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On family circumstances or how to look after the kid in the absence of mother of

Present such life situation: in an average family the kid was born. From the moment of an extract from maternity hospital there passed 2 - 3 weeks. Newly made parents master or remember all cunnings of care of the child, distribute among themselves duties in the changed rhythm of life and gradually adjust life. But there is an unforeseen situation: mother got sick and has to go to hospital, or she needs urgently to leave the house for several days (weeks). What to do? With whom to leave the kid what to provide before parting how to get out of the difficult situation with the minimum losses?

If the disease is so serious

that “ambulance“ took away suddenly the woman in hospital, here and there is no choice: it is necessary to the father or other close people of mother and the kid independently and in the shortest possible time to pass to “new rails“ (as - we will talk below). But if mother has a certain stock of time before leaving the house, it is worth solving beforehand who will care for the kid, to carry out detailed instructing of care of it, to get missing. It is possible to leave the child with the husband or close relatives (by the way, they can take the sick-list on care of the baby), and also with friends or the nurse.

Mother`s “instructing“

to mother needs to make Previously detailed instructions in the form of records, to show that where lies (clothes, children`s cosmetics, disposable diapers, mixes, small bottles, nipples and so forth) and as to use it. It is necessary to write a day regimen of the baby, to specify, in how many it wakes up and in how many again has to fall asleep how to carry out a daily morning toilet with what mix and in what volume to feed him as it is correct to prepare food. Let`s note that if the child on natural feeding, most likely, for the period of an illness of mother it has to be transferred to artificial. Therefore well mother most to try to give to the child mix and to track reaction of the kid to it.

do not forget to write

in what clothes and how to dress the child of the house and on walk, and also to specify time and duration of walks. It is desirable to leave recommendations about application of disposable diapers. For example, you prefer to put on them only walk, and in the rest of the time to do without them. Specify time and an order of carrying out daily evening bathing.

It is possible, it will be required to get something from objects of care of the child. For example, small bottles and nipples for artificial feeding, a pacifier, a sterilizer, a heater for baby food. Nipples for small bottles have to coincide with them on diameter, them there have to be several and different forms (round, anatomic) since situations when the baby refuses to suck this pacifier are possible, preferring another. But it is better to choose that pacifier which will repeat most close process of feeding of a breast and will not allow the child after a meeting with mother nevertheless to choose feeding from a small bottle. Such nipples can have a mark “for newborns“, have to have a small opening and the wide basis: all this forces the kid to use the efforts similar to those at breastfeeding for receiving a portion of mix, and imitates the correct process of sucking.

At the choice of a pacifier needs to pay attention to material of which it is made. Silicone and latex pacifiers have advantages before rubber: they usually have the valve thanks to which do not pass air in a small bottle; such nipples are not wrinkled, milk arrives evenly. Most longer silicone nipples (about one year), service life of rubber and latex pacifiers - about a month serve. At the same time latex nipples, soft, warm to the touch, are more comfortable for the kid. Do not forget to buy the adapted dairy mix, the so-called “first formula“. Such mix is suitable for all healthy children of the first half of the year of life. There are both medical dairy and nonmilk mixes for the kids having various pathology, but the pediatrician has to appoint these mixes.

Should make the list of important phones (for example, the treating pediatrician, children`s policlinic, urgent health services and so forth) to write down addresses of shops where it is possible to get all necessary for the child. Show where the birth certificate and the policy of the obligatory medical insurance (OMI) of the child lie though it is worth specifying that children of the first month of life have to be served in the public medical institutions and without it. It is necessary to leave all coordinates of hospital or that place where mother goes. Needless to say that presence of the mobile phone at mother in these conditions is extremely desirable.

On the first month of life, under the terms of compulsory health insurance, to the child the local pediatrician or the nurse (on the first - second day after an extract from maternity hospital, on 14 - e and 21 - e days if the kid is healthy, and are more often if there is a need) has to come to the house with patronage three times. Therefore contact the treating or local pediatrician, report about the developed circumstances, ask about more frequentation of the baby and warn that addresses to them (including behind council) can be more.

- on household circumstances

If mother nobody can help

In a hospital, and physicians insist on treatment in a hospital, then have to determine the child for all this time in children`s hospital by household circumstances. Mother will be told or she has to learn the name, the address of children`s hospital, the name or number of office, contact phones, a surname of the treating pediatrician, etc. She can regularly call in hospital and inquire after about health of the child and if there are any features of care of the baby, to report them to personnel. In hospital documents of the child information on in what hospital and in what office there is his mother, phones of office and so forth are specified will be written down. Doctors from children`s hospital for certain and will call mother and the “adult“ colleagues, to learn about the treatment course, to specify history of development and life of the kid.

