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Footpath in the wood. Stories. Part II

Part 1 can be considered it here.
the Gold flute

- And I with a gold birdie peresvistyvatsya by

, - Andrey boasted. - Let`s go rather for a village fence! You will not regret - a beautiful, gold birdie!

Ya just gathered for a meadow behind a sorrel. There it is possible to dig also juicy young arrows of wild onions. We on the kitchen garden did not put either that, or another. What for? the Nature gives the first greens free of charge, the only thing that is required - to be bent and broken.

on the way on a meadow were wrapped by us in the next coppice. Here - that I also heard a gentle, melodious whistling: fi - ti - to a li, fi - to a ti - a li!

Andrey enthusiastically stood and, having turned to me a shining face, whispered:
- It! - and, sticking out lips, began to imitate a nasvistyvaniye of a bird: Fi - ti - to a li, fi - and - to a li!

it is quite good

at it it turned out!

Whistling, the bird flew from a tree on a tree and soon seemed on the next poplar - brightly - yellow, is slightly larger than a starling. Oriole!

the Bird uneasily turned

the head, zapereprygivat on branches, examining us and suddenly near it - so it seemed to us - sharply, the cat stridently cried. As if who to it would step on a tail. As if she did not catch an oriole!

But as we peered, in branches of a birch of any cat was not seen. However, noticed: the oriole should open a beak as right there and the cat squalls. Here it that! The oriole so became angry about us: why she was deceived? Or perhaps let out specially heart-breaking cry that we did not covet it, would not begin to hunt for it - who needs a bird with such opposite golosishchy?

In general, orioles cry out every time as they will catch sight the person or some predator. Good, of course, it is not enough that this bird puts on the same level us, people, and some forest villain - a wolf or a badger. And what to it, the poor fellow, it is necessary to do when some uncle, sitting on the bulldozer, maybe, for example, easily to dump a birch. And her oriole, maybe, chose under the nest. Here also squalls an angry cat! Where its fleytovy whistling only also disappears...

the oriole a sun oskolochok Flashed, flashed between branches, disappeared from our sight, and again from depth of the wood we heard gentle pleasant sounds of a flute: fi - ti - to a li, fi - whether - at...


We were late, and came back from the wood to twilight. Came to that luzhok when in the sky the first stars zaperemigivatsya. To the house - no distance, and I with relief began to smoke the last cigarette: it is not necessary to save it, the whole pack “Capital“ lies at home.

the Match burned

to a half and, having burned, I threw it into thickets of some plant, dark, damp from dew. Right there the bluish flame flashed and illusive shine outlined stalks, leaves and flowers of plants.

Sparks were thrown by

on the next bushes, svetlyakam jumped at sight on a leaf. Seemed: quick magic elves ran backwards - forward with small small lamps. And as if in a reproach to me searched in sharply and lusciously smelling thickets for an outstanding match: unless it is possible to act this way thoughtlessly with fire? And suddenly - the fire?

Ya was touched by the next bush. Also was surprised: it was wet from dew so - what here the fire?

Andrey became silent and is bewitched monitored fast, changeable game of cold sparks. In a minute - another they at once went out, and we were surrounded again by darkness.

I generally did not believe

In elves. But Andrey assumed:
- some Sorcery. The father, we will go rather home!

Ya broke a branch of a plant on which sparks ran. To the touch it was gentle, leaves did not burn at all - fresh, slightly - slightly rough, they still smelled of something luscious. At me even the head a little bit began to spin. Really this plant which we in the childhood and called - “headache“?

On high, to meter, stalks flaunted with

on it is mute large brushes of lilac flowers. Each flower as small starfish. Very beautiful that there was “headache“! But once you brought home at least one its small stalk, mother right there confiscated all bouquet: “You want to get poisoned by fumes? Do not pick more these flowers. And wash up hands!“ .

of the House I took out a branch from a pocket and by electric light was absolutely precisely convinced of the assumption: indeed - “headache“!

A on - scientific this plant is called the burning bush.

why so is called

A, I think, you guessed already, the truth?

Where there lives Puzatka?

