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Footpath in the wood. Stories. Part I

Yellow lilies of the valley

- Andrey why you draw lilies of the valley yellow?
- Because they are such...

Just in case I brought together the son to the oculist. You never know, suddenly it has some problems with sight? But the doctor, it is attentive him having examined, shrugged shoulders: there is no
- Yes, everything is normal. Your child definitely not the color-blind person.

I then I guessed to ask Andrey: - Listen to
and where you saw yellow lilies of the valley?
- As where? On pictures...

I, however, it showed me the book, in it an illustration - only not color, and chyorno - white. And lilies of the valley too chyorno - white.

- I specially in yellow color painted the drawing. A lily of the valley - a May flower. And in May almost all flowers yellow - both dandelions, and buttercups, and mother - and - the stepmother...

Here it that! My city son never saw the real lilies of the valley. And we live - that we in the region, one may say, reserved. The wood approaches sometimes directly by city quarters. And in it the South and the North mixed up: here the trees reminding palm trees grow - are called araliya, and high gloomy fir-trees twist grapes and a magnolia vine. And what is only not present in the wood: the Manchurian nuts similar on walnut both a look, and taste; pears - small, sour, but if they are taken by frost, then they become sweetish; the cranberry, blueberry, cowberry, cloudberries and even apricots grow in the wood! And how many is found in it different birds and animals - not to consider!

But Andrey of it does not know. And I at its age already had the footpath in the wood. However, it and is unsurprising: I was born in the small Far East village. People lived that is called according to a national calendar there. The grandmother learned:“ Do not abuse frosts, and that the earth will be chilled - will not give to juice in the summer“.

Frosts in our Svyatogorye did not love

, but respected. Each of them had the name - Epiphany, Christmas, nikolsky and others. And the grandmother, know, to herself sentenced: “Snow is more expensive to the man of silver“, “The cold needs to be respected“, “Snow is deep - bread is good“.

it arranged to

In the icy cold a festival of porridge which in old times, appears, was in custom - carried out it on the eighth of January. And porridges prepared different - from corn, wheat, oats, buckwheat. And, at last, on January 31 the grandmother spoke:“ There now, day - a clematis came. January leaves us - to spring the grandfather, will become warmer soon! Yes you be not afraid, run about on skates - that, let to you the frost will wind ears, the nose a bit will break. At parting January likes to joke“. And cheerfully smiled.

A the spring came then. Andryusha is right: many flowers tried though slightly - slightly to resemble the cheerful, tender sun. Zapolonyali of a lawn the adonis and a crested bird, made the way from - under faded foliage a lumbago (them at us snowdrops call), dandelions and buttercups were scattered in greens.

We took off boots and is shy, timidly lowered barefoot a foot to the earth. Just in case sat on a high porch: if the earth cold, right there you draw aside from it a leg and you will put shoes on, and warm - you will jump off and so till late fall and you run barefoot!


A there imperceptibly suited also Kirill - “The End of Spring - the Beginning Leta“, day so was called on June 22. By this time ours ogorodik so grew with weeds that it was necessary to fight against them, without cease. From weeding the hand became dark-green, and grass paint long was not washed away.

For July 7 the grandmother always became strict, thoughtful, to sleep went to bed early, and got up to light. Everything spoke simply: “Strong dew in Ivanov day - by a harvest of cucumbers“. Her grandmother also went to check since morning a bit earlier. And in general, with this day many what signs are connected. Prick on Ivan millet in lozhku*1, will be also in a spoon. After Ivan the zhupan is not necessary. On Ivanova night zvyozdno - will be many mushrooms. Feed a bee to Ivan - will make of you the sir.