the Child can be on full “allowance“ of children`s hospital, i.e. for it there will be clothes, linen, dairy mixes, children`s small bottles, nipples, etc. And if before sending to hospital there was time for collecting, then for the kid it is possible to take: its medical insurance policy (if it was already issued), disposable diapers, a pacifier, children`s cosmetics, at the artificial or mixed feeding - one - two unopened packings of dairy mix. The replaceable clothes (baud, jackets, a romper suit), small bottles and nipples to them are inexpedient to be given to children`s office. It is connected with the fact that all children`s linen of office (as well as other offices) gathers in process of use and goes to the centralized laundry, and then is again distributed on all offices of hospital. And in this circulation it is difficult to divide house linen and hospital, i.e. there is a risk of loss (without evil intention) personal linen. The similar situation develops with small bottles and nipples. There is a certain technology of an obrabatyvaniye of small bottles at high temperature and boiling of pacifiers. Not all models and not any material of which they are made maintain such processing; as a result they can be unsuitable for use. Anyway children`s things can be put in a bag for the kid, and a possibility of their use to specify and discuss later by phone.

After an extract from a hospital mother will be able to take away the kid from children`s hospital.

we Keep breastfeeding

If mother having the baby is put in hospital, then, most likely, for carrying out serious treatment. Otherwise, if it is possible to be treated on an outpatient basis, would not begin to offer the woman hospitalization. Means, reception of pharmacological means will not allow to carry out feeding of the kid breast milk - even decanted. You should not despair. These are the circumstances compelled, not depending on you. For maintenance of a lactation in a similar situation it is necessary to be decanted manually or by means of a milk pump (its after use follows every time not obligatory to wash out and dry, sterilize since this milk should be poured out), which can be taken with itself. It is necessary to be decanted every 3 hour or in process of filling of mammary glands, but not less than 6 times a day, or one (alternating the parties), or both breasts to feeling of comfort in a breast, before elimination of consolidations in it. Decantation well stimulates further production of milk, at it dairy channels are reduced and through one - two minutes occur milk inflow. But if it turns out that it became less, then the thicket should be decanted. Then, as it is sad, it is necessary to pour out milk.

If treatment is necessary to

long (not one month), then to keep production of milk rather hard. There are pharmacological preparations suppressing a lactation, they are appointed by the doctor. However we will note that in practice there are examples long, till 6 months, maintenance of a lactation only by means of decantation - and the subsequent renewal of breastfeeding.

If mother forcedly leaves the house for a long time not on an etiology and wishes to support a lactation, then it needs to be decanted and stock milk (by the way, such “strategic stock“ can be made also before sending to hospital), in the presence of an opportunity it can be sent to the kid. For this purpose it is necessary to take with itself a milk pump to which the small bottle or special sterile disposable packages would be suitable for storage of a portion of the decanted milk at low temperatures (packages are attached to a milk pump by means of holders). Such package is densely corked, on it it is necessary to write date of collecting milk and to place it in the freezer, and further to warm up in it milk. If feeding within a day is supposed, it is possible to be decanted in a small bottle. It is not necessary to mix the portions of milk received from different decantations, especially if they are intended for long storage. It is possible to store milk in the refrigerator (refrigerator) at a temperature of +4 ° With, but no more than 36 hours or to subject to a freezing in the freezer at a temperature - 18 ° With and to store to 6 months.


Depending on remoteness from the house and existence of an opportunity to quickly deliver milk to the kid, it is possible to choose options of his storage.

Before using such milk, it it is necessary to defreeze at the room temperature to a liquid state and to warm up on a water bath or in a heater for baby food. Temperature of milk has to be +36 - 37 ° Page. It is impossible to overheat milk: in this case it loses the valuable properties. It is possible to warm up milk in the microwave oven in the mode of the minimum power then it needs to be mixed (the uneven warming up of a portion is possible). To warm up portions repeatedly, especially after defrosting, it is impossible.

Of course, before decantation the milk pump and a small bottle have to be sterilized. For this purpose conveniently with itself to have a special steam sterilizer or a sterilizer for the microwave oven. If there is no such opportunity, then carefully washed up milk pump and a small bottle should be boiled within 5 minutes in the distilled water (as a last resort, in the filtered water).

needs to continue to adhere to a diet for the feeding mothers and to use corresponding vitaminno - mineral complexes.

U someone the question will arise: and whether it is possible to use donor milk in this situation? Really it is not better, than artificial mix? This delusion. Milk of the specific woman is ideal only for her child, and modern researches allowed to establish that on the structure it is similar to composition of blood and contains all genetic information on the person. Therefore various diseases can be transmitted to the kid through donor milk: it is unlikely the woman - the donor and her milk will be previously surveyed and the possibility of a mistake in diagnostics remains.

we Hope that these recommendations will help to level the negative moments of involuntary separation with the kid, and he will easier transfer temporary absence of mother.