- the magnolia vine, an araliya, a ginseng grow In our wood. However, we never saw a ginseng. It, probably, absolutely rare became. The father speaks: its root helps to keep youth. It is similar to the little man. This is too the father speaks. And still he says that anyone cannot look for a ginseng - special permission is necessary. If everyone digs out on a back, then there will be no this plant at all. Here!


took rest and continued further:
- Generally, some people part a ginseng directly on a bed. As carrot or turnip! But the knowing people say that in a cultural ginseng of force it is not enough not that in taiga! But directly behind a grandmother`s kitchen garden I saw a magnolia vine. It as grapes curls on trees. If eyes by itself are closed, and you do not want to sleep yet, it is necessary to eat several berries - and a dream as sober as a judge. However, it is healthy? And about an araliya the father told that it a devil`s tree. And, however, all bark in thorns, and even on prickle leaves, I touched - about - e - yoy, painfully! When at me tooth ached, the father nastrugat shavings, made them and ordered to take this tea in a mouth. Helped! And it as you, likely, guessed strugat, an araliya root. Be not afraid, mother, a stomach at me will not get sick - the father properly washed out backs. And still grows in the wood ale... electrocook!
- Eleuterokokk! - I laugh. - Mother, Andreyka cannot learn this word in any way. Speaks: language is braided at once.

But Andryusha already - silk! silk! - switched off the tape recorder. He does not like to write letters. But he adapted to send to mother “the speaking letters“. Will turn on the tape recorder and tells about ours with it lives. Every Saturday we carry the recorder cartridge on mail.

will be received by her mother - will hear voices of birds, Pestrushki`s cackle, howls of a dog of Barsik and, of course, the story, our from Andreykaya: where were that saw and learned new. And we have something to tell!

- Eh, in vain you switched off the tape recorder, - I scolded Andreyka. - Very much I should dishonor you! Why you take offense? Eventually, and I “eleuterokokk“ learned to utter not at once. Also used cunning, spoke:“ wild pepper“. Fruits of an eleuterokokk are very similar to black pepper - peas. And another it has a name - a svobodnoyagodnik. Choose what is pleasant more! Do not forget to say yes in the sound letter: eleuterokokk - the brother of a ginseng. They treat one family - araliyevy.

Andrey turned on the tape recorder again and told that we with it prepared a root and leaves of “wild pepper“. They are curative too, give the person cheerfulness and strength.

- you go, mother, on the wood, and it as a drugstore, - Andreyka told. - Even it is better: instead of tablets - grasses, leaves, branches...
- And even sticks, - I added.
- And even sticks, - Andreyka repeated and right there stopped short: Sure!

As it?
- And so, - I answer. - Switch off the tape recorder. Let`s go to the wood now, and you will see all. You will finish speaking the letter to mother in the evening...

we beyond the village Went, curtailed on the country road. Once, about forty years ago, there was a taiga here - dense, impassable, but it was cut down: people needed the construction wood and firewood. And on cuttings down birches yes of a larch, and a filbert rose - here, made a green stand. There are we with Andryusha, nuts are considered: one, two... thirty... fifty, oh, there is a lot of! Filbert good harvest. And suddenly Andrey stopped as driven:
- the Father, look?

Over a grass from a breeze high slightly rocked, Andreyki is higher, it is gray - the drill - a crimson stick. It was covered ordinary-looking dark-brown scaly leaves, on a top - a brush faintly - brown flowers.

- Hato - Okhta! - I razulybatsya.
- What you sigh, the father?

- Hato - Okhta - so this plant Nanais call

. From time immemorial they lodged on coast of Amur, in a taiga jungle. Skillful hunters, fishermen and pathfinders, they perfectly studied flora. Also the secret a hut - Okhta was revealed before them. Eight years live it underground, saves forces, and for the ninth year throws out here such escape. It blossoms quickly, boxes with seeds then the plant perishes are also hasty formed on it.

- Yes that in it beautiful? - disappointedly Andreyka stretched. - Saranki or, for example, camomiles ask for a bouquet. And this a hut - Okhta - so-so...