A in the fall the grandma samolichno drove me on the wood. Learned: “From a tree the leaf falls down purely - easy for everything: to bread, people, cattle“. Or noticed, let us assume, a little squirrel - ryzhulyu which pottered about in branches of trees. Called up me:“ Look - to! The squirrel builds a nest on a tree low - to frosty, the nobility, winter“. And right there found to this forecast other confirmation: “Before strict winter on a mountain ash of berries much. Watch what ryasnye*2 branches - that, nadl from berries cracked...“

A the first snow fell, the grandmother left to the yard, threw on it a straw: if it fails during snow - means, will quickly descend, but will not fail - for a long time settled.

as at such grandmother not to know

I to me was names of different grasses, flowers and animals?

my son does not know

A. Disorder! Also I decided to take it with myself in the small forest village. We have a rest with it nicely, saw a lot of things interesting. I will also tell you about it.

* 1 millet in a spoon - means plant height
* 2 ryasny - i.e. dense, plentiful (dialect)

the Mushroom of the Baba-yaga

It is necessary to

, Andrey behaved all week disgustingly: porridge is did not want - buckwheat, friable cereal! Pulled together a chocolate from buffet, and shifted the blame on Proshka. This little mouse, and the truth, was unusually impudent: us did not hesitate of a droplet - slipped in kitchen without any caution in the evenings. But at all the impudence it all the same could not open a door of buffet!

I absolutely I became angry about Andrey when I saw how he learns to swim to Marquis. Bound to a cat a rope on a tail - and kuvyrk it in a bathtub. The marchioness was fast removed from water, but it did not manage to pass through a board: Andrey pulled a rope - the Marchioness appeared in a bathtub again. She did not see special pleasure in such science and razmyaukatsya on all street.

- All! My patience came to an end! - I declared. - It is necessary to give you on re-education to a baba-yaga.

- What? - Andrey was surprised. - You small frighten by a baba-yaga. And I know: she is not!

- it is fine, - I muttered and ominously squinted. - Now in the evening we will also find out, there is she or is not. Ooh, it will also bring up you!

- it is Rather! - Andrey responded and, without paying to me attention any more, threw a stone in tousled to Marquis. She sat on a roof and fiercely licked herself.

A in the evening, as promised, I led Andrey in the wood. Thought: he at the first bushes will regret, will apologize and in general will tell that Proshka and in eyes did not see any chocolate - it is he, Andrey, could not overcome temptation with it to regale. But the son stubborn followed me and, seemingly, a dark not especially - that and was afraid.

It is fine, we approached, at last, a treasured clearing.

- Well, - I tried to give to a voice as much as possible gravity, - once again I ask you: without the aid of a baba-yaga you will improve or how?

- Or as, - the son impudently answered. - Let the baba-yaga bring up, or, - cunning looked at me, - all - does not happen a baba-yaga, and?

- Well, look: there is its izba!

I unbent a fir-tree branch. In the depth of a clearing on a chicken leg there was a tiny izba. The only window terribly flickered in the dark.

- Oh! - Andrey exhaled, clung to me and blurted out: - The daddy, pretty, what is it?

- you do not see

? Izba! And the hostess of the house, light at her burns. Let`s call, perhaps? An izba - an izba, become to the wood the back...

- Not - e, it is not necessary! I will tell everything. This is not Proshka chocolate pulled down, both to Marquis I will not bathe, and I will eat porridge, I good - good will be?

- Well, I will believe, - I smiled. - All right, an izba, do not turn...

I we went home. Andreyka all on the way back looked back, did not let out a hand from my palm.

generally, it became not just obedient, and directly - the exemplary boy: nearly on one floor board went, did not drive friendship with dirty rural boys, and even ate porridge without the rest.


to the Marquis, besides, cared yes cherished, and that grew lazy before that Proshka slipped directly before her nose without everyone for himself damage.

generally, it is model - the indicative child. But at the same time it was boring and sad. And I somehow feel ill at ease: unless the boy has to be such? Business is wrong. As if my Andryusha did not get sick!

I once when he grandly sat at the TV, I sat down by it:
- Tell honestly, you believed in a baba-yaga?

Andrey nodded

, thought of something and is silent - said in low tones:
- But why this baba-yaga is? Other yag went to fairy tales. And this is what? Did not want? Remained to me on harm?

me before the son it became a shame to

I and it is inconvenient. As if I unscrupulously took away something from him.

- Andrey! And there is no baba-yaga. I everything invented it.
- And an izba on a kury leg? I saw it! It not invented...

