Rus Articles Journal

The kid, since March Eighth!

On the Sixth of March in the late afternoon Kirill called and told: “Forgive, the kid, I fly to Ufa“. “When you will return?“. “The ninth or tenth. As it will turn out“.

Ha - ha - ha. The new dress in a case writhed from laughter, and madly expensive and scary beautiful set of new linen fought in a fit of hysteria. HA - HA - HA!

Eighth of March for me anything. Empty and senseless holiday. Kirill leaves, there will be time to clean up the house. I will wash the floor, I will wipe dust, I will glance in a case - there a full mess. Heap of unnecessary things: dresses, linen. Devil!

Kirill called

In an hour again. “Kid, you as?“. Really he thinks that On the Eighth of March I especially will lack it. Hogwash! “Kirill, do not get into the head. I kiss“... freak.

of the Seventh came from work with three bouquets, two circles, shower gel, a set of candies and the broken heart.“ The kid, called to wish you good night. I am glad that at work you have so cool fun “.“ Yes, was super“. Super? Congratulation on duty and tasteless cake? Oh, yes! For such as I, and it am a lot of.

of the Eighth in the morning the mood was remarkable! Nearly bit a pillow for rage. Himself should be controlled!

When called

to congratulate mother, she suspected wrong. Probably, I too persistently repeated that The Eighth of March an empty and senseless holiday. Kirill called. Thank you very much! And I love you! FREAK!

Kirill called

In an hour again. Pancake, it also tasks distributes! It is necessary to go to it behind some file. To what such urgency?

Filled with

a house undershirt in jeans, put on a coat and the nenakrasheny unkempt fury took off on the street.

of Feet!

Kirill stood at the car and, having bent down, took something from a back seat.

- Kirill what you do here? - I is dumbfounded clapped the short and light eyelashes.

Kirill shuddered and hit the head.

- the Kid! What it you are so quickly?

Quickly? Here I understood that in anger my ability to gather increased in tens of times. However my appearance from - for it catastrophically worsened. In tens of times.

- I, eee. You do not look at me, I now, - I, was, it was developed towards an entrance, but Kirill seized me by a sleeve. there is no
- stand... well, generally go, I will catch up with you.
- And that at you behind the back? - here I understood that Kirill diligently blocks from me a back seat of the car.
- Anything special, go.

not to stop

But my curiosity any more. Well - well-.

All back seat was filled up with roses. How many they were there: hundred, two hundred? Kirill moved me, bent down and raked up so many flowers how many could take for time in an armful.

- the Kid, since March Eighth! I very much love you!

clasped with

Ya it together with flowers and, looking to it in eyes through brightly - red petals, whispered: “No, I love you more!“.