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Hi, Father Frost! or the First disappointment of

This history happened to me many years ago, but remained in memory for the rest of life as for some time undermined my belief in the New Year`s fairy tale:-).

Being absolutely little girl (three years old), I tried to imitate in everything to the mother, simply speaking, copied. And the plate had just maniacal desire to repeat mother`s manipulations. Clear business that to the real plate me nobody thought to admit therefore very much I wanted to catch toy “oven“ (can who remembers, the Soviet toy of Gorizont factory, on two batteries - kegs in which if to turn the handle, the bulb on koforka lit up, creating illusion of the included gas. Generally, fashionable then “device“:-)). I elicited it month three: tears, arrangements, promises to behave well.

as a result, before New year, mother suggests to write “the letter to Father Frost“, to tell it about my dream, and “the kind grandfather“, for certain, will bring me an oven as a gift for good behavior.

should make by

small retreat Here and to tell that this history occurred at the beginning of 80 - x years at total deficiency of qualitative things, toys including. According to my mother (the truth, I learned about it much later), she visited all central children`s shops, but desired did not find an oven me. What here was to do, it was necessary to buy other gift (New Year on a nose, Father Frost is called), was decided to present skis...

I here, hour of X came!!! I together with parents, in a new dress with the bows shivering with nervousness, meet Father Frost, I tell it all rhymes known to me, I sing a song about a fir-tree which I cold in the winter, fade in an anticipation while the kind grandfather climbs to himself in a bag and I see these of a ski !

For several seconds I hardened, I did not expect such deception from the New Year`s guest, and later a couple of minutes put palms the boat, looked at Moroz and said one phrase: “Father Frost, you knew, as I want an oven!“. Both parents, and Father Frost with the Snow Maiden tried to distract me, assured that I will receive an oven surely, the next New Year that just toy affairs of the master did not have enough time, but all this did not interest me, I stood and repeated: “I so want an oven!“ .

the Long-awaited oven I received

in three weeks on Birthday, but any more never wrote letters to Father Frost...

By the way, Father Frost`s role on that holiday was carried out by one colleague of my mother (they at that time had a tradition that couple of volunteers got out to a role of Moroz and Snow Maiden who went to congratulate small kids of the colleagues, good, it is necessary to notice, tradition). And so, next day after incident with donation of a gift, this companion at work approached my mother and speaks: “As you could set up me so... So there was a wish to remove a beard and to tell that not real I am Father Frost, I do not satisfy a request of small kids... what mothers to you buy, I give!“.

K to what I suddenly remembered this New Year`s history in the spring?! Probably, having seen today as my baby - the daughter crept up to a plate, rose and tries to open an oven, thought - and soon and it will tell:“ Father Frost, I so want an oven !“.