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What I would not make if my first child was second

Of course, the main is that the quantity of the nervous cages which are dullly ruined during pregnancy and the first months of the child would decrease.


Especially brightly remembered the last 2 weeks of pregnancy when everyone instead of words: “Hi!“, spoke: “Did not give rise?“ though it was and so considerably with the naked eye. And in spite of the fact that I gave rise practically to the day, according to the calculated date, to feeling that I am late somewhere, at me at that time did not pass.

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For pregnancy couple of books, and it seemed to me that I know everything about newborns. However, understood when the daughter was brought that I am not able to swaddle, and, by a lucky chance, in my chamber of it nobody is able to do.

About the first months. I do not know why write that the newborn sleeps the most part of days, can not to irritate pregnant women? Personally we did not sleep almost all day and time 6 got up at night, maybe, from - for prolonged jaundices, or perhaps just like that.

For the fourth month we lagged behind in the weight of grams on 300, and on the fifth shortage remained, and all began to say that the child should also be fed, and not just to put a tit. What only I have not heard plenty about the milk of: liquid, blue, and in general, such cows on meat were let (for fun of course, but I started howling).

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, began to finish feeding mix, and by 6 months my little girl refused a breast. It did not solve a problem with weight, and by 7 months also ached with flu with a temperature, cough, generally, at full scale.

Now by four years goes, and eats still a little and with the same look. So what it is possible to tell precisely now that business was not in milk, and it was necessary to nurse to the last.

Into the account of a garden. There is an opinion that by 3 years of the child it is necessary to give by all means to a garden (children`s society and so on). We tried, and now we can precisely tell if the child does not like to go in is put. a garden, it will not do good. Of course, many will tell that it was the long period of adaptation, but our pryntsessa (12 kg. in 3 years) did not sustain more than two months and as a result the fall and a floor - was ill winters (cough and snivels just did not pass).

to All mummies of forces and patience. (By the way completely I began to understand sense of the word “patience“, having only given birth to the child).