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To young mothers. Letter second

Hello, mothers!

Yes - and - and, me everything is already difficult to remember

and what to tell about the senior generation!

If to you has nobody to consult, it is good! My advisers well there is a lot of! All advise, how that where when where! Irritates strongly! Even when walked with the child, aunts could approach and tell “Oh! That you scoff at the child! To it it is cold in such jacket thin!“ . But the child smiles, to him it is good!

Earlier I was strong. Turned to all councils a deaf ear, almost everything is more faithful. Something settled and got accustomed also at us. But now I can not resist, and then I reproach myself with it!

Example. At our Olezhki after input of a feeding up the allergy, so-called atopic dermatitis began. It was awful! The child suffered, combed legs till it bleeds. We fought against it very long and persistently, mainly - a rigid diet. I to it still cook only vegetable soups since on broth - reaction. Also we cannot eat more than 1 banana, 1 tangerine, oranges in general are excluded. Well, etc. Juice we drink well very seldom, and that practically only apple.

And so, our precious and beloved mothers pressed long ago that dermatitis behind, and it can already give everything. Heart felt, it not so! It is impossible to relax with such artful piece. Well, and in one of my otsutstviye, my mother fed the child with both cutlets, and soup rich, well, “normal“ food in our understanding. All this was from my acquiescence: well, how many it is possible “to scoff“ at the child! As a result the child is covered with rash, and constantly scratches!

Other example. While we lived separately, Olezhka always crept, played almost naked in the apartment. Well, put on a t-shirt in the winter. When moved to parents (the kid was 1,5 years old), we suddenly learned that so it is impossible! In the apartment terrible drafts storm, on a floor there is a lot of infection, etc. So at us the child turned into the ordinary boy who is not getting out of colds and a thick layer of clothes. As the representative of the country of councils, I will advise you the following: do not muffle up the child! It is my big mistake! When at the child cold handles and legs, it is natural physical thermal control. When to the child it is really cold, he will let you know at once. Now we hark back. We go in the apartment barefoot so far. The child, in my opinion, is happy.


In general, the most important part is assigned to mother. Only she can feel that it is necessary to the child. And other family members have to be a priori agree with it. Of course, I do not take those cases when mummies act already too actively. It seems to me, a role of mother - to give to the child that it is necessary to him at the moment! Does not want to eat, it is not necessary to feed. Then will eat more. It is pleasant to bathe in cool water, perfectly, bathe! Does not want to sleep in the afternoon, we will pass! Will sleep at night! Does not want to sleep under a blanket, it is not necessary to cover! Will freeze, will wake up then I will cover, or I will cover when he already falls asleep. By the way, we sleep, being covered with one blanket cover, without blanket.

Of course, it is very important not to be overzealous and not to give it superfluous. For example, got wet on the street, and home does not want to go. Here mother dictates.

was fond of

Ya a little. Let`s remember the past.

As we accustomed the child to a pot

Everything began when the child already sat. There was it, let me think, months in 6. I put it on a pot, and we read books, periodically exclaiming “pis, pis, pis.“ . Already then I read at clever teachers that so it is impossible to accustom! That it is impossible to play with the child at this time. He should not distract! My theory and practice absolutely others! We both played, and read on a pot. And how in a different way to hold the restless child on one place of 10 minutes? My friend did not read, as a result the child began to be afraid of a pot, perceived as punishment, and roared when it was put. By the way, it is necessary to put very often. I put nearly each 15 minutes. Of course if so often to do it, eventually to you will carry, and you will receive treasured! Here then delight storm! The child sees that mother very much rejoices to it, and gradually he will give this pleasure even more often. The most important, is a prearranged signal. When we pisat in a bed, in pampers, it is not important where, we speak “pis, pis, pis“. The child begins to get used. And already sitting on a pot when he hears this treasured phrase, remembers what it is connected with, and pisat in a pot.

Accustoming to a pot will be long. I can be proud, my child began to go to a pot before all and it is the is best of all. But till two years he could pee in trousers. Very often happened that he will play, and napisat in trousers, and then already runs on a pot. Itself is guilty, did not suggest the child to pee earlier. It is normal! It is not enuresis:.