- it, of course, does not suit For a bouquet, - I agreed. - The most valuable in it is mute - a root, a such tolstenky tuber, about an average potato. For such round also call this plant still puzatky. And on - scientific - a gastrodiya high.
- And this kartoshina can be eaten?
- Please! Only all - is better to let it on medicine. Scientists call a hut - Okhta “the Nanaian ginseng“. So that`s that!

That we cost!? And why did not take my shovel? Now would dig out this ginseng - a puzatka!

It is good to have, of course, it in a medicine chest. But the hut - Okhta seldom meets now in our woods. Here and this plant, maybe, one and only all around. By kindness sincere the familiar forester showed me it. He at the same time rejoiced: good luck - that what, is settled a puzatka and in our wood! No, let there lives the hut - Okhta, we will not touch it.

A in the evening Andryusha turned on the tape recorder again:
- Mother, we found a puzatka! This plant such. You saw on the orchid TV? Puzatka - too an orchid!

Here, probably, mother was surprised to it the statement, but a hut - Okhta, really, from family orkhidny. And in hot Australia, for example, as usually, as a kangaroo.


we Got hungry fairly. Andryusha, I look, a sorrel leaf soshchipnyot, will tear off petals from flowers of a dogrose and to a mouth will send - to a pasture, well, passed.

- it is fine, - I think, - I will treat - I you with unusual roast. In city kitchen not to prepare it...

Made Cues fire ashore, put at it Andrey, and itself got into thickets of a rogoz.

Generally, in our village seldom who so calls this plant, it is more and more - chekan or marsh cones. And all because is closer to fall grow ripe on a rogoza velvety a soplodiya - such eskimoes on a stick, same oblong and chocolate color. Happened, you will bring several stalks with “cones“ to the house, you will put in bank - there are they, flaunt all winter. Somehow on ignorance I began to finger one such “eskimo“ - dry click and - pppuf - ff was suddenly distributed! - it blew up directly at me in hands and scattered on all room small grayish down. Rushed to select it, but not here - that was: the down slipped out hands, bunches soared up to a ceiling, was turned over floor boards.

So I, probably, also did not liquidate a disorder before mother`s arrival if would not guess to sprinkle a little down water - it was right there beaten to a floor which and had to be washed at the same time. Mother came, praised:
- Thanks. At last in the house of neither a mote, nor a mote!
If it knew what here was half an hour ago!

Remembering this history, I rummaged hands on a bottom - looked for rhizomes of a rogoz more thickly. Chose, at last, and pulled out from cool water three fleshy roots, everyone with kind half-meter length. Washed them, cleared and to Andrey went. Fire otgorat - reddened in gray-haired ashes of a brand yes pieces of coal winked.

were Dug by us a rogoznik under ashes, outlined from above brands - let roots be concerned.

we Sit ashore, we admire a silent river smooth surface, silvery willows yes birches - tonkonozhka. Suddenly from nowhere greyish birdie. Like a sparrow, only a hat on the head not brown, but red, and on a breast - a red spot. Tinkered in the next bushes, from a branch on a branch jumped, was lop-sided on us and silently somewhere flew away.

We, was, and forgot to think about it how the huge big fish was suddenly splashed in water. And right there from the next willow the thin voice was distributed:
- the Chinook, a chinook!

Andreyka Looked narrowly and was surprised:
- the Father, that red sparrow shouts!
- Is mistaken your red sparrow. The chinook is not found in local places...
- And what is a chinook?
- Fish such. From breed of salmon. Huge! Will be larger than our well-known Siberian salmon. And this birdie not differently as from Kamchatka arrived - a chinook generally there is found...
- Yes well you, the father, you joke again! - Andreyka took offense.
- is fine, all right, - I say. - Perhaps the birdie is farther than this small river anywhere and was not, maybe, and at all remembers not a chinook. Listen. .

Andreyka Listened and was surprised:
- In! Shouts: sushenitsa, sushenitsa. And what is it?
- And she a plant it calls it - a sushenitsa uliginose. Medicinal, by the way, plant. It in drugstores is sold - from pressure helps...

A the birdie shouts, overstrains, and its “chinook“ turns out, - “sushenitsa“, - “lentil“, and will bustle a tongue twister, and at all - “whose you whose you?“ . Such here govorunye!

