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To increase by two

Speak, the best gifts are made by those who well know us. However, sometimes it happens so that well we are known by too many...

So turned out that I was born on the eve of a holiday of spring - on the fifth of March therefore quite often I am given one gift in two occasions at once. I never take offense: in - the first, the gift is more: and in - the second, it is a gift! And the gift has to bring exclusively positive emotions.

But this year turned out something absolutely improbable: such feeling that all my friends and parents still agreed. And absolutely shortly before a holiday (holidays, more precisely to tell :) I understood that I “very“ need spirits, the daily log and a disk. My acquaintances guessed it and presented me two a bottle of perfume and two the daily log. Well... neither daily logs, nor spirits happen much.

But on it coincidence did not end with

. Respecting traditions and my love to chocolate, presented me TWO boxes of chocolates. Considering my lightness, presented me TWO soft toys (a big teddy bear and a small doggie - a charm - “an elephant and a pug“). Knowing my love to costume jewelry, pastes and pink color to me presented two a subject which combine in themselves these qualities: a hairpin and a chain for the mobile phone - and that, and another pink and with pastes. I do not know, than being guided, presented me two figurines. Still presented me ear rings. Strangely enough, them was two too .

A as for a disk (which was included into the short list of “vital“ things on equal terms with the daily log and spirits), this case which was even more confused than all previous combined. As CD - a shka nobody presented to me, mother entrusted me its purchase. Came, saw... bought. It is possible to tell, won. But not here - that was! In several hours my acquaintance told that he can rewrite to me any tracks on a blank disk... Now I have two new disks.

I at everything at the same time, I ask to notice, in one of gifts there were two identical or something no objects similar at each other.

If to be up to the end honest, also: bandanka, skirt, face gel... all.

A, well of course, cards - a holiday symbol! They were two and any, and great variety.

Despite all “surprises“, I was very glad. I was once again convinced that:

Well, and besides, me was relieved of need to buy the daily log in a year, for what to friends separate “grace“.