Of course, not invented. Just once davnm - long ago in local places there was an impassable taiga. Hunters cut down a tree, on a high stub built on a closet. This construction was called a warehouse. Stored production in it, waited bad weather.

One of warehouses is not enough

- malsk remained. On it there live special mushrooms - svetlyak. Very rare. They stuck around a window frame - here and it shines at night, frightens children.

we were not too lazy to descend with Andrey to that warehouse, and I scratched out one fungus, showed it to the son. Anything special: small, wrinkled, resembles lump webs more. But the son carefully put him in a pocket and then, at home, not once considered it together with other boys under a blanket.

At first the mushroom shone, and boys even blew on it to put out. Then, it is visible, its forces ran low, and the mushroom ceased to shine.

So when we returned to the city, “svetlyak“ did not make any impression on andryushiny friends. Also the son had to put out the head from - under blankets under which experiences with a mushroom were conducted and to call me to the aid:
- the Father, well tell them, tell that it is the real mushroom of a baba-yaga!

Grandfather`s tobacco

- Ouch - yay - yay, - the grandfather Nikolay zasovestit us. - Ruined a nest! And without shame - conscience in open you go. And bird what, and? It seems - to, poor, on the wood it rushes about, killed...

At first I understood nothing

. What nest? What bird? And even just in case in a basket glanced - suddenly Andryushka indeed ruined secretly a laying of some birdie, told nothing to me And put eggs over mushrooms?

Once, really, he came across in a grass a nest of larks and wanted to take their eggs with himself. Our Crested bird just zakvokhtat - was going to bring chickens. Here the little son also decided to put experiment: and zhavoronchat she will sit out or not?

it is good

I to it in time appeared in time, did not give nests to touch.

- Not, the father, I zorit nobody! - Andryushka looked at me with the words of honor. - You see, in a basket only mushrooms...

- Will be to you! - the grandfather Nikolay angrily waved a hand. - And that I without eyes! What it, in your opinion?

and did not manage to blink

Ya as it quickly snatched out a white ball from a basket. And right there his face from triumphing turned in with astonishment - confused:
- Oh! “Grandfather`s tobacco“ gathered in any way?

It rumpled a ball, crushed it and muttered:
- Indeed - “grandfather`s tobacco“! The basketful was gathered. There are people! You consider Neshto for mushrooms? Also do not take in head to fry them - to soar. At the moment get poisoned!

“Grandfather`s tobacco“ - so in the people raincoats call. So far very young, pulp at them white. As will grow old, turn into the wrinkled brown sacks: you will press - and the dark stream will slap in a nose dispute. - you will sneeze repeatedly! As from tobacco.

- Nothing, the grandfather, we will get poisoned. - cheerfully I told. - It is invited by evening to roast from mushrooms!

Ded Nicolai shook

the head - refused, and we heard his grumble for a long time:
- He! Here - those time - mushrooms, hy - hy! Strike eat raincoats? Never before, he - he, did not hear even. Not - e, there were no mushrooms and these are not mushrooms...

Ded Nicolai went on the yard, he is our neighbor, and to us it was well heard as he continues to mutter to himself under a nose: “Well and mushroom pickers, he - he!“

Listening to it, I laughed and washed out raincoats cold well water. Then crumbled mushrooms in potato. Minutes through five it zaskvorchat, splashed with oil - an oven, good at us, a notable frying pan!

was Added by me to sour cream roast, strewed with an ukropchik yes onions - and we with the son did not notice as uplet all frying pan.

A next morning only came to a porch - the grandfather Nikolay is hard as here. It was moved through a fence, puts a bottle of dark liquid:

- On - to, drink an eleksira! Broth of an oak, a train, horse sorrel - right means from a stomach.

- Yes as it should be I have a stomach from what you took! - I speak. - And at Andrey everything is all right. Since morning from plasticine something molds...

