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The birth of the kid - the beginning of new life

It was not so long ago, and it seems to me that happened to me about 5 years ago.

A to me the most improbable miracle - the birth of our kid happened. The kid at us the very first, so-called firstborn.

It is a miracle it was made in 2003 on September 25 in 13. 15 local time, in Estonia (Mr. Kokhtla - Yarva) and - yes, in Estonia.

months passed our

with the kid and the husband till birth quietly, and there comes the long-awaited moment, approach of childbirth, i.e. already in the twentieth (September) I am constantly thrown, into heat, into cold, and it not so is pleasant to me.

Ya was going to give birth in hospital (not houses, I do not understand it at all), the 25th approaches (well, we, of course, also do not suspect that the kid has to will appear the 25th).

We did not buy a dowry for the kid in advance, all - probably, this superstition, only on September 24 we went to shop to buy things to an extract of the kid from maternity hospital, bought a blanket (golubenky). And why golubenky - we were already told on ultrasonography that, most likely, we will have a boy, but all - there were thoughts, and the girl suddenly will be born, and we bought a suit of neutral color (polzunochka, a raspashonochka, a jacket, and all this is gentle - green color), a hat, socks.

on September 24 we went to the husband`s parents as the hospital is from them nearby.

lying in a bed in the Evening when time already to sleep, we with the husband stir, and suddenly at me something occurred... I got up and where I lay - a big pool. My husband says that to a toilet did not wait, and I am scaredly: “I could not...“ .

I I will only pull the socks up - at me drips again. Only then understood that waters depart. And at first it was ridiculous, even now with laughter it is remembered.

the Husband ran to call the friend that he arrived for us, time is later, the first one o`clock in the morning. The husband calls and speaks: “Listen, give quicker - began“. Friend half asleep: “What began - that?“. Husband in reply: “Well, washing gives birth!“. Friend: “Everything, I leave...“.

are collected by

of the House of a thing, as they say, trunks are packed, we wait... And the friend lives from us in a minute of driving, and time already there passed half an hour from our call to it, well, we think, he, probably, puts on, and so far will recover, we woke him. Well we let`s quickly it call. “Where are you?“ - we ask the friend, he speaks: “How where?! I go“. We speak: “How many it is possible to go?“. He speaks: “Yes I already almost approached“. We speak: “You where approached?“. And he answers: “To your house“. We speak:“ To what ours, we at parents?“. And just now everything was explained... We did not tell the friend that we at parents, and he went to our apartment where we live.

Here such here history happened to us before getting to maternity hospital.

We arrived to maternity hospital. The maternity hospital accepted me (i.e. changed clothes, wrote down, weighed, checked). I sit in a kabinetika (there are no fights, everything is fine, good). Then the nurse comes for me, takes away in delivery room. I looked at everything and thought and that, directly here give birth? Of course, all shakes me, tears even well up, it is terrible as - in any way...

Me was put on a couch, and told: “It is not ready yet“. I ask: “To what?“, and they speak:“ How to what? To give birth, of course“.

Me was attached to the device for listening of a heart of the kid (KTG). I lie on a bed, wrapped in a blanket (to me very much it was cold, probably, for fear), I listen as the heart of my kid fights. In hospital it is silent, all sleep. And I fell asleep...

Woke up because that someone awakes me, and morning... And I also did not begin to give birth.

to me gave some injection, and in an hour at me began to pull in the bottom of a stomach. Speak to me - it is the beginning. Pains such, I will tell you, and was not, only it is very unpleasant as though at the dentist.

became stronger and more unpleasant to be pulled Then, here to me the midwife came: “Give, I will help“. It to me began to mass a waist (speak, alleviates pain), and to me it became even worse. I speak to it: “So it is not necessary to me“, it: “Everything, I will not be“. The midwife Lena, so she was called, offers:“ Squat, as if semi-standing, and slightly rock“. It very much was pleasant to me, pain “is rocked to sleep“, and you almost do not feel it, well only honor it...

the Midwife Lena me began to tell

any stories which happened to it, and I began to forget all this business - the birth... And I was very much and very much helped by it.


When suited time to give birth, I grabbed a strong grasp the midwife Lena, and I speak:“ I will not release“. I am answered, as nobody takes away it from me, quietly the woman in labor!

Process already at full speed, and the kid at me also does not leave. As a result to me made Cesarean section. And here the beautiful boy by the name of Nikitka was born at me.

We with the husband are very glad, happy, crowded with feelings...

In general many thanks to all midwifes, obstetricians and to all who are connected with such fine business as the birth of children! Bow to you big and flowers sea!

P. S. I will tell you that pain can be born, but only when with you the people understanding you!