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Lovers and mistresses of

U me not absolutely common story. The matter is that I want to tell about a gift not from my husband, the father or the brother. And from the lover (someone, perhaps, will initially condemn me for presence of that, but I want to share a problem which I faced: a gift to the lover - business thin).

We meet five years. He is married, I am married. It is clear, that from spouses we hid our relations. And gifts. Somehow itself it turned out that both of us understood: it is impossible to give each other that it is difficult to bring home, something very symbolical, bright, suspiciously sentimental or romantic, big, expensive etc., etc. It is obvious that gifts, exactly as well as lipstick on a cheek, are very eloquent. But if to try to consider all those factors which I listed above it turns out... What can be given? What the gift is? Despite everything, there is a wish to tell of the feelings, to express a gift...

At first almost only gift for me. Then it was solved and presented me a fur coat (it was for New year, and I told that I was given an award - a pier, itself bought). There were many gifts edible - enjoyed them together. He wrote me verses, sent tickets for a concert to work... and all in such spirit.

I here, on it on March 8... It gives me a ring. Gold, with an engraving and a ruby. And flowers - a huge basket of scarlet roses! (before it did not give me flowers - understood that I cannot bring them home). I at first was dumbfounded - the most usual gifts (I consider a ring and roses as the most usual gifts to the beloved) seemed me a god-send, by miracle, imagination top!!!

Then I was frightened of

- I cannot carry a ring, and flowers are fated to decorate empty office on March 8...

there Passed some time, hour, two... For this period I what only did not decide and understood that from its party it was the step. Resolute and uncompromising. That he staked everything and is not ready to suffer a defeat. It was the offer which only is not told, and materialized in gifts.

We discussed then its step, and it turned out that I understood it correctly. There passed week, and we decided that we want to be together. I do not know how everything will develop, but I very much love this person, and he loves me. And I consider that gifts played very big role in our relations. They were such what have to be: in them there was a proyavlyaeniye of respect for the partner, and an intimacy share (it about trips), and refinement (he drove me in the best restaurants), and luxury (well, it about a fur coat:-)), and frankness...