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Unusual surprise!

we Will begin our history. There was it a year ago and if more precisely, then on March 8, 2004.

my husband this day has to go to work (well, we will begin with the fact that at us in Estonia this holiday is not designated in the Red Afternoon in a calendar, but it is celebrated by all, that is, since morning in flower shops big lines for flowers, and in the evening you will not get also the most “overlooked“ floret any more).

And so on what we stopped? Ah yes, my husband has to go since morning to work. It, of course, gathered and went. And I with the child gathered to mother (she lives not really far, about 30 minutes of walking walking), to congratulate, though say that men have to congratulate, I, of course, completely agree with it, but also we, women, have to show solidarity!

Ya gathered, I already sit at mother, on hours about 16 - 20, as they say, “a holiday in the heat“. Suddenly someone calls on my mobile phone, I lift a tube (number unknown to me), I speak “hallo“. In a tube the female voice, and such uneasy is distributed, the woman says that it is the woman Ania, that is my flatmate (well where we live with our family), and says that something happened to the apartment, she so unclear tells all this, I have of course “hair on end“ as that happened!!! Well, I, of course, gave up all affairs, already to me not till a holiday, left the child with mother. And run home! And itself I think that that could happen, really I forgot to switch off something?

I Run in an entrance (I reached in 15 minutes), thought that there the neigbour waits for me, on the contrary. Only I see - on a landing hearts, and on them pleasant words are scattered from color paper (for example:“ darling“, “gentle“), well, I, of course, did not attach significance to it, thought, school students have so a good time (I already also forgot about a holiday long ago).

I Fly to the apartment, on kitchen, to the room at once, and in the room darkness such, and suddenly as sparks multi-colored on a floor behind a sofa will light up! I, of course, was frightened as they could appear there and to join (outside spring, New Year for a long time behind). I look further - the table, on a table those hearts from paper, red wine, two glasses and such cake is laid (as it was farther, handwork cake, i.e. the husband made it).

Ya, of course, already guessed that hearts with inscriptions on a landing, belonged to me! I just was in the seventh heaven, really it happens to me (I also did not expect it). Here my husband with a smile upon the face comes into the room, congratulates me (congratulations were in words, well and, of course, ended with a gentle kiss)!

A that the most interesting, at me in the head rushed and where flowers (for March 8 it is accepted to give flowers, well I thought, you want very much, be happy with what it is, and is at you considerable: the loving and careful husband who could leave work and takes care of you).

it is unexpected at a door the call was distributed, I went to open a door, and the man in the uniform is on the threshold and speaks to me: “You Oksana Minchenkova?“. I speak: “I and what happened?“. What he answers me:“ For you custom bouquet“. I, of course, think, well and where this bouquet (I did not see it, I thought such small there that it can be hidden for a bosom). The man goes down and brings a big basket, well thanks, undersigned!

I Enter home, my husband cunning so smiles, I look in this basket: in a basket roses of white and pink color are stuck, and in the middle of this bouquet the red velvet heart sticks out, and, to tell more precisely, a box for rings. I get a box, I open, and there a ringlet, and on a ringlet an inscription:“ To the most beautiful woman on light“.

here I did not sustain

I, I just from such large number of surprises, it is simple - naprosto with happiness, began to cry!

Here such here unforgettable history happened to me for March 8!

P. S. There are sometimes our men bright and resourceful, only for some reason sometimes!

of the Man! It is necessary to pay more often attention to the darlings and the loving women!