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You want pie? or As our Viktorchik was born!

Childbirth of the long-awaited kid

Ya very much - very much wanted the kid, even when she was not married yet. Met the future husband. Came on May 11, I then had a birthday (and, as ill luck would have it, this day monthly came), guests including future husband, all presented gifts came, however neither I, nor guests guessed that I have one more main gift . Birthday was celebrated, and in a month I suddenly had a delay...

Ya run in a drugstore. Read the summary, it is necessary to wait for morning to make the test. In the morning of the next day, at daybreak, I went to a bathroom. Returned to the room and put the test for a bedside table near a bed. I call the beloved and I report, something there is nothing, or the test false. And it to me in reply:“ It was necessary 3 to take pieces that for certain“. Stirred, stirred, and here - that my look fell to the test... Two strips. It in reply, gather, we will go to ultrasonography.

I Got drunk waters, arrived to policlinic. I went for ultrasonography one (it hesitated). The doctor looked and at once told that pregnancy of 5 weeks. To my happiness there was no limit. However to look whether all as it should be, the doctor ordered to drink still waters and to sit in a corridor. I leave in a corridor, beloved runs, well? I speak: “A father you will be“, - (you would see his face:-), I will never forget it. In total at once - both pleasure and grief, I represent what that minute at it in the head turned). Went together the second time to an office to look at future successor. We leave. I am all happy, he looked at me and speaks:“ To you it is ridiculous, and to me to marry“.

Well, time it put, though thought to live a civil marriage, but for the sake of the child decided to undersign, and to a wedding to tell nothing to nobody. So I had the toxicosis quietly and silently so nobody guessed, even mother.

a Wedding was celebrated when I was on the 4th month, and left on the South. From the sea returned, and in a week reported that there will be a successor (the husband was sure at once that there will be a son, I hoped to give birth to the daughter though I dreamed the boy with a blue romper suit all the time).

Well. On the 6th month the tummy began to appear, and at work noticed that I am pregnant. Pregnancy went as it seems to me, well, however doctors frightened - will give rise ahead of time! The uterus in a tone, the child turns as a spindle. Generally, frightened, constantly inspiring in us with the husband fear. However the kid was not going to be born ahead of time at all. Term to me was delivered on February 16. On February 14, having celebrated Valentine`s Day, we with the husband decided that it is possible now and in maternity hospital... but is not present...


on February 15, 16 came... Half a year from the date of a wedding... and first day of Maslenitsa. Celebrated this date in the evening, and in 23. 30 wanted to screw for night of pancakes... Ate pancakes and went to bed. The husband, lying in a bed:“ Well everything, time you do not want to be born today, you suffer till tomorrow, I to sleep, and we will go to maternity hospital and (having turned to a stomach) the sonny in the morning, leave, I will give pie... you do not want, well then I - to sleep“.

the husband sideways Turned, and in minutes 10 at me waters began to depart. I awake the husband, I say that waters depart. He half asleep will not understand, thinks, I joke. But as saw a pool on a bed, in a minute gathered and ran away into garage behind car. Comes in about 15 minutes (usually at it the visit of garage behind car makes at least half an hour:-)). Called my doctor, learned what with me to do, took away bags and me. So in 01. 30 nights we appeared in a reception 4 maternity hospitals of Saratov.

There now. Night, nurses all sleepy. The husband understood that nobody is going to make out me. Began to keep ringing to our doctor. There arrived our doctor (by the way the remarkable woman, probably, only such in this maternity hospital). And here... everything twirled around me, all suddenly became such kind. Led run me in patrimonial, I even did not manage to say goodbye to the husband. It appeared, waters departed, and the uterus did not open on centimeter. Quickly began to cut away me - now I do not even remember what, but probably, entered something narcotic because the period of fights and all rest I do not even remember how I failed.

Woke up about 8 in the morning. The doctor looked and speaks, give - one chair faster, the head is visible already. For pleasure, here - already almost everything, I jumped on a chair. To me ordered to make an effort. After 2 attempts the sonny was born (the truth, then it turned out that I was cut moreover 8 internal gaps turned out, childbirth was fast and fast). The midwife speaks to me:“ Good fellow, girl“. I, thinking that the daughter how the girl was born? My son had to be. The doctor showed me my handsome man - here your boy - give him pie! He as hurried behind pie:-). After that I was left for 2 hours in patrimonial, given out to me cellular, and I in 8. The 25th mornings began to ring round all.

the First called the husband, but as it appeared, he already managed to be ahead of me, itself called the doctor. Then to the brother, mother... naturally all are happy and happy. The kid was born the weight of 3510 g, 51 cm in height, it while I weighed 55 kg (on the 9th month). Doctors told that the fruit was for me very big.

A me was transported then in chamber for two (I asked not to put me in advance in single since one both it is frightening, and it is horrible with the child, and in double is to whom to talk). In an hour one and a half brought the neigbour (at her the boy was born too).

And brought to

our princes on feeding in the evening. Wanted to leave for the night. But mothers were so weak that asked to take away for the first night kids in children`s office (sometimes I think, heartless, in the first night of the kid to foreign aunts. But then it was so bad, both weakness, and dizziness, seams ache).

generally, in the morning at half past five to us them was brought finally. For the 2nd day the father came to us. We lay on the first floor and the father through a window (there was a winter) could consider the kid. Still I remember how he saw the sonny, began to jump and clap under a window... it I any more never saw it. The father was happy. For the fifth day we were written out. To take away all arrived both the father, and grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

to us have already some Now of

, we were born 17. 02. 2004.

Of course, now, after time, you do not remember anything bad, rudeness of personnel though paid them and under the contract, and so if only approached once again. What from - for a stress was not in maternity hospital of milk, what nearly 2 months it was impossible to sit from - for seams. But unless this main thing?

Main - it Viktorchik, by the way, runs around me and tries to reboot.

I Hope that years through 3 it not one will run, and with the little sister:-).