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Spring in Vienna of

in the Spring in Vienna lilies are dismissed. Heart fights more often, and former desires of a vspykha - howl with a new force. In Vienna appetite because the most beautiful girls sit in cafe wakens. And the more you look at girls, the more you want to eat.

From psychoanalysis to a strudel

Any unrealized desire comes to an end with appetite increase - this law the first was opened by residents of old Vienna, namely - their idol, the frequenter of the well-known cafe “At Old Capuchins“ (where now only students of the Vienna university that near the highest cathedral of Vienna eat) doctor Siegmund Freud. Therefore it is no wonder that in the spring in Vienna dreams of happiness and love somehow by itself address an apple strudel.

to prepare a strudel according to the old Vienna recipe , it is necessary to know several secrets. In - the first, oil it is better to take olive - it more gentle. Not incidentally well-known avstro - the Hungarian emperor Iosif the Second recognized only olive oil in strudels. It had peculiar and very rare disease - the aggravated sense of smell. Excessive scent. If strudels were not on olive oil, he felt sick.

In - the second, besides vanilla sugar and cinnamon experts by all means add rum and pounded walnuts to apple filling. In - the third, for the real old Vienna strudel apples before placing on the test, it is possible to dunk into sour cream or, what is more tasty, into whipped cream. And, at last, when the strudel is ready - include record of the Vienna waltz of Strauss. You should not dance at the same time as in the summer and in the spring in Vienna practically do not dance. Dances are a destiny of a cold season. Balls, the aristocracy which suddenly appears from - for all corners. And in the spring everything very democratically and a little burzhuazno. So you sit down to a table better. Usually give a cold strudel to cafe. In house conditions it can be given and we heat. Everything depends on endurance of your friends and relatives.

to look the real venets, you can tell friends that you generally bake a strudel from apples seldom. More often - from apricots. It is more aristocratical. For some reason all Vienna hostesses speak quite so though they actually, as a rule, always bake a strudel with apples. Sometimes - with cherries.


Serious conversation


If to wander about the old city, somewhere between Ludwig`s gallery and the palace of the emperor, it is obligatory near Lutheran church - in Vienna all best restaurants and cafe adjoin to Lutheran churches, - it is possible to find small restaurant “Under plums“. The nice place with wooden tables. You will pretend to be the benevolent Englishman - to you can call the cook who will tell how to prepare the Vienna schnitzel . And it, it is necessary to tell, business serious.

the Real Vienna schnitzel strikes

with the sizes, but is eaten quite easily. The matter is that schnitzel has to be very thin. If you the fighter, then do not bad cope with preparation of the Vienna schnitzels: before to fry this veal, on it it is necessary to practice in boxing art a little. It is necessary to beat shortly and resolutely, representing that you are Mike Tyson. When thickness of a meat profile reaches 5 mm (a plus-minus millimeter), beating can be stopped. Then slightly salt your opponent. Roll in it in flour. Remember that men began to be powdered in Vienna, but not in Paris.

Add a little “yellowness“. It is not about scandalous details of your relations with the wife of the neighbor, and only about eggs. Shake up two eggs in a tin mug, add a little water there, dip a piece of meat, let`s egg flow down then roll in your “bast shoe“ in crackers. Only do not play at the same time the fool. It is necessary to do everything quickly.


that you the courageous commander at whom small, but extremely proud army. To demoralize the opponent, try to kindle butter that “pool“ from the boiling oil 2 - 3 mm high turned out on a favourite frying pan (by the way, on a legend, Mozart`s cook cooked for him schnitzels on a square frying pan, but it is trifles). Also begin to fry.

Frying - almost magic occupation because it is entirely based on intuition. Only fans of figures can entrust terrible secret that schnitzel is fried by no more than five minutes. To understand when your meat is ready, one stop watch a little. Intuition is important. You have to feel the hungry animal ready to eat veal crude. It is necessary for you that meat did not lose juiciness, but at the same time lost a wild natural krovavost. Battle can be considered ended when it yours is initially dark - red schnitzel became similar to Eddie Murphy (or Gloria Geynor - to whom who is pleasant more) that is when at it appeared gently - a brown crust.

Ready schnitzel is given on huge plates together with two segments of a lemon. But it already an epilog to fight.

in Old Vienna usually serve with sheet salad schnitzel. Fans densely to eat can replace it with potato. It is absolutely simple. For salad on one person it will be required: 1 boiled potato, a quarter of small cut bulb, a quarter of a glass of chicken broth, a floor of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, three spoons of olive oil and is a lot of mustard (or to taste if you not really love it). (Naturally, cleared) slice warm boiled potatoes thin. Fill in with warm broth onions, add apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Put potatoes there. Mix salad before formation of homogeneous mass. Add mustard. It has to be tasty. Here it is important to win the first battle - to master proportions. The second and third will not be more difficult than morning walk.

Of course, a strudel and schnitzel - yet not all Vienna. All Vienna is when you sit at a little table with a marble table-top, marble, and around you the thick moustached kelner of years of forty turns. He addresses you in the third party: “What will they eat?“ - even if you sit one. He is very important and looks at you indulgently if you not the Englishman. For some reason wreaths give in to British. Not incidentally famous Vienna inhabitants - Siegmund Freud and Ludwig Wittgenstein left from Vienna to England.

By the way

each Vienna cafe has company “counter“. One attract visitors with the fact that once here whiled away celebrity time, others suggest to try exclusive desserts, the third suit specialized programs. For example, evening of the detective during which someone from clients is killed for fun and other guests have to find the murderer.



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