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Six steps to a threshold of the Temple of arts: a step the fourth - thematic creativity of


(how to acquaint the kid with history of the fine arts)

Thematic creativity are a drawing, a molding, designing or application on plots and motives of the works of art shown to the child. Any illustrative material which is available at your place can serve as a sample for such occupations. If to treat it on - kind, without shiver and horror (ah, the blasphemy - “to me is not ridiculous when the painter unusable to me soils Raphael`s Madonna“) - you understand that for the kid it is a wonderful way of familiarizing …

Simple, but really brilliant idea of “thematic creativity“ were prompted to me by children. We looked somehow with kids of a picture of Vasnetsov at fantastic plots, among them there was “A hero at the crossroads“ - where the athlete at a stone, and around black crows and a skull lies … After “a slide -“ suggested children to draw with show a scene from some fairy tale. When pencil sketches were ready, suddenly saw in one of drawings - the five-year-old boy has the athlete`s silhouette on a horse, a skull and ravens. Drawing looked extremely expressively and is not similar to Vasnetsov at all. Already from the following occupation I offered for drawing and a molding of a subject mo to motives of what was seen.

the simplest option - for children is more senior than

. Shestiletki, that ask: deliver us this picture, and we will draw it. You remember, in the remarkable animated film on G. Gladkov`s verses (“If you see in a picture“) - drawings of children based on an immortal Serov portrait: “girl with apples“, “girl with cherries“, “girl with water-melons“? …

also more graceful option - creativity Is possible

“based on“. Somehow my kids, having put out languages, diligently molded from white plasticine Venus`s statue (with a pedestal as it is necessary). Before it both Venus de Milo, and Venus Tavricheskaya, and a relief “Aphrodite`s Birth“, and the well-known picture of Botticelli were shown them … Unanimously made “statue“ without hands!

here is farther than

A... we rise already by the following step in our “ascension to art“.