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Brought by the wind

Bolezn is called chicken pox because it is brought literally by wind. By air viruses can move to several meters. They not necessarily need to pass immediately from one warm body to another - they are capable to live in the atmosphere. It means that even if there is no sick child indoors any more, active infecting agents still are in the air. Especially concentrated “charge“ is allocated by just burst ospenny bubbles. The children who caught chicken pox become infectious in two days prior to emergence on skin and mucous membranes of characteristic rash, i.e. still before parents notice that the child got sick.


How to distinguish a disease?

the following three signs are important

For the exact diagnosis:

  • at the child more than thirty typical ospenny vezikul - the thin-walled bubbles surrounded with a narrow red nimbus which burst at the slightest squeezing by fingers;
  • of a vezikula (bubbles) settle down on all body, even on the head;
  • skin looks as the star sky, that is red spots, vezikula and the dried-up crusts are at the same time visible. whether


each child Surely gets sick?

At contact with the patient with chicken pox 80 - 90 percent of children catch

. The others (it would be desirable to think what more resistant) do not get sick, as a rule, only because their immune system struggles with other illness at present, having included at full capacity protective forces. At the following seasonal distribution of chicken pox there will come also their turn. By fifteen years 95 percent of all children have. It is possible to ache with chicken pox at any age, with only that difference that at adults infection occurs already not so quickly, as at children. But it should be noted that the patient is more senior, the disease proceeds heavier. whether

the repeated disease Is possible


Is not present

. The one who had chicken pox for the rest of life gains immunity to viruses of this illness. Sometimes parents claim that their child two times had chicken pox. It cannot be: means, one diagnosis was incorrect.

Viruses of chicken pox differ in one artful feature: quite often their some part survives in nervous ways near a spinal cord. There they stay at rest for many years, however in case of weakening of immune protection can become more active: the person (is more often - elderly) has a shingles. So the grandmother and the grandfather can become carriers of a children`s illness, these viruses cause chicken pox in small children.

Can avoid infection?

Generally, hardly. You cannot know that, for example, in shop shortly before your arrival the sick child stood in the same queue, and in air viruses of chicken pox remained “to float“.


Byl: as Yulya and Paul

At once two patients with chicken pox of the child - test for durability for parents “blossomed“.

Our five-year-old daughter was disturbed by three itching red spots on a stomach. At first we suspected a cat. Thought that it got fleas and bit gentle skin of Yulya. The cat was combed and sprinkled a little “antiblokhiny“, but in the evening Yulya had a new series of “stings“.

The girl was pale and sad, did not want to eat, and at seven o`clock in the evening itself asked to sleep. Two-year-old Weeding I was glad - elder sister did not stick to her more.

The next morning Yulin a stomach looked, as after attack of the whole pack of mosquitoes! Got accustomed: same bubbles! Called the doctor; it appeared - chicken pox.

The pediatrician appointed treatment. Meanwhile at Yulya literally bubbles “blossomed“ everywhere. Under the left eyebrow especially big bubble was formed. I began to worry whether there will be no hem after it - all - the girl!

I very much worried, but the daughter felt surprisingly not bad. And then there came heavy night... Yulya constantly cried because she was tormented by an itch: all body itched. I powdered bubbles, moistened them with special tincture, asked the daughter that she did not comb the itching places, but she could not suffer more. I sat near it, gently holding her hands, and for derivation read aloud fairy tales. She suffered, and in three hours at last fell asleep.

Next day “blossomed“ also Paul.

At it the itch was stronger. We with the husband did not sleep all night long - everyone with the child on hands. Held their handles that did not comb themselves till it bleeds. But for Yulya this second night was slightly easier, and she was even curious: “Mother, how many at me new bubbles?“ On 128 - m I stopped considering and estimated approximately: pieces three hundred. At Pauly - at most hundred, but the majority just in the field of a diaper. Therefore when it had to be rubbed off, she cried out as if it is cut. We did for it sedentary bathtubs in a new bright tray. It is it though somehow consoled.

When Yul allowed to attend kindergarten again, available there was only a half of group.“ They have a chicken pox - from me“, - is proud Yulya as though she presented all with gifts told. From a big bubble under an eyebrow everything is there was a hem. But it does not confuse us.