Mistrustfully so the grandfather Nikolay looked, departed from a fence, but everything at a fence left a bottle of “elixir“. Perhaps thought: the neighbor is overnice?

the Real mushrooms - aspen mushrooms, boletuses, birch mushrooms - yet did not go. But raincoats was probably - it is invisible. As will run prompt heavy rain on a meadow, you look: that there then pour out in a grass dense, hard balls and such equal, round though them play tennis!

Countrymen them did not take as however, they did not collect and a blewits, white earth-boring dung beetles, oyster mushrooms which it is possible both to cook too, and to fry

. They for some reason called them “dog mushrooms“. And did not want to believe for anything that the same raincoats - taste it is better than some champignons!

Here till a lunch we also decided to run in next Liski, behind kitchen gardens at once. There - that Andryusha also noticed: in a hazel grove something grows white. It seems as hat. No, perhaps, hat. Well, if a hat or a hat, it is necessary to get it from bushes and on a bough to hang up. Suddenly the owner worries, looks for loss?

we Moved apart branches and gasped: not a hat it and not the Panamanian - a raincoat! Such big never we saw yet - occupied half-baskets.

is Sent home, settled down behind a little table in the yard and began to cut a raincoat cubes - on drying. Ded Nicolai here. Looks at our mushroom - a giant from the porch, a shovel put a palm to a forehead:

- Neshto in drying you crumble “grandfather`s tobacco“?
- Aha, - I nod. - We will cook remarkable soups in the winter!
- Khe - a kha, - the grandfather coughed and delicately doubted: Yes will dry - will become “tobacco“...
- Not - e, - I say. - It is checked: excellent mushrooms!

the grandfather Nikolay to himself Went to the house, and we left mushrooms on the sun to dry and went to weed a bed with carrots.

Returned, lo and behold: with broth the fence has no bottle, and the grandfather Nikolay of the house is not observed too, and in general - the lock on doors dangles. That everything sat for a long time, unless in a kitchen garden that hastily will do rather - rather to a small bench at gate. Sits and looks at life rural: as hens in dust are flitted, sparrows fight who and with whom down the street goes.

of Hour through two I looked out of a window, I look: there is our neighbor, something in a bucket drags - oh, hard, on the left side warped! And what bears, not to make out: with a grass from above it is covered.

the grandfather in my party yes fast Has a look and flew up on the porch, a door for himself - crack! From where and the speed - that at it undertook? And from what it a latch zabryakat - that a door at it wide open, and that suddenly it decided to be locked. What it with it?

A of day through three all also cleared up.

- Well, the raincoats dried up? - the grandfather asked us.
- And as! We in an oven dried them on the same day. In due form.
- And a pokazhta, - the grandfather asked.
- And please...

I brought to

I a handful of raincoats. The neighbor turned them, twisted, even smelled and was upset:
- And I have that is natural “grandfather`s tobacco“ it turned out.

It appears p, the neighbor gathered a pailful of mushrooms. You will tell nothing what from within white and strong, he with potato fried - tasty!

what is more yellow on drying defined

A. It was awkward to ask to it council. To the last did not believe that raincoats are eaten. Just in case even that herbs decoction at a bed held.

- Yes to take - that, the grandfather Nikolay, it is necessary only very young dozhdevichka, - I explain. - Pour out, to expensive sosedushka, “a grandfather`s tabachok“ on a bed - perhaps the next year mushrooms will arise there. In total advantage, it will not be necessary in the wood to follow them...

I precisely, was collected by ours next summer the neighbor a quite good harvest of raincoats on the personal site.

the Fir-tree nurse

we Took

a basket and went to an aspen forest. And mushrooms there probably - it is invisible! Only manage to beat with it bows, from the earth to unscrew. A knife - that was specially not taken, and we do not advise you.

you Will cut off an aspen mushroom - a back as penek, in a grass will remain. Whether from dew cold whether rain pouring will become wet - zagniyot, and together with it all mycelium can die. So it is better to grasp a leg two fingers, to turn carefully - the mushroom also will be pulled out. And the nest in which he sat right there should be zaporkhat leaflets yes a moss that the mycelium on the sun did not dry.

Some mushroom pickers, however, consider that it is hardly better “to tear“ mushrooms, than to cut off them a knife. But in our village arrive quite so. And not therefore whether mushrooms are not translated around it?

