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My best present is I

generally, I do not know whether It is necessary to tell about it, but on this holiday of Klara Tsetkin (on March 8 in the people) my uncle was enough only for that to a half to be pushed in a bedroom. The second part of his body and remained on a floor - nights behind a threshold in a hall to recline on otshmetka of the tulips which are possibly bought the wife by the international Women`s Day. It it caused rage in the opinion of the wife and disrespect in mine next day... But the story not about it, and about what gift it presented in 1991 - ohm to the bride, nowadays well wife Regina.

Business was so: Mischa (uncle) to Regina (she lived the floor above) decided to propose marriage then, and everything is good if not one uncle`s complex caused by existence on the right cheek of a huge wart (or birthmarks - I do not understand dermotologiya delights). We from Reginkaya “behind the scenes“ sometimes called him from - for this “Pupyrishk“, “our Pupyrenysh“, “Mr. Dodinka“ - is ironic, but on - kind who knew...


And so, our Mikhail decided to remove this misfortune in hospital (in the most ordinary, state) and next day to welcome to Regina with a bouquet of roses, the Golden Ring and the offer it is clear what - three in one set (it I about gifts).

As then narrated

to us, the girls staying shocked, his friend major Alexander Nikolaevich:“ there was an exclusive situation during operation“. Decided to correct a physiognomy under the general anesthesia, and at Mikhi the attack of an allergy happened (or something like that) therefore breath blocked (it seems even cardiac arrest was). That yes as well as why, I do not remember all details, but doctors did to it in a breast an opening where inserted a tube for air supply.

Moreover through all this arisen panic when carried it on a wheelchair - was dropped slightly so my already had been through a lot uncle broke a leg and a bruise a jaw. A situation just as in cheap American comedies... What surprise of the uncle when he recovered was - the head is tied up (tied up a jaw), a leg in plaster, from a breast unclear that also the wart on the place sticks out (checked how he told then, to the touch several times).

Alexander Nikolaevich also told us that Mishka actually reconciled long ago to the shtukention on a cheek, but somehow time incidentally heard ours from Reginky irony (see above), and to doctors, I have to tell, it had such relation about which speak “did not digest on spirit“. As it became clear, not in vain... Reginka, as learned that she all this from - for her and for the sake of her, writhed in hysterics of half a day, and came then to chamber and married off it to herself without flowers and a ring, Mishka only to nod and could in agreement.

they Here live (together with the little son Leshka) in pleasure and in the mountain 13 years. Mainly amicably and cheerfully, there are seldom some “exclusive situations“, like March 8, 2005 - go, but the uncle then, as a rule, the whole month drags Regina on hands literally. Once, as took from a threshold on hands, at restaurant (in a quarter from our house) only on the earth and lowered to the applause of venerable public and a grin of waiters.

Eh... and I marry this summer... Reginka still here... advises that mine, do not bring My God, did not go to remove the birthmark.