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Adventures of Ukrainians in Egypt or business was in February...

the Prologue

our Travel never, probably, would also occur if there was no grief... I joke, of course.

quarantine on flu at school Suddenly began

, declared it on Friday when children went to school. Suspicions that there will be a quarantine glimmered in soul at all, did not know only when it is. In recent years quarantine became a good tradition. At our disposal there was a week of rest.

of Dream come true

the Plan to go all family to the Carpathians was at us long ago, at the husband in particular.

generally, on Friday I decided to call Zakarpatye, and here the announcement in the newspaper of a trip to Egypt got to me. The daughter Ania had a long dream to visit the Red Sea, to dive there. Her acquaintance was there, and my daughter too dreamed now. But the prices said about what can be, sometime, this happiness happens, but not with us. The trip for two turned out expensive.

I Think, let me call, I will ask. Speak to me, departure on Sunday out of almost symbolical payment, it seems, and conditions good. I will not understand, I think: “What so sharply the prices fell?“

the Husband called

, learned everything. He was told that it is necessary to take permits now, within 3 hours. But it is good to it to tell it, but at me besides not only the speech power, but, in my opinion, and reason was gone...

In 30 minutes I understood that I made something not that, I think, I nachudachit this. So, on hands the permit for 7 days (5 - stars hotel, 3 - x single food + the beach). Time 4 o`clock in the afternoon and to depart (oh, horror!) it is necessary in 6 already tomorrow. 40!

Here all also began

! First of all I called the daughter Ania, its speech power was gone with happiness, she in phone began to squeal. Home it came tearing along on happiness wings!

But when there arrived Ania, me probably should be pumped out... for fear . What did I do? Where I fly (by the way, I in panic am afraid to fly)?

Called mother. Mother was shocked too, I one told her, I think it is necessary to say goodbye. She told:“ there is no escaping fate, if that happens, you do not escape from it“... With such cheerful thoughts I went to bed...

generally, night was same awful, as well as evening. However, nights of that was, thank God, a little: in the 3rd rise, and in 4 already a taxi. Tears at me were shed. The husband over me laughed loudly. And it was a shame to me because that I am such coward, and I accept some rash decisions all the time, and in general any nonsense climbed in the head. For us there arrived the taxi and we in winter frosty night, in autumn jackets, went to Borispol.

we Arrived to the airport, there somehow felt better me. It is impossible to change any more anything if only is faster and faster...

Hurghada. Egypt

Arrived to Hurghada. All skilled on the plane changed clothes, ponadevala T-shirts, summer things ponatyagivat. We only put jackets in a package, Ania in boots left.

On the plane after landing we are told:“ behind a board of 16 degrees of heat“, and promised 25 - 30. Strange, we think, well, we leave - a bright sun. Vetrishche blows, and, most likely, indeed, degrees 16. We are shocked, gathered only warm things! Ania has a panic and how to float?! Dreamed to dive, and here all jackets put on. Not hot at all... We ask the guide: “And why it is so cold?“. And he costs in a summer shirt, any goosebumps, and speaks:“ Normally, not cold. On the contrary, it is good that not hot“.

a fig to ourselves zagadochka, we think. Then all zagadochka were gradually solved.

In the bus while went, sights of Egypt tried to consider

. At departure from the airport there were huge, in my opinion, 4 falcons - type sphinxes, all this gods their some, patrons of the city. It, probably, and everything that we saw until we reached to hotel. Generally, such impression that we went on the waste ground with which - where the being seen buildings. There is no nature at all which - where there are palm trees, wind blows off from them the last top, and below sand. Not such, as at us in career, and approximately such, as on building, with crushed stone. We went, thank God, not long. And that at me from such nature violent again the head would ache... Conrad Hurghada Resort Hotel

At last reached

by p hotel. I, of course, nearly gasped when I came inside, but showed no sign. Some palace is direct! So everything is beautiful, with fountains. Everything shines and sparkles, here my soul blossomed, I did not see it yet. And in park such beauty, such impression that we came into the fantastic world, I did not see such abundance of the blossoming vegetation yet. It is issued and well-groomed just super!

the Guide all of us left

till the evening. Went further, in other hotel of the others to settle.


us one, here the circus also began. I will tell directly, without knowledge of English there is nothing to do. All hopes were laid on Ania. That from fright forgot at once everything.

