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Best and most beautiful

Ya very much I want to call our midwife Belousova Tamara Nikolaevna of the best and the most beautiful!

Ya 28. 11. 2003 gave birth to the daughter. Gave rise thanks to doctors in maternity hospital to Vidnoye. But all one after another.

I Became pregnant the daughter in 32 years. Right after testing made the diagnosis - threat of an abortion (on the term of 6 weeks). Went all pregnancy hard. Generally lay in maternity hospital Vidnoye, in office of pathology of pregnancy. Very much I thank all doctors and nurses who work in office of pathology, for their attentive and very benevolent attitude towards pregnant women. But, thank God, we dolezhat so to the term of 35 - 36 weeks.

In this time childbirth began

. According to medical indications did me Cesarean section. Operation was not really easy, but I was not afraid. The most remarkable doctor - Belousova Tamara Nikolaevna did me it. By means of this remarkable and very qualified doctor and just very kind and beautiful woman, we could leave and give birth to our daughter - Katyushka. We with the husband want to express special to it gratitude for that patience, attention, for those very encouraging words which it finds for all her patients, and the most important for that opportunity to become once again parents.

After the delivery I lay in 2 - x local chamber. In it the homeliness was felt. In chamber the refrigerator, the TV, very beautiful bed linen and ware. But most important, this very good attitude of all personnel of maternity hospital. The collective in this maternity hospital is picked up qualified and benevolent.

the Daughter was nursed after the delivery in chamber of intensive therapy of 5 more days. But thanks to doctors of this therapy (and especially - to Knyazeva Natalya Yurevna) we together with the daughter were discharged from maternity hospital for the 10th day.

generally, about this maternity hospital it is possible to write and thank all doctors indefinitely. We once again want to thank Tamara Nikolaevna for our daughter - from all our family of Kovalyov.

I for the third baby we will come only to this maternity hospital. What and everything we wish.