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Reason for pride of

Ya I want to share the story about a gift for March 8. It was last year. As ill luck would have it, before the holiday I broke a leg and was hospitalized. It was very offensive for me (my harmonous leg was grounded, plastered and bandaged so that it became similar to an elephant support!!!: - () and it is sad. One pleased: I precisely knew that my husband will not forget me and will surely come in this day to visit me and to congratulate on a holiday of spring. And it came!

Here I will make by

a pause and I will quote Katerina Domogatskaya, the psychologist of “Academy of a gift“:“ Female “sensitivity“ - it is unconditional, social, but not biological, the phenomenon, and contents it is not weakness and even not emotionality of the woman, but her increased vulnerability in the field of social roles, social adequacy at all... The woman wants continuous confirmations that she is still fine and attractive“.

my husband is not a psychologist, not the romantic and not the supersensitive personality - the ordinary man, sometimes rough and inattentive. But it seems to me, seeing, feeling and enduring a grief of the person loved by you, your soul reveals and becomes capable on sudden, her rushes unknown hitherto. It also happened to my husband.

Having come that day to hospital, it as once long ago, once again won my heart: he brought flowers to all women in our chamber (we were four), presented to everyone on a soft big pillow (was very opportunely - hospital pillows leave much to be desired), on a beautiful tea set: a saucer and a cup in a beautiful wattled small basket (it as will come earlier - we drive teas - that there is nothing to do-:-)). Sets were different flowers - that did not mix:-). And for all - packing of fragrant tea and any delicacies!

Of course, all little girls were surprised, and I was simply fascinated by the spouse - against husbands who brought gifts only for the ladies, he looked the gentleman, the general... I do not know... king of ladies` hearts! I was proud, happy - I here now write, and holds apart me with pride of an act of my husband!

it is so simple

A and what there - it is inexpensive also without special invention: a pillow, a tea set, candies, flowers, a ringlet (he still gold presented a ringlet to me) - those female gifts. But as it is made! I think, during that instant all little girls felt women. Beautiful, favourite in spite of the fact that hairpins to us replaced crutches, and silk stockings - plaster. There is such history.

A conclusion... I drew such conclusion: at that moment my husband also gave me that support in my area of “a social role“ - I am a woman, I am married, to a wall, I am loved by the person of whom I can be proud!