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My presents for March 8, 2005 of

Everything began with the fact that we with the sister bought 2 vacation packages to the United Arab Emirates from February 25 to March 9. We had a rest perfectly and cheerfully, but the thought that none of men will congratulate me on March 8 as it is accepted at us in Russia, haunted me somewhere since March 3!

As grudges that nobody even will present a bouquet of a mimosa to you! When I shared the sad thoughts with the sister, she only hitryushche smiled.

I this wonderful March day here came, I got out of a bed and saw the bouquet reminding wedding on a table, and under it a huge envelope - I developed it, and in it - wedding invitation, and I wash!

the Sister already stood behind a back and laughed, I asked it that it means, and she dragged still from where - and reported that dress “a la wedding“ that she ordered to me a wedding as a gift in the form of a joke in one agency. And we it will begin to walk today since morning - on March 8!


Well, time enclosed such efforts, I dressed a dress and came to a threshold of our bungalow to meet the groom - the Black was him! Thanks, the little sister, did an ill turn! The groom congratulated me since March 8, and we went to the pool to a banquet, there we were waited for a wonderful breakfast and congratulations by the chief - cooks!

We had fun the whole day, the benefit, hotel very lonely, and the people almost did not hear our songs on a karaoke, generally, it was pleasant to me.

But evening came, and I did not know, what will be farther, and the sister continued to smile mysteriously. It turned out that my groom is a professional stripper and the massage therapist, and the session of massage is already paid, but I flatly refused!

It is honest, I was satisfied on March 8, our mad holiday and a heap of ridiculous photos and pleasant memories, and erotichesty massage is done let by my busy husband who remained in Moscow. By the way, which ordered to me a wedding on vacation, and in the United Arab Emirates, the country of strict religious customs!

It appears p, it is possible to receive the most amazing gift for March 8 and in the country in which this day is never celebrated!!!