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Six steps to a threshold of the Temple of arts: a step the fifth - we go to travel of



(how to acquaint the kid with history of the fine arts)


Here will already need a certain preparation - some time (as a rule, small) on collecting all information necessary for you. You like some country? Or era? Or corner of Russia? You once somewhere visited and want to share pleasant memories with children? Or you dream to get somewhere, but real travel is still impossible? It is possible to arrange “magic travel on a time machine“ THERE WHERE YOU WANT!

Thinking out it, you plunge into the atmosphere of time and the place where were going to go. So, where you would like? You, unlike the real tourist, are not held down by limitation in time and means. Having chosen the country, look for all possible that anyway belongs to it - the nature, animals and plants, monuments of art and culture, tradition, music, songs and verses, national suits and household items, food, the famous people … Both books, and children`s encyclopedias, and toys, suitable to the place, and souvenirs from where - nibud brought will be useful. Studying of history of art will be combined in yours - very fascinating - game with geography, biology, archeology, history, ethnography, and perhaps also with literature and music.

After several such “travel“ my little pupils, taking seat around a slide projector, briskly asked: “And where we will go today?“. And I spoke:“ To France, on a visit to the king Ludovic “or“ on the island of Tahiti together with the artist Gauguin“. And then turned off the light, someone from kids pressed the “time machines“ button and we went to a way...

For example, our “travel to Japan“ came out quite successful. Very much were useful to us:

then children drew

A on long - long sheets - flowers and branches, stones, the sea, multystoried temples - pagodas, the blossoming Oriental cherry and birds. And almost everything - Fuji. When drawings dried up, on each of them I wrote the name of the author stylized under the Japanese hieroglyphs vertically having arranged a letter. And everyone had for memory real “Japanese“ drawing!

I, at last time to rise by the most serious step which conducts to the temple of art - in the museum comes.