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The prevention of emergence of a syndrome of professional burning out of

In modern conditions cannot be excluded completely in work professional burning out. However perhaps it is essential to reduce its destructive influence. We offer fragments from our training program with exercises for protection against a burning out syndrome.

Practical continuation of the material “Syndrome of Professional Burning Out“.

Completely it is impossible to exclude in work a professional stress and professional burning out in modern conditions. But it is quite perhaps essential to reduce their destructive influence on health of the working people.

the Format of article does not allow to state to

the program of prevention of a syndrome of professional burning out here entirely therefore we will stop only on its most important points. Below separate exercises and recommendations for development of the practical program of psychological protection against a stress and burning out are offered.

Exercise “Who am I?“

needs to write to

20 offers, each of which begins with a pronoun “I“. It is necessary to write as soon as possible, without reflecting.

  1. Ya...
  2. Ya...
  3. Ya... etc.
Look at

as well as whom you represent yourself.

On what line you began to experience difficulties in definition of the “I“? What disturbed you?

What roles, characteristics, occupations you began to write

, characterizing yourself after overcame difficulties of self-determination?


It is noticed that in the conditions of crisis and need to solve a complex problem an issue of sense of the life the adult resolves first of all. An unresolved question about sense of existence or loss of habitual vital values deprive of it an internal spiritual core on which all other vital meanings “are strung“. If the person lives without understanding of sense of the life, then it has a feeling of emptiness and an otioseness of the existence sooner or later, there is a decrease in a vitality, and there comes the depression. In other words, it becomes vulnerable to influence of destructive adverse factors of life and work.

If the person believes

that at his life there is a supersense, the belief it creates internal conditions for preservation of the sincere health because the person is initially sure that any heavy event does not take place in his life for nothing, in everything the deep, hidden from human consciousness sense of existence is put. In other words, the person has no feeling of emptiness and senselessness of sufferings, experiences and losses.

Exercise “An image of a course of life“

needs to think of what image or the picture would correspond to understanding of a course of life of participants of antistress occupation.

As can present to
  1. style in which you live and you work?
  2. If to draw your course of life, as if you presented yourself on this way?
One successful businessman who is actively building the career so presented to

the course of life:“ I make ascension in career the same as the rock-climber clambers to mountains, - is higher and higher! Some sites of the mountain way I crawl, some - I run, and in some places literally I climb on the steep rock, risking and knowing that below - an abyss.

Periodically I stop on passes and I have a rest. Sometimes I look around and I see beauty of the mountain nature. But even minutes of rest I know that ahead - a difficult way upward and up to the end I never relax“.

After you presented the course of life, think over that, as if you wanted to change its image? What it would be desirable “to recolour“, erase, redraw? What new image of your course of life would be pleasant to you more? What could be corrected in your life that it corresponded to that image of a course of life which is pleasant to you?

Exercise “To me is 70 years old“

Find houses the cozy and quiet place in which to you nobody will prevent to reflect. Sit down more conveniently, close eyes and present yourself what you will be in 70 years. Try to present yourself as much as possible specifically, in all details.

As you are dressed by

? What do you do? In what situation you are? Who near you? In what mood you are?

Think from a position of seventy-year-old. What important values in the life you could call now? What for you, seventy-year-old, acts as the most important for the sake of what it is worth living?

Open eyes and reflect.

As if you could organize now the life that as it is possible more stoutly these values were present at your life? Perhaps, it is necessary to refuse some affairs or occupations to release forces and time for the main thing? Perhaps, in the life something needs to be reconstructed not to lose the main and values, important for you, and the purposes? It is possible also that you can realize the main requirements and desires connected with your leading values only on condition of a full concentration and an orientation on their achievement?

it is possible

, now you understood that the life needs to be built so that for a minute not to forget about what for you is most important and important, and always to direct the efforts to realization main and important.

Determining by

sense of the life, the person can test an internal contradiction between the fact that he wants, and what it has to do. Exercise which is given below will help to reflect on this subject and to draw for itself important conclusions.

the Psychologist F. Zimbardo thought up a set of important questions which he recommends to answer each person thinking of sense of the life.

Exercise “To live month“

Present that you can live only one month - the last month in the life! In money you are not limited and feel like quite healthy person.

As you will spend by

the last month? What will you do? Where you will go? Who will be near you? How you will spend the last day? What words will speak on your commemoration? What will be after you?

A now - good news! The destiny presented to you a lot more years - ten, twenty, forty, sixty! How you are going to spend these years?

Exercise “Think over the vital plans“

Make the plan of the life for the forthcoming year. Answer a below-mentioned number of questions.

  1. What your three most important purposes this year? Write them.
  2. What you can (or have to) to do to achieve these objectives?
  3. What you already do to realize these purposes? What
  4. , in your opinion?
  5. As you will feel after achievement of these purposes?
  6. Who will be near you after you achieve the objectives?

Methods of regulation of the emotional sphere

In modern practical psychology exist the special directions as which purpose development of means, the technician and exercises on self-checking formation, and also decrease in fatigue and overfatigue acts. The visual psychoequipment acts as one of such directions.

the Major factor of this direction is the visual image which the person consciously creates in the imagination. The concrete maintenance of the created visual image is sated with the emotional relation of human life, what details and images he remembers that to it it is important and expensive in his memoirs.

Development the technician of regulation of the emotional sphere and receiving notable psychotechnical result is connected by

with performance of the following conditions.

  1. the Regularity of psychotechnical exercises (the first positive results arise in several days).
  2. the Assessment and the choice of those exercises which were pleasant and seemed effective.
  3. Application of exercises in the morning, right after a dream or in the evening, before going to bed, and also at emergence of the intense moments during the day.
  4. Duration of exercises has to be on average from 4 to 15 minutes.
Exercise “Problem“ Exercise is directed to


to decrease in the subjective importance of a problem situation for the person, achievement of internal tranquility and the adequate relation to the existing problem by it. It is carried out within 10 - 15 minutes.

Occupy with
  1. a convenient pose, close eyes. Try to present the next images - pictures.
  2. Think of the problem which concerns recently and torments you most of all. Briefly formulate this problem for yourself in two - three words.
  3. Present to
  4. a human face with which you discussed the problem recently. Remember what he spoke about and that you answered him. Reproduce a room situation, time and content of conversation in the imagination.
  5. by means of the imagination try to see a situation from outside as though you became the external observer. For example, you see yourself and the interlocutor reflected in a mirror. Include in this “picture“ of your closest neighbors, acquaintances or relatives. What problems and unresolved questions they have? What torments them also what obstacles they should overcome in life? Present the house in which you live, and people who live together with you.
  6. When your “picture“ will extend and will become for you distinct, include in it your idea of the city in which you live, think also of all country, its huge spaces and people inhabiting the cities, villages, villages. Expanding the imagination, present all our Earth with its continents, oceans and billions of people living on it now.
  7. Move further to the pictures expansion: think of our Solar system - the huge flaring Sun and planets rotating around it. Try to feel infinity of the Galaxy and its indifferent “tranquility“ and even indifference to existence of some small human beings inhabiting Earth...
  8. Continuing to keep this experience of immense depth of Space in the imagination, again think of the problem. Try to formulate it in two - three words.
people usually share

After performance of this exercise the impressions:

“I could calm down when I felt that my problem it is insignificant is small in comparison with huge and majestic Space!“

It is good

. Reflections during exercise were useful to this person. The problem, real-life at it, stopped being such huge as it seemed to it earlier. Apparently, exaggeration of the importance of the problem suppressed it and prevented to develop the reasonable decision.

“I am surprised that the problem in general ceased to exist for me! When I could feel immensity and eternity of Space, at the end of exercise at repeated return to the problem I could not formulate it“.

Such result demonstrates that the problem of this person was caused it by exhaustion and internal tension. As soon as he has a little a rest and calmed down during the reflections offered in this exercise, the problem really ceased to exist for it.

“My problem became for me not such important as soon as I thought of that how many people inhabits our country and in general our planet and how many the people who are really suffering!“

For this person useful the reflection that it not one in the suffering was em>. He thought that many people have even more big problems, and felt the unity with these people. At the same time he managed to understand that in life there can be even more difficult situations, than that which he endures.

“To me it was so good

in Space! And there was no wish to come back to Earth at all!“

Such relation to exercise shows that the person just sought to calm down at the expense of an internal distancing from the problems, temporary leaving in dreamland and imaginations. For some time it will help it, but to come back to reality and it is all the same necessary to solve the problems.

“At me nothing changed. My problem remained for me same significant, as well as at the beginning of exercise. That formulation of a problem which was at the beginning remained and at the end. I in the same way formulated a problem after return from Space“.

Such result tells

about much.

In - the first, this person is so absorbed by the really complex problem that for it it is obviously not enough reflections about other people and Space within several minutes.

In - the second, quite perhaps, it already coped with the problem by own forces and performance of psychotechnical exercise was not so important for it.

B - the third, perhaps, to it need other means of removal of tension. And it - is normal. There are no means which help all and always.

As we already told

above, psychological methods are strictly individual and it is necessary to look for those which help you. The main thing consists in operating the feelings and to find the means of self-control.

Exercise “The tooth office“

Is recommended to


for those who at work and in life feel the increased uneasiness and concern.

the Instruction of the psychologist

  1. Think that you registered to the dentist. That day when your visit is appointed, you gather and go to dentoprosthetic clinic. You enter street doors, you rise by the necessary floor and you open a door in a tooth office. You look at the watch, they show time fixed to you.
  2. you pass
  3. and sit down in a chair. To the right of you - the glass cart with medical tools, you look at them and feel as though these cold metal objects unpleasantly touch your gums and teeth. At the left - a drill which unpleasant sound as it seems to you, you already hear. In a word, by consideration of a tooth office your internal tension gradually increases.
  4. Behind from you the door opens, and someone enters. You do not manage to turn back as the nurse speaks:“ Today the doctor will not come. It is a little chilled. Give, I will rewrite your coupon for other time“. You breathe sigh of relief and leave an office.

the Psychologist K. Shrayner, the author of this exercise, wrote that in life many of us behave so as if they - in a dentoprosthetic chair. We are nervous, we worry, are strained, we are anxious that ahead - something bad and unpleasant. Still nothing occurred, and we already worry in advance and we are afraid of adversities.

needs to wait and look at

A only whether there will be an event which can upset us. Perhaps, nothing bad will be, and we will understand only then that we in vain worried.