car. The ecosensor installed in these dishwashers will take care of the best results of a sink, having analysed degree of impurity of water.

the Refined design and the increased functionality distinguish elite equipment Gaggenau ($1000-2300). You can reduce duration of any program, having pressed the special button. There is a set of containers and devices, folding holders, the possibility of adjustment of height of all sliding containers and capacities is provided.


* * *

It is sure, you will be able to choose the dishwasher according to the requirements and preferences. Good luck!