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Self-control of

I Want to tell a story of the on the eighth of March.

the Family at us young, it is also possible to consider on March 8, 2005 as the first family Women`s Day. Last year presented me a ring with the offer of a hand and heart, and before we also were not familiar.

Now we live in perfect harmony, we study, we support each other. Knowing that dear husband in parallel has 2 sessions, I did not even expect from this day of any gifts: since morning he kissed me, running away, and to me quite it was enough. As I understood that neither on restaurant, nor on something else forces will not be, after university I came at once home, brought, at last, order, made a festive dinner and was very happy with myself, that is everything that from me was required, I executed. Expecting the husband, expected also pleasant evening, conversation, good mood and all in such spirit.


I here, distributes a call to a door, on a threshold darling, smiles, stretches me a package and tells sacramental: “It to you!“ . I even became puzzled. I get something rather heavy from a package, papered. I begin to develop, tactile feelings are prompted nothing, and the soul smells a rat... Indeed... frying pan !!!

In fractions of a second in me so many complex feelings in such colourful bouquet merged... The first desire, strangely enough, also became the first reaction - I began to laugh... And it is so loud and infectious that the husband began to laugh too nervously together with me:-).

Then in me “the real woman“ who considered a duty woke up to be offended and not to talk to the spouse until the end of the days. Well, and the third was classical - to use this simple household subject in the educational purposes.

However, an exit was not for this purpose, for another and it was unimportant. So far I wiped the tears which acted from laughter and put breath in order, during this time the husband took offense at me and itself refused to talk! Silently ate Pancake week pancakes with dainties, and we fell asleep as the Tibetan monks who accepted a silence vow - even without having wished each other good night.

of the Showdown took place in the morning. From the moment of shutdown of an alarm clock to an exit from the apartment it was necessary to speak, reconcile, well and of course - to be washed and put on... Which - as everything was settled, and in the bus darling expressed shy desire to laugh at himself and this frying pan. We left till the evening quite in the friendly relations.

in the Evening, after classes, I fried

on a new frying pan the small fish to the hubby, and in the head briefly drew to myself the scheme of creation of lecture about “Harm of all useful gifts or how not to get to emergency station after anniversary / birthday / on March 8 or any other holiday“. This time darling came home with a bouquet of flowers, and I decided to reduce turns of educational process a few. For now he ate the burned slightly fish, we together laughed at how it was possible to choose nevertheless for me as a gift a frying pan!