If you try to protect strenuously the child from infection with chicken pox, then can happen that he will get sick at more advanced age (in teenage or adult). And as it is known, adults have a disease much heavier. In this case there can be noticeable scars on a body and on a face. Therefore do not worry if the child was in contact with the patient with chicken pox. Let he will have a disease earlier - benign. However it is not necessary to allow too close and long contacts with the patient in one family. It is better to separate brothers or sisters of the diseased for the first ten days (to take away to the grandmother or somewhere still) as at long contact with the patient other child can have more severe form of a disease.

only those children who pass treatment for cancer need preventive protection or underwent an operation on an organ transplantation, and also HIV - the infected children.

Preventive measures should be applied also to the children suffering from a severe form of neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis). Often after chicken pox the exacerbation of this disease is observed, the sore and injured skin maintains aggressive influence of ospenny bubbles worse. In these cases immunoglobulin is appointed.

Vaccination against chicken pox in our country is not carried out by


What is the time passes

before emergence of rash?

the Incubatory period lasts about 10 - 14 days - only after this period it becomes clear whether the child after contact with the patient caught or not. During the incubatory period in a children`s organism viruses with might and main conduct “blasting work“, however the child still feels quite healthy. Only one one or two days prior to emergence of rash parents notice that something happens to their child: it has a high temperature, a tired face, he complains.


, How insured from infection with chicken pox babies?

B first two - three months of life (at the children nursed slightly longer) pre-natal protection blocks viruses of chicken pox: the child is protected by maternal antibodies - unless the woman treats that small number of adults who in the childhood had no chicken pox.

of Ospennaya rash is small pink spots on a face, hairy part of the head, a trunk and extremities in the beginning. Later on the place of these spots the bubbles filled with transparent contents and surrounded with a nimbus of the reddened skin are formed. Rash is followed by a severe itch. It appears not at the same time, and within several days therefore on skin of the patient it is possible to see at the same time both spots, and bubbles, and the dried-up crusts. However, these typical signs are shown not at all children.

As house means to help the patient? What will facilitate an itch?

Today an opportunity to give effective help if the illness proceeds hard is: the child intolerably suffers from an itch, and bubbles strike not only a body, but also a mucous membrane of a mouth and a throat. All necessary recommendations will be made by the doctor and treatment has to be carried out strictly under its control. In rare instances, namely when skin is affected also with a bacterial inflammation, the children`s doctor can write out also some antibiotic. It is recommended to grease all external displays of chicken pox with usual brilliant green or solution of a fukortsin.

should not muffle up the children sick with chicken pox: the clothes have to be easy, indoors - are cool. In the summer on the street sick children have to be in a shadow.

of Kids, suffering from an itch, for simplification of a state it is necessary to bathe from the fifth day of rashes in weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is possible to add a cup of strong black tea which contains tannin to water. Sedentary bathtubs with tannin help also at persistent painful pustula with a buttock fold (at girls - on mucous membranes of genitalia). Short sedentary bathtubs with cool water can be useful to babies if ospenny vezikul in the field of a diaper becomes too much.

When it is authorized to p to conduct the child in kindergarten again?

of the Patient should be isolated immediately. Within at least ten days the child has to stay at home. Then it can come back to the group again even if yet the last crust did not disappear (by rules, stop isolation in five days after emergence of last fresh “element“ of rash). In principle, strict isolation is not required to the child sick with chicken pox: he can keep in touch with already had children. whether



Usually - is not present

. However sometimes through open ospenny bubbles in fabric the microbes causing an inflammation get. The infection leaves behind scars. Not clearly, why ospenny vezikula so often inflame just on a face. Over time hems become less noticeable.

How chicken pox is dangerous to pregnant women?

of the Woman, not knowing whether they had in the childhood chicken pox, have to make the analysis on antibodies. If there is no protection, and the woman contacted to the sick child, she needs to receive medical treatment for immunoglobulin. The matter is that chicken pox seldom or never, but nevertheless can cause certain malformations of a fruit if future mother got sick in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. If chicken pox developed in five days prior to childbirth or in the first four days after them, then the illness can become life-threatening the kid as during this period the child has no immune protection yet. whether

Happen at complication chicken pox?

In difference, for example, from measles, complications after chicken pox are extremely rare. However at the weakened children if another joins this illness, pneumonia, otitis, stomatitis and so forth are possible, for example,