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Unusual fifth-graders of

If the child manages to make for day of 100 cases, and at the same time it has forces on 101 - e, then, most likely, it is a pyatiklashka. In any case, such impression about this age developed at me after visit of lessons in the fifth classes of Lomonosov private school of Moscow.

It is amazing with what desire and genuine interest of the boy and little girl work at lessons. “How you cope with these balls of fire?“ - I ask the teacher of English Elena Vladimirovna.“ We conduct lessons in the form of competitions, they adore them. We put musicals on a school scene“. A favourite subject at many - mathematics, and still history, English, informatics... Little extremists, they want to be in time everywhere - and are in time!

Incendiary tarantella participants of dancing collective want to show

not only on a school scene, but also at the international festival in Sochi. Boys adore soccer and basketball - and will go to play Spain in the spring!“ At this age children are very mobile, spend much time, playing soccer, tennis - desktop and big“, - the class teacher of one of the fifth classes says. Nabegavshis, athletes collect the thoughts behind chess.

Creative energy of children finds a way out even on walks - in the winter they like to build snow fortresses and labyrinths. The sympathy for an opposite sex did not receive adequate expression yet: boys throw snowballs into the pleasant girls, and those not always guess that this expression of sympathy. “They resort to me in tears and complain of boys. “My girl, but it to you is not indifferent“, - I explain. And they blossom and happy run away!“ - the teacher of the second half of day Svetlana Maratovna tells.

Pupils of Lomonosov school read

, at competitions of readers they always among the first much. Whether it is necessary to say that history and literature - among favourite objects. Inquisitive and open, children fill up teachers with questions, and after lessons read something from the World history series. Boys rave feats and adventures, becoming engrossed in reading of Dumas`s novels. Hobbies of girls - dances, a batic, singing.

“The fifth class is an age right after the childhood which only - only ended, and the teenage age did not begin yet“, - the school psychologist Anna Sergeyevna Krivtsova says. At psychology lessons our heroes adore listening to fairy tales.“ They absolutely still children, on lessons like to bring the toys and to put them near on a school desk. The main task of this age - to leave a children`s position. We read together tales of what by the childhood is always possible and it is even necessary to come back, the childhood does not leave, it remains in our heart“.

However psychologists of school understand that at this age in children there is a huge internal work. At a psychology lesson “My inner world“ children write: “Internal force is shown that the person is able to sympathize and help others“ (Dina); “Bad thoughts do bad things“ (Andrey); “Internal force - in sense of humour which helps me to find friends and not to long“ (Stepan);“ My internal force is stronger than physical. If you believe in yourself, then everything will turn out“ (Diamond).

Entry into adulthood is connected by

with establishment of new contacts, search of friends. The teacher fades into the background, to the forefront there are peers. At lessons of home reading children admit that “Little Prince“ of Saint - Ekzyuperi “gets right in the heart“. “Most of all I struck the word “tame“ - long ago the forgotten concept meaning “to create bonds““, - Georgy writes.

5 - y the class is a new step in the child`s life, in some sense a rebirth. The class teacher, teachers, psychologists are concerned by everything: each achievement and each problem of the child, his health, his communication with schoolmates.“ Parents call us guardian angels of children“, - class teachers say.

With grief I remember the 5 - y a class. How many opportunities were missed! Just because my teachers worked by the principle: “you want - study, you do not want - it is not necessary“, and about disclosure of talents and the speech did not go.

“My soul creates

“ - fifth-graders from Lomonosov school write about themselves. I read - and I catch myself that sincerely I envy these boys and little girls...

the Open Day at high school (5 - 11 C.) - On March 26 from 11 to 15 o`clock. We invite parents with children.

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