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We give pleasure of a clear look!

Clinical Merging of the Centers of Protection of Sight of Children and Teenagers “the Clear Look“ are a system of specialized children`s ophthalmologic clinics in which examination and successful treatment of children with eye pathology is conducted. Among diseases which diagnosis and treatment is the profile direction for TO TSOZDIP, squint, the progressing short-sightedness, an ambliopiya, nistagm, an astigmatism, far-sightedness, pathology of an eye bottom and optic nerve, etc. diseases of eyes.

the Head of association - the academician of the Russian Academy of the physician - technical science Igor Erikovich Aznauryan. Scientific activity of Igor Erikovich began in department of protection of sight of children and teenagers of the Moscow scientific research institute of eye diseases of Helmholtz under the leadership of the founder scientifically - clinical school of protection of sight of children and teenagers of professor Eduard Sergeyevich Avetisov. Numerous scientific works of Igor Erikovich Aznauryan are devoted to the most topical issues of children`s ophthalmology. From 1996 to 2001 Igor Erikovich Aznauryan headed office of protection of sight of children in MNTK “Eye Microsurgery“ of Svyatoslav Fedorov where were developed and successfully unique techniques of diagnostics and treatment of children`s eye pathology took root. In the fall of 2001 it organized the first specialized Center of Protection of Sight of Children and Teenagers on Lomonosovsky Avenue.

Such form of organizational structure is dictated by the fact that diagnostics and treatment of diseases of eyes at children strongly differ from those at adults that does necessary allocation of children`s ophthalmology to the certain area of medical knowledge and merging of the structures occupied in treatment of children`s eye diseases in uniform organizationally - methodical and scientifically - clinical system.

Experts of the Clinical Association “Clear Look“ are professionals in children`s ophthalmology. Ophthalmologists are distinguished by profound knowledge of specifics of mechanisms of emergence and development of diseases of eyes in children, and nurses - goodwill, patience and understanding of features of children`s psychology.

Diagnostic laboratories of clinics of Association are equipped with the most modern ophthalmologic equipment. Considering specifics of children`s age, in clinics the full range of electrophysiological researches - from determination of electric lability and sensitivity of an optic nerve before registration of visual potentials of a cerebral cortex is presented. By means of these and other researches in the Centers there is an opportunity to objectively estimate a condition of visual system at children of any age - from 0 to 18 years.


In the Centers of Protection of Sight of the Children and Teenagers entering Association carries out complex treatment of diseases of eyes at children. In offices of conservative treatment the wide range of functional, physiotherapeutic, optical methods of conservative treatment is used.

enter a medical complex as development of leaders scientifically - research institutes of the country, and own unique, not having analogs, patented treatment methods. All medical techniques applied in clinics of Association are approved by the Ministry of Health.

Surgical treatment in clinics of Association is not alternative to conservative treatment, but a certain stage in complex treatment of children`s eye pathology. Such approach allows to avoid surgical intervention in many cases and to rehabilitate the child, applying exclusively conservative methods of treatment. So, in particular, at the progressing short-sightedness it is possible to stabilize process without operation application in 73% of cases.


In Clinical Association TSOZDIP “Clear look“ applies unique effective tactics of treatment of children with various types of squint and nistagmy. Wide range of methods of conservative treatment and specific glazodvigatelny muscle operations allow to rehabilitate completely 97% of patients with squint, and at children with nistagmy considerably to reduce amplitude of a nistagm, up to its full blocking and to increase visual acuity.

the Treatment appointed by the ophthalmologist is complex, and the choice of techniques of medical procedures is always selected individually and depends on a clinical condition of the patient.


Doctors of Association hold the qualified consultations of newborn children: inspection of a forward piece of an eyeball, eye appendages, assessment of passability of plaintive ways, survey of an eye bottom that is a component of continuous and careful supervision of little patients.


In clinics of Association carries out treatment of impassability of plaintive ways at babies.

the Huge clinical work which is carried out by the Centers is the base for extensive scientific activity, development of new techniques, participation in conferences and congresses on ophthalmology. Experts of Clinical Merging of the Centers of Protection of Sight of Children and Teenagers are members of the European association of children`s ophthalmologists.

a Specific place in activity of the Centers is held by charitable and educational activity. Regularly carried out actions in boarding schools, a medical examination blitz at schools, participation in TV programs and discussions in the press on topics of the day of a state of health of children in the country and the organization of the qualified security service of sight received a deserved resonance in society. But the only, light resonance in the hearts of specialists of the Center is left by healthy happy eyes of their little patients when they shine pleasure, PLEASURE of the CLEAR LOOK.

Now in Moscow three clinics function:

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