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The test for a shkodlivost of

For mummies of children from 3 to 12 months, and also for all interested.

  1. of your child:
    1. is ready to be played for hours and hours alone
    2. is ready to share sometimes you with the husband and household chores
    3. perceives you only as something - is constant - nearby - being - and - only - to it - attention - giving
  1. of your child: looks
    1. with love and tenderness to you in the face
    2. sometimes performs tactile inspection, for the purpose of check of ability to blink you
    3. your child uses your eyes as the exercise machine for development of small motility
  1. of :
    1. it is happy in your embraces
    2. be agrees to embrace you 1 - 3 minutes
    3. your child perceives you as a trampoline, prygunka, walkers, the Swedish wall
  1. of :
    1. kisses you gently
    2. sometimes makes massage of ears and cheeks a poshchipyvaniye and pat
    3. considers that you - best “prorezyvatel“
  1. of your child:
    1. sleeps all night long and does not awake you in the mornings
    2. 3 - 6 times in a night wake up only
    3. considers that night - not time for a dream
  1. of your child: allows you accurately it to feed with
    1. tries to take away from you a spoon and is itself
    2. with legs in a mouth feeds you, a table, a chair, a floor, the father, a cat, further according to the list
  1. of during bathing:
    1. the child with pleasure holds up you the breast and a back
    2. with joyful squeal splashes on water a palm (having poured at the same time and you)
    3. tries to expiate itself, you, toys and all nearby standing
  1. of your hair:
    1. magnificent and dense
    2. sustain systematic losses
    3. thinned for the last month for 10%
  1. of you are in time:
    1. to wash, brush the hair, make a make-up - manicure - the pedicure
    2. few times to wave a hairbrush
    3. to remember that generally it is necessary to wash, brush the hair, make a make-up - manicure - a pedicure
  1. of I, at last:
    1. you consider that children - life flowers
    2. children are yours ALL
    3. everything that happens to you - it is the best that happened in your life!

Interpretation of results

If in your answers of

P. S. The earnest request does not belong to everything above-written seriously!