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Grandmother! And you - adult?

At last I grew old. All attributes it is available: I will stoop (still a little), I limp (considerably) and turned gray (very considerably).

did not grow old Yet, it was always dissatisfied with the age. Never used cosmetics. And always cut nails shortly, did manicure in exceptional cases. My young-looking look often misled people. And even when finished postgraduate study (thank God, not the girl!) I on the street from - for big a portfolio was taken for the schoolgirl.

And now, thanks to a gray hair which the allergy to any paint besides does not allow to hide me became adequately (in sense of age) to perceive people around. And, nevertheless, the question of my maturity, was disputable.

I Live together with the son, his wife and two grandsons. I continue to work (on age - long ago the pensioner) therefore by grandsons it is not loaded. Though sometimes it happens to remain to them at the request of their parents if, for example, mother - the father are going to cinema or to theater.

Once when mother - the father left on “Queen of spades“ for the Bolshoi Theatre, I remained “for the senior“. There was a lot more time to a dream, and it was necessary to occupy with something these uneasy creations. To one, Petya - eight years, to another, Gosha - only three years.

the videorecorder was simplest to include

, to put some (at their choice) animated cartoons, and - freedom for about one and a half hours. And there you look, and a dinner. And there already and preparation for a dream.

But here ill luck! The panel from “video recorder“ got lost somewhere... Decided to call mother - the father until they switched-off the cell phones in theater yet. Called mother - and her phone answered me in our apartment. It just did not take it with itself. After that it was necessary to listen as the cell phone of the father too in our apartment rings...

Means, animated cartoons are cancelled. Well, think, the grandmother, than to occupy grandsons. The senior grandson came to the rescue. “Maria Nikolaevna, - addresses it me, - and give, play in dominoes!“

Should tell

that both of them call me by name - to a middle name. It and is unsurprising as mother Natasha so addresses me. However, the younger grandson cannot utter so accurately yet. At first, somewhere at the age of two years, he called me “Alyava“, and now, having matured, calls “Marilavna“.

Well. Let`s try to play in dominoes. I already together several times played with Petya. Not only in dominoes, and and in kartishka (of course, in the simplest, in “Drunkard“). And here to Gosha this occupation appeared not to teeth so far. Though it was very entertaining to spread dominoshka, to substitute one counter to another, but it was necessary to do it for it.

And with “market“. When the next player needed to take a counter from a market, Gosha extremely was upset that at someone counters become more, than at it. Generally, hardly played one game (by the way, Gosha won it, it a little bit calmed him). But further there was no wish to play.

Then I thought up

to build lodges of dominoshka. Two counters - vertically, and from above on them the third as a roof. One floor turns out. Then on them to try to arrange one more floor etc. I showed how to build, and Petya, having inspired, was fond and constructed the whole eight floors. (Try, and you will understand that it is absolutely difficult).

A at Gosha even one floor turned out hardly. It collapsed all the time. Then I remembered about the collection of playing cards. Chose the worn most out pack, brought to them in a nursery and showed how to build the house of kartishka. Gave a pack to Gosha that each of grandsons was engaged in the construction. But for Gosha and this occupation was too difficult. Very firm hand, patience and a full immovability of a table is necessary. Cards all the time of drop. We with it passed to a floor. And there it was inconvenient to me to persist in, helping it.

So far they built everyone the, I left on kitchen, to build some dinner. Cooked fast pelmeni, and we began to play in “Ten Little Niggers“ (a role of Black children was played by pelmeni which one by one under my song disappeared at grandsons until all disappeared. You can improvise - such method of cheerful eating anything).

still to think up after a dinner? What else material to pick up for construction? Ah yes, matches! It is possible to construct “well“ of them without effort. I left behind matches, brought, poured out boxes on a table and began to show to Gosha how to build a well. We build, we build, and Gosha with concentration thinks of something, something wants to ask. At last, formulated the question: “Marilavna, and you - adult?“. I with pride answered: “Not only adult, and even old. And why you ask?“ - “Yes matches...“ . Here to you on! What, he and for adult still did not consider me? And only by means of matches I confirmed the old age.

A here and time left. It is time to sleep. All of us collected “toys“ (nothing to, igrushechka!). Gave the order: “To be constructed and forward march on a pot, then to wash, then on nested dolls!“ in sense, on beds. I always give them such team, and they with pleasure execute it.

When grandsons settled, I began to read them the fairy tale. And when powerful snore of Gosha was distributed, decided that it is possible to put out the light and to go to the room. Yes the senior grandson suddenly became agitated, and began to ask and where mother - the father. It was necessary to retell to me to it “Queen of spades“, executing the well-known overture (as could), arias of the countess and Herman at the same time, and therein commenting that is watched and listened now by his parents.

As me in the childhood my father told

“Queen of spades“ for the night too, I remembered on own experience that such unexpected and not children`s, in general, story will distract from sad thoughts if for some reason it is not slept. So it also left. Petya calmed down and breathed heavily. And I slowly left the room, extinguished light and soon heard that parents come back. So my six-hour watch on a post of the adult grandmother ended.