- the Red sparrow you correctly christened it, - I told the son. - But more it is known under other name - lentil. To fishermen it, by the way, first friend. As will catch sight where of the large big fish, right there to the district notifies all: the chinook supposedly floats! For some reason only this way calls any fish.

lentil Shouted, shouted and ceased. Understood: I pound from us any, we do not rush to the river with rods that to catch its chinook.

By the way if you think as if the red sparrow has some benefit from the aimings, then you are mistaken: it does not feed on fish. Respects more cereals. And in the winter and in general exclusive, one may say, vegetarian...

When we baked rhizomes of a rogoz got

from ashes, lentil flew up closer. Cela on a branch, waved a tail - interesting to it what we it eat it?

to me - that not for the first time to regale on

on a rogoznik, and the little son bites off sweetish pieces of roast yes know, extols: are good, oh, are good!

the birdie did not restrain, peeped:
- Lentil? there is no
-! - we laughed. - Rogoz!

the birdie and as if having understood us Flushed, flew to thickets of a rogoz. Took seat on a long stalk, to and fro shakes. Also she does not know, curious that from this plant it is possible to make the whole vegetarian lunch. Its boiled sprouts are good, it is possible them and to fry, eat rhizomes though crude though baked and to dry up them yes will grind - pitches, soup fill flat cakes with that flour, or cook porridge. But to a red sparrow this food, it is visible, it was not pleasant. The bird from a rogoz acted, shouted:
- Lentil!

I departed. To look for food to taste. See, legible what!

Who rustled with

on a roof?

birch brooms Hung at us on an attic oak yes. Hung to themselves and hung, we also forgot about them even. But once in the cold October evening, we hear, someone zashebarshitsya on an attic. Yes it is so loud: shukh - shu - uu, shurk!

- the Father, it domovo - oh? - scaredly Andreyka stretched. And nestled on me.
- Me and most is interesting who it could be, - I answered. - The door on an attic is closed, a window - too, in a roof - shchelochka.

I Went outside, put a ladder and got on an attic. Only wanted to open a door how again heard:
- Shukh - shu - at, shurk!

something about a door as will be slapped by

I from within! And brooms still ring, shurkat and is so loud - horror!

Well, I think, not otherwise the bear got on an attic. To noise - that! And on the other hand, I laugh at myself from where to a bear to undertake here? And absolutely cheered up: for certain we got a shurshavka!

Who is she such? But I do not know! There is about it a joke. Goes as if the man by the bus, in at it in a swag someone rustles and rustles. “What there at you?“ - curious passengers ask. “Not that and who, - important answers the man. - A shurshavka!“. It is inconvenient to ask - that to people, the animal is such or ptitsa. It seems as you will show the ignorance at once. And to have a look - that hunting what the miracle - yudo is! And one ingenious young man found what to ask. “And it is interesting, - says, - your shurshavka small or big?“ “Normal, - the man answers. - Yes hosh, have a look at it“. The young man in a bag glanced, and there the shurshavka indeed sits. And quite normal: neither big, nor small - just right.

- Well, a shurshavka! Take care! - I told. - Now I will open a door!

It I just in case told

. If, I think, some robber sits on an attic, then will hear also itself will raise hands up.

Only a door opened

how is louder than former rustled - brooms zashebarshitsya. And suddenly - fyrk! - something from garret darkness took off, touched me hair and is loud, heart-rendingly chirped. Faugh you, well you! Vorobyshek!

the Dishevelled sparrow took seat on an apple-tree, cleaned the plumelets, pooziratsya on the parties and, frantovato having pulled a tail, rushed for carved window platbands.

It is visible to

, vorobyshka looked for a lodging for the night, here is how - that and got on an attic through the shchelochka which is not noticed by me. Wanted, it is visible, to arrange a bedroom in brooms and it did not turn out: rustled - zabryakat dry leaves, frightened the poor creature!

But also behind platbands to a sparrow was to

not bad. He settled quite tolerably: brought tow, straws there, it was warmed for the winter. And Andrey delivered lunches to it. Swept away crumbs from a table and poured on a plywood leaf which to a sparrow a table served.

By the way, we named a sparrow it: Shurshavka.