A had to be remembered. As there nobody knows Russian and to anything it to them, they not in the market trade. Guides come 2 times a day. In the morning and in the evening them it is possible to see and talk about all sore. The situation was rescued by the manager, she from Ukraine. However, it there too works from 11 to 6 in the evening. And to communicate, it is possible even to tell, to be indignant strongly, it was necessary...

All of us was issued. Distances keys, put on some thongs a hand, and we went to look for the numbers. In general, it everything was wrong, we should have left all the bags in the hall and to us they would be brought. So all of us took the wheelbarrows drove them on park, over us, of course, laughed, but we even did not guess it. Probably, not we are the first.

Ania asked

, during how many lunch at once, she was told that she in 3 begins. It turned out later that it in 3 comes to an end, and in the first day we could be left without lunch if not the manager from Ukraine.

Lodged all our group in one country house, us with the daughter on the 3rd floor. Nearby in the room lodged one more family of 3 people on one double bed - the husband, the wife and the child. On this floor one washing room, with a shower, a toilet, a bidet. Water goes rusty, hardly warm. And about the hair dryer there the speech does not go also at all. Yes, I think, cheerfully, and these are 5 stars?! To ours indignation was not borders. All this was necessary to explain, assert the rights, of course, to Ania... So we “worked well“ the first day, especially to me with my emotional character, and “any“ English.

In a reception (registry, our way) they explained that there are no numbers if there is something, then will surely move. As soon as I can.. All were indignant, of course.

the Hair dryer to me as who is especially needing, was brought in number. Even fruit dragged in number, on a plate a bow tied up, the guide everything, than could, helped.

Ya called the husband, told everything, and it houses in Kiev began the activity with this travel company. But I learned about it later, already when arrived. I often could not call him, very expensively, 10 dollars 3 minutes. Thanks to our joint efforts the question was resolved in the best for us the party.

in the Evening, tired and frozen, we went to bed. At 12 o`clock in the morning I woke up from cold. And we went to bed, having got on on ourselves the warmest things, and having covered with a blanket, but not here - that was.

I Got with

to the conditioner, it costs 30 degrees on the mode, and rattles as a tractor. He just drove cold wind, just opposite to a wall - a balcony. And on the street there as in the real desert - in the afternoon hot, and at night cold. On the street of all 10 degrees. But we were frozen also in the afternoon. Ania in about 15 minutes woke up too, and we went at night to registry (to go minutes 5, we were lodged right at the end, is closer to the sea, as well as asked, overlooking the sea) to explain in English that the conditioner does not work for us, and the second set of blankets is necessary.

Us was understood. With 3 men we were secured to our room, they began to repair the conditioner, there did something, nothing, of course, made. But all the same became better to work, it became a little warmer. Brought us a blanket when they already left, we understood that a blanket at us one. Used phone which stood in number. Ania explained in English that we need one more blanket. Later minutes 10 brought one more.

Next day, revolted carried out at night, I began to fight against infringement of our rights again.

as a result of us and still our acquaintances at 2 o`clock in the afternoon was moved in good numbers. Number is cool, everything is - both the hair dryer, and the safe, and the TV, and everything that is necessary.

After a lunch I dozed off a little, some strange sound awakened me, and the dense smoke, well everything got into windows, I think, we burn! Run with Ania we get the belongings, I mean money from the safe. While got, the smoke began to dissipate gradually. We sit, hid and we do not know, as to do, can where to call, we do not leave, there is no minute through two it seems and a smoke. Left, looked, smelled, it seems, nothing burns...