Very important and necessary condition for schooling to a pot, is refusal of pampers. We from 6 months dressed pampers only on walk. The child even slept without them at home. Of course, for mother it is additional loading. Continuous washings, cleaning, disguise (can therefore he at us naked crept :). Especially hard at night. But I had the trick. As soon as he in a dream began to fidget, I get up, I take it, dozing I put on a pot, in a mouth I put a poilnik with kissel, he drinks and pisat. But, as he woke up, to me he was necessary to rock to sleep then on hands very long. So in a night there could be several repetitions. Now he wakes up, itself goes on a pot, does the things and comes back to the bed to examine a wonderful dream. Mother has a rest. We can in 2 years and 6 months. In the afternoon it goes to a pot too.

When the child began to stand on the feet steadily, and it was pleasant to it more, than to sit, since then he wrote only standing! However, the father had to show to the son as it becomes. Costing Olezhke it was pleasant more!!! The grandmother tried to retrain it, keeping saying that early to it on - to the adult. But what for? the Purpose - that is reached.

Also, at the beginning we wrote (an accent on the first syllable) to a bathroom at the open crane. So quicker reached the desirable.

in the Summer, in 1 year and 8 months we refused pampers on walk. With themselves took spare clothes.

What our tortures gave? At us the child very much early began to go to a pot, ceased to be written to a bed, to trousers. By the way, finally we got rid of wet trousers only after 2kh years. And before there were sometimes incidents.

He goes to a pot. Sits on a pot, however, always with the book, but who told that it is bad! Is able to suffer. In pampers went very little. Though I do not believe in harm of this fine invention. As it facilitates life to mothers!

Other example. I have a girlfriend. Her boy is younger than ours for 2 months. This is the most real “pampersny“ child. But even it going always in pampers easily passes now to a pot. He asks on a pot, houses goes already without them. Let at it this transition happened not so early, as at us. But the result will be one. I did not see still any adult who would not go to a toilet.

Each case is individual

. Do not listen if speak to you “long ago it is time …“. Commensurate the forces and desires. The most important is mother! Whether it is ready to it or not. Perhaps mother already is tired terribly! About myself I can tell that after the delivery at me “second wind“ opened. Now I do not represent how sustained all this.

I absolutely most important, this acquaintance to a pot! Not to frighten off, and to interest! - such is the motto.

we will pass

About the children`s speech with

to widespread “problem“ Now - “at all children speak, and mine - does not say!“ . I am sure that there is no problem! At you everything is good. The child in 2 years does not speak, but makes sounds? Means, does not want yet! My nephew started talking in 4 years! Before only lowed. All doctors sent to inspections. And only mother (my sister) was quiet, did not fuss and believed in the child. Now stirs so that even you are tired of its chatter.

Each child is individual

! This my deep belief. Why all to level? Can do it your feature! And of course, it tells nothing about I.Q. of the child! I will cite as an example again the nephew. The cleverest and kindest boy! And as understands the computer! Is able both remain and to be restored, you will hide from it the file, will find! And he is not able to read - that!

at us too very much early told Olezhk`s

“mother“, and then became silent. I began to think that it seemed to me. Now he that kept silent a little should ask.

I will return to the girlfriend Again. To her boy now 2 years and 4 months. And he only began to speak! As she worried, and it appeared, wasted nerves. Now he tells separately words, phrases is not able yet. But the foundation is laid!

I understand

Ya, parents passionately want that their children began to speak. It will be as if a turning point. Suffer, and, the main thing, do not worry! You will have everything! And do not listen to doctors at all! Here on the mistakes I understood whose speeches need to be filtered especially strongly. What for “the child has to“? It has to nothing to nobody! Of course, it is very convenient when at all everything is identical when we manageable herd. Well, is not present! Our children special, also develop on the unique way! I do not want that my child was as all. And still I will add. Olezhka at us tells everything, but foreign person can not understand him. I.e. he speaks not purely. The main thing, relatives understand. I think, I am sure even, children perfect skill already in children`s collective. So we in September are going to start going to a garden.

On it so far all.

of Mummy if you doubt something, listen to the heart. It is wiser than the head.

of Good luck to you, love and consent.