Quickly we filled with

a krasnogolovikama basket, and still it would be possible yes to fill the pockets hats with them and why to be greedy? In pockets mushrooms will be rumpled - and so it is necessary to throw out. And other mushroom pickers will come to an aspen forest - - pleasures at them will be!

were Told by us, so about it under a sidyucha osinka, mushrooms touched and listened to a knocking of woodpeckers. Suddenly Andreyka also shows me:
- What is it? the Fir-tree! And still grows! There is more!

Ya - fir-trees noticed that even earlier. Waited for everything when the son pays attention to them. An aspen forest for fir-trees - all the same that kindergarten. The fir-tree young growth of direct sunshine does not love - the shadow is necessary to it. Here also grows - develops under osinka without cares. And as fir-trees will get stronger, aspens set them free the manumission.

- Then an aspen - the fir-tree nurse? - Andrey made the conclusion, having listened to my story. - So an osinka and foresters call, - I picked up. - But tell it for the sake of a witty remark. Because aspens actually would not concede for anything the place in the sun. Just fir-trees shade-enduring and as suppress their birches yes of an osinka, - cannot win! Here coniferous forests often also replace deciduous because maintain fight for existence and force out weaker trees...


Perhaps, years through ten we will come here to collect slippery jacks. Very much they likes to lodge in a young fir grove!

Winter flowers

On glasses blossomed frosty patterns. Leaves of palm trees, magnificent ferns, any exotic flowers seem in them. Every morning Andreyka as will rise, approaches windows at once: what new Father Frost drew?

I that time he long considered patterns, then put palyots to glass and held it until a vytayala a hole. It seems as the peephole turned out, looked through it at Andreyk: what there, on the street becomes? And that it was not boring for me, aloud tells about what was seen:
- Forty flies, it is low - low, over the snowdrifts. On an old pear sparrows sit. The friend ran somewhere, a tail covers up a track. Oh, flowers! The father, go, look: the wormwood blossomed!
- Yes that you it say! - I was surprised. - Whether seen business: the wormwood - also blossomed? Moreover in the winter!
- Go, go, - hurried Andreyk. - Very beautifully, just remarkably!

I Clung to a peephole. Precisely: the dry whisks of a wormwood powdered with snow were decorated gentle pink with flowers with silvery outflow. But what is it? One flower moved suddenly and transferred to the next bush of a burdock. Afterwards - the others.

is not flowers, - Andreyka disappointedly stretched. He managed to make one more peephole and too saw these beautiful serebristo - pink birds. - The father, is bullfinches?

, however, birdies were similar

I to bullfinches crimson breasts.

But in comparison with them - kids, and here tails, perhaps, will be longer. What for a bird such?

of the Birdie was cheerfully pereparkhivat on plant branches meanwhile.

Some of them, having clung to a dry ball of a burdock, shook to and fro, attentively considering it in all its aspects. Having studied, began to finger a ball - got from it seeds...

So we, probably, would watch for a long time

beautiful birdies if they were not frightened by the Friend. Birds flushed and, diving in morning silver, scattered bright fireworks. Soon they disappeared from our sight.

was Told by me about these birdies to the familiar forester. Poudivlyalsya: it seems, are similar to bullfinches, and all not they!

- Uragusov you saw, - the forester smiled. - Their second name, by the way, - long-tailed bullfinches. And how it you did not notice in their summer? Uragusa lodge together with chechevichka at small rivers, lakes - so where bushes, herbs high. And sing, Ljubo - expensively to listen: precisely the streamlet murmurs. And the person are not frightened - absolutely close admit. Therefore in the winter fearlessly also arrive to the cities and villages - here it is easier to live...

A in the evening the flock of uragus arrived in our garden again. Birds on branches of a burdock, a poobshchipyvala from them seeds rocked and flushed not an old pear. Settled near, involved heads in feathers, were fluffed up by balls and and remained on a lodging for the night.

we looked out on the street in the Morning: boring dry bushes were again decorated with flowers!