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it is unconditional, each person dreams to have a sound and beautiful body. But modern life is very saturated, and there is no time to go to a gym sometimes simply. Modern technologies in the field of sports goods reached high level, and it is possible to play sports without leaving the house.

the House trainer

be not frightened by

a huge number of the exercise machines offered in sports shops. The matter is that not all from them are suitable for house use. So exercise machines fitness - a class and professional differ in big dimensions and only professionals and athletes use them. Only home exercise machines are created especially for installation and operation in the apartment. They have rather small sizes, often happen folding and are calculated on a wide range of users.

Home exercise machines can be divided into two groups: cardiovascular machines and power simulators. Cardiovascular machines help to throw off excess weight, to strengthen warmly - vascular and respiratory systems, to raise the general tone of an organism. By means of power simulators it is possible to build up muscle bulk. The most maximum effect gives a combination of cardiovascular trainings to power.

All modern exercise machines are equipped with the built-in computer which replaces the trainer. The computer controls time of trainings, power consumption (in calories), measures pulse. “Interactive“ programs are very convenient. They consider age and the user`s weight, regulate loading depending on pulse rate, helping to achieve a training goal.

we Grow thin in the movement

If by means of the exercise machine you want to lose extra kilos, then you should concentrate the attention on purchase of so-called cardiovascular machines. Racetracks, exercise bikes, steppers and rowing exercise machines concern to them. It is known that the one who spends more calories grows thin, than eats. Trainings of sufficient intensity give the chance to burn the maximum number of calories. How many, it is possible to see on the computer which is specially built in the exercise machine.

Racetracks - one of the most popular exercise machines for the house. Before starting the choice of a racetrack, measure the area on which you plan it to establish. On average the house racetrack has length about 160 cm and width about 70 cm, however there is a set of models which develop and easily find room under a bed or in a wardrobe. Surely pay attention to an exercise machine design, a possibility of programming and a guarantee. The 2 l engine / with and more will serve much longer, and the weight of the user can exceed 80 kg.

the Running cloth has to be at least two-layer, not less than 40 cm in width and 124 cm in length, thickness of a sound board is not less than 2,5 centimeters. The sound board softens blows a foot about a cloth, reducing load of joints and a backbone. The most popular models of racetracks are equipped with system of depreciation: the sound board slightly caves in under the user`s weight, extinguishing rebound force. This function is especially necessary for the people who had injuries and having problems with joints and a backbone. The design of a running cloth and a sound board is supported by a powerful frame. It is desirable that it was made of aluminum since, in - the first, additional depreciation of blows, and in - the second is reached, aluminum frames are not exposed to corrosion and weigh much less iron.

It is good if the built-in computer has a possibility of programming. Additional programs allow to set intensity of trainings by change of an inclination of a sound board or speed of a running cloth. Upon purchase of a racetrack surely pay attention to additional elements: security key and sensor of pulse. The security key has to be on each electric treadmill. One end of a cord is attached to the runner`s belt, and the second - on a key. In case of falling the path is instantly disconnected. There is a lot of versions of sensors of pulse: a simple clip on an ear, the button on control panels, the metallized strips on a hand-rail.

Exercise bikes are a universal remedy for maintenance of the organism in perfect tune. A main objective of occupations on the exercise bike - keeping fit, strengthening is warm - vascular and respiratory systems, and also oporno - the motive device, decrease in excess weