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Time went foully slowly

Ya the student 3 courses, she studies on 1 course... I am city, and it from the regional center that on other end of edge, and it is impossible to go there often since on the way it is necessary to spend nearly 5 hours... Outside was on March 4, and I saw her to bus station... Lay in a presomnolence in the evening, looking in a ceiling, and desperately thought that where and how to present to it... And there was from nowhere a thought which seemed to me crazy, and I did not even pay attention to this idea.... To arrive to it and to congratulate. But at detailed considering to me even to sleep it was ceased to want! I understood that all other ideas will be small things in comparison with IT! It is solved!

For the best effect I decided to switch off the mobile phone and not to ring it neither till a holiday, nor a holiday. These three days were just awful... In - the first, wildly missed and was not able to afford to call (and suddenly I will let out 8-)), in - the second, time went foully slowly. . It is necessary to add that the address where she lives, I did not ask and therefore it was necessary to resort to telephone bases... spent in the afternoon, but found, what looked for!

on March 8 came nearer inevitably! The seventh I go and I buy the ticket. In the morning of the eighth in soul everything rages for some unclear and unusual pleasure... Not to compare to anything it! I understand that this madness adjoining on idiocy, but such I am a person: if something climbed up in the head moreover and it was pleasant then I will carry out! At 8 in the morning I buy the hugest and beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums, accurately I pack it (it is necessary to finish in original state) and I go to bus station. Caused many distrustful looks in the party... Imagine the picture: the guy goes to other end of edge without baggage, with a huge newspaper parcel and a small backpack behind a back...

On hours was the half-second when we drove to the village... From the station by a taxi I reach to her house. I bypass all entrances before I find a door with treasured figure. On a ladder I develop a bouquet. I cost about a minute, seizing the moment!!! For some reason there is sensation of fear for the fact that the address I wrong found and that I am expected by disappointment. I approach to the door, I press the call button... At once I learn its voice behind a door in dispute with her mother for whom to open a door. I understand that IT and therefore I do so that flowers occupied a doorway will open, and I was not visible.

to Tell

that she did not expect it - it is in general nothing to tell and to keep silent stupidly! Impressions overflowed soul and consciousness! I never before saw it such! Her eyes shone happiness and pleasure! It was unusual! She many time repeated even in several hours: I do not believe that it occurred! It is just sweet dream... But it was the reality! All this occurred here and now! To forget this day it will never not turn out! Who knows, maybe, it changed destiny... But I know one precisely now: for the true, light and pure love no barriers exist!!! Life is given us that we lived as this day was spent! And not only on holidays, but also in usual everyday life!!!