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To young mothers. Letter first

Hello, young mothers!

is Written to you too by mother. Call me Lena, and my son - Olezhk. He is only 2 years old and 6 months. When he was born, I had many questions to other mothers. Of course, all learned by the experience, but how it was interesting to learn, and how at others? Here therefore I also decided to share the experience with you, the benefit still memoirs are fresh.

Well, I will begin with the beginning.

Olezhka 3 Was born

. 5 kg, 52 cm of growth. Began to nurse at once. But, as the first it at us moreover thanks to stresses (looked on news about events in “Nordosta“), milk safely came to an end in a month after the birth. Here - that fight for natural feeding also began.“ Fought day and night, shreds … away flew“. The good won painful fight, and Olezhka till 6 months except mother`s milk knew nothing. In 6 months began a feeding up with vegetables, then fruit, and only by a year juice. Why so? The allergy to juice was found in us.

In general an allergy - our scourge! Only by 2 years, thanks to the most strict diets, at us became everything is all right (three times fie).

What at us happened to the weight and growth? I think that Olezhka grew and added normally. However, all spoke around: “Oh, as it at you weighs a little! Oh, and at our acquaintances the kid even one so many more weighs!“. It was especially heavy to struggle with our “highly skilled“ pediatricians from children`s policlinic who very much tried that we passed to artificial feeding. “To the child year, still a breast eats? Nightmare! It is necessary to disaccustom!“ . Nonsense! In 11 months we weighed 9100 g, and height of 72 cm. Normally! By the way, for the first month of life of Olezhk did not put on weight gram. And I think, it is normal! Everyone develops according to the individual scheme. The child, especially, cannot be compared to any norms.

it Developed at us, being ahead of peers on a sandbox. Though I know children even more quickly. Began to creep in 5 months, went in 10 months. The first word was “mother“ in 9 months, then “diguda“ (hair curlers), “vsedga“ (always) and it is a lot of others. And the first phrase “A doggie went to buy shop juice“ is said in 1 year and 8 months.

the First tooth got out in 8,5 months, the others climbed long, and by 1 year and 10 months there were already 16 teeth.

Now a little about education

we almost Allowed earlier it everything! Already more strict with it, and in vain. As soon as he began to creep, gutted all regiments. If dropped food on a floor, then could lift and continue to eat (now categorically it is not allowed since to the people in the apartment well it is a lot of - 6 people, and coming / leaving. We live at my mother now). Almost naked crept and did not hurt. The first time ached somewhere in 1,5 years.

On the street crept on the ground, embraced all trees. By the way, each walk literally since the birth turned into lecture. I told it everything that I see, allowed to touch whenever possible, explained “that - why“. Began to communicate with other mothers, already when it was big since walk is sacred, all the time is devoted to studying of environment. Of course, by the evening language did not turn. As soon as began to look around, hanged out leaflets with names of objects in the room everywhere:“ case“, “dresser“, “window“ etc. Every time, passing by, I showed on written, and slowly to it read. By the way, it according to Cecile Lupan`s book “Believe in the child“. Probably, months in 6 began to point a finger where that. “Olezha, where spices?“.“ The m - m - m“, also shows the handle. Very much loved and loves books. When was small, and did not play machines, could consider pictures on an hour.

Since the birth it at us was as others will tell, the manual boy. I so do not think. Just the child, so far small, needs the mother constantly, and if the child not the bottle-fed baby, then especially! He ate a milk at us nearly in an hour, then held it vertically minutes forty that srygnut (could srygnut later). Then again feeding etc. And at night the same! At me not that to prepare, eat time was not. I ate as I however, and washed when Dima came.


I well still fed him lying. When did not eat, was only on hands. In a bed began to play (not to sleep! slept with us) by 6 months. There was it that, sorry, and I went to a toilet with it. After introduction of a feeding up, i.e. after 6 months, it became simpler. Ate not so already often, crept, watched books, played already independently (not for long, but itself). It became easier to live already when finished breastfeeding, and it was in 1 year and 1 month.

As we finished with


All frightened me that there will be a trouble with its end. No, it not so, it is just necessary to prepare for this event. I remember, in 8 months he at me ate a milk of 4 - 8 times, plus for night of time 2 - 4. At first I refused one feeding before a day dream, replaced it with a motion sickness, then from another etc. There were no night feedings yet. Of course, it was heavy to rock to sleep. Weighed already decently. It was necessary to go up and down with it on hands, and, on average, hour to read it on memory verses, fairy tales, to sing songs or to tell any nonsense. Even Dima sang! When filled up, stacked on a sofa. At night the situation was much worse. There was a wish to sleep terribly! The child woke up angry since he wanted in a toilet. Of course, could shout a bit, but it is rare. When drank a milk, no problems existed, sisyu in a mouth, and filled up happy.

As we refused it? Passed to cranberry kissel! The scheme is such. To choose that the child prefers most of all, at us it turned out that rather thin cranberry kissel. Then you replace a breast with a poilnik with this drink, he will drink it, and further you carry, and carry the child until he forgets about a sisa and will fall asleep the righteous person`s dream. Then, hurrah, you can sleep! Yes, it is heavy, but all this will pass. And further the child already himself will refuse kissel, and that time when you oversleep all night long will come! It will be a holiday!!!


With a dream at us it was adjusted about a years in 1,5.

I Will notice

that Olezhk is absent at night still, and will wake up. But usually, it “velvet revolution“, I carry its dozing to a pot, and then I put in a bed, and he right there fills up and I too. And recently in general serves itself.

That at us with food

I Think, the boy at us not choosy. However, does not love pieces of food in food. Crushed everything earlier, and now a tolkushka I pound soups, I do cream soup. If eats potato, then I give its favourite pickles. In the morning for breakfast porridge, usually oat Nordic. A lunch - vegetable soup, sometimes with meat. Further after a dream an afternoon snack, kefir + 2 cottage cheeses (or without kefir), for the evening - that God will send. Today sent us meatballs, however, the son refused and did not eat. Loves pancakes with sour cream, i.e. sour cream with pancakes:-). Loves all harmful: fried potato, fried cutlets, sausage (“bakasyu“), sausages, pelmeni. And all useful, vegetables on couple, etc. ignores! In general could not eat. Today does not eat, tomorrow eats, the truth already other food. But I did not bother about food. Wants, eats, does not want, well it is fine, treskat cookies.

What we have today?

the Child extremely mobile, rushes like mad, jumps as a kangaroo. Even there were thoughts to buy a trampoline. Is ill often, unfortunately. We want in the summer for a month to Yalta to go, get warm. Plays mostly, one. Not manual, but tender! Real man. Helps me to vacuum, to bake pies, to the father - computers to sort / collect.


of the Book. Plays machines, in robots. Adores animated cartoons, we watch only ours. Eats itself without hunting when you feed him, eats well.

goes To a pot. Excuse for a detail, pisat standing:-). Maybe to pee a little in shorts, but it because will play and will forget about a pot.

By the way, began to accustom to a pot in 6 months.

So far all. Continuation will be in other letter. Wish you and your children not to be ill