I here to us huge ants got into door cracks, and they rather big, I mean cracks, there and the elephant will get through if tries. In the beginning one, then another, and we with Ania on one kill them, then I feel, here the whole ant hill decided to run across. All of us decided to umazat their courses soap and shampoo, well, it there is carried every day. Then photographed corpses of ants, and forward in registry with a material evidence. On them it fine worked, they, probably, did not see long ago such mentally ill people. And to us what now to do? And suddenly they will bite us?!

So far we went for a walk, they solved this problem, at us I did not see ants any more. And a smoke as it appeared, fumigate all numbers, outside of course, from any living creatures. Also do this every day. So in the next days we were not afraid any more...

Actually, rest

Since Monday temperature began to increase, and we smoothly started air procedures. Noses, one may say, almost sunbathed by then absolutely. Looked effectively, in a warm jacket and a red nose. The people, of course, there sunbathed all the time, and some swam, especially excited with alcohol. For all day (from 10 in the morning to 12 in the night) all could drink wine, beer, to whisky, a forfeit, Pepsi, cocktails how many it will want to you, everywhere, and on the beach there was a bar - restaurant. Well, there our drunks do not come... They strongly would regret about it.

But people drank and had a rest. I, of course, drank modestly, only in the evening wine or beer for dinner, and so drank Pepsi - Coca, and in discos cocktails (very tasty).

In the first day I sunbathed in a jacket and trousers on plank beds and observed how our fellow countrymen who absolutely went crazy learned to ride surfing: a show - you will laugh until sick. The first 15 minutes free of charge with the instructor. And then 1 hour, “ride - I do not want“, and for only 20 dollars, a breeze good, water too - degrees 17. But our tourists wanted, it is visible, to show how they fine are able to own this sport. In a word, all got to water, of course, they were not undressed, in T-shirts and shorts, well that it was warmer. And the cinema was farther. Money - that are paid, especially greedy rode against the stop, muzzles, of course, were a little warped...

It amused us in the first day a little. The instructor drove up to us too, even in Russian talked, speaks, for us will give a special discount, I told that I am not able to swim, it began to stick to Ania. Ania told that then it is obligatory. As soon as I can..

the Sea looked there so: near the sea the big hole, and deep is dug. And water from the high sea there was also poured. From the plane looks very effectively, such gulfs about each hotel in the form of zigzags. But I will tell, for some reason in them water is colder, than in the sea. In pools too water was very cold, 17 degrees. In other hotels there were heated pools. People swam there, but not at us. Then explained to us that February - the only month when air temperature reaches 20 degrees. But since Monday there was a warming and weather in the evenings even became very warm, to 25 degrees, probably. In the last day already and the sea was very warm. So we swam for a while two times, Ania, maybe, 3. And knee-deep came, collected cockleshells, and fragments of corals.

We left at 8 in the morning by buses, then on yachts put out to sea and came on 2 coral islands. I did not see such sea anywhere. In - the first, color of the sea just extraordinary, some azure. I never saw such color even on the Black Sea. It some is green - blue, well very beautiful, the sea was valid warm, degrees 20. Ania with the instructor plunged under water on depth, and I swam with flippers and a mask on top.

breath filched

From such abundance of multi-colored fishes and krasivushchy corals, very beautifully! And it is still frightening, fishes so different, in size too. Saw one and was frightened, in length and width, probably, of 70 cm - blue with yellow. Then I look, some sticks long near me float, and sight - that bad. I think, maybe, it is a slope? Looked narrowly - no, fish - a needle. Generally, I swim and I jump aside from them. Corals so grew that some even come to a surface. You swim, and in some places it is possible to reach a leg a coral.

Water, of course, transparent and very salty. Got into a nose a little - so the furnace became, on Black not such water opposite and salty. Here I did not see green vegetation, and so strange corals, different flowers, and a different form. It seemed to me with aqualungs not so interestingly as to me on a surface. Who with aqualungs dived, saw the moray eel. Even it was ironed. The instructor takes your hand, and irons it. It, probably, there trained. Ania, however, did not see. To the touch opposite, as a jellyfish, and very terrible, with teeth... Impressions probably, on for the rest of the life. Fine!!!

Everything it was very good and cheerful, travel lasted to 4 o`clock in the afternoon, we were fed there. Some tasty fish, I the truth rocked to sleep, and there are I did not want, and I fed small fishes a little, nobody even noticed, all were keen on diving process.

A still we went to Luxor, the city so is called. Left at 5 in the morning, and arrived back at 11 in the evening. Very fine - strongly it was pleasant to us! Were in the city live and dead. The dead is where found burials of Pharaohs. Tutankhamun`s tombs, Ramzesov - them was much there, and at everyone the tomb, very interestingly.

Saw two healthy sphinxes everyone on 700 tons, floated across Nile, were in the city live - there too any statues probably - it is invisible. Huge some, and all about them told us, the guide was good, said in Russian, but with such accent and so quickly that information it was acquired percent 30. Were in the temple Hachipsur. Too it is very beautiful. There was so hot, midday, our poor noses burned down absolutely. Well, we on a nose will not dress leaflets some? I tried to thrust tickets under points, the people, of course, began to askance and Ania to giggle, then I covered a nose with a hand. As a result, at Ania the nose burned down more. We had hats, but they will not rescue there, all such high, up raise a face, and the hat is not necessary at all.

Then we went to the museum of the papyrus, the price mad there, but we on the road bought these papyruses. There it is necessary to bargain strongly if they begin for 20 dollars, then for 2 dollars it is possible to buy safely. At Ania it very well it turned out. At me so it would not turn out. Born talent, would never think! We managed to get 3 figures there, it seems to me, from expensive tree, for only 3,5 dollars, and asked 70 dollars in the beginning. Ania, when gave to the seller 20 Egyptian pounds, he slightly kondraty was not enough, but anything, he can did not understand in what pounds we bargained. Pounds happen English, and at them, Egyptian. One Egyptian pound - 90 kopeks Ukrainian.

In general to bargain cool. It was pleasant to me, to Ania too - so far she did not break a hookah. But from us nothing was taken though it was necessary to buy it. All the same very cheap. It even gave in addition what broke. The big hookah can be bought for 15 there, at us it costs 100 dollars, and small - for 5.

Fed with

there well, you eat that you want, a buffet, here fish they do not know how to cook. At least, there. That crude it will be baked, herrings huge will fry that, take it and you eat. Tomatoes and cucumbers very tasty there gorged on fruit and vegetables, there.

Service in the dining room and service at height.

In the evenings discos and show - the program. The girl danced very beautifully belly dance. The guy - the yogi on glasses lay and at daggers points. People from the hall were invited, on one removed, they attacked it, and the yogi at this moment on something sharp lay, well and I was pulled out. Well, I think, all right, you will think, I will be undressed as everything, I will step on it and all of del. Will clap also all.

he pieces of glass collected

A in a heap, I look, and is not going to lay down on them because it generally on them just lay... Well, I think, washing death came, will experiment with me... Took me on hands (I could not expect this in any way) and forward by bare feet with me it went to be trampled down on beaten glass. All of course clapped, and it was pleasant to me, long ago did not ride hands. Moreover and as!!! In a word, everything was very healthy and memorable.

Here so there passed at us evenings. There we celebrated also a St. Valentine`s Day. The restaurant beautifully issued tables, there were many sweets in the form of hearts. Waiters were festively dressed and paid much attention to a female! Cool! This day we still decided to smoke a hookah with our friends, of course, drugs and tobacco are not present there. Just you inhale aroma, tasty on a smell. At me nothing turned out, was not lit up. It began to zakashlivatsya, and it was pleasant to Ania. However, in the beginning at it too nothing turned out, then learned. Generally, children sat smoked, and mothers drank tea nearby.

we Have a rest cool, very much it was pleasant to us. Ania even has a little cry in the end, so she did not want to leave. Just weather was established.

I Write

, I remember, and it is so pleasant! It is a pity that not all people can travel. What we with Ania happy! In total - the husband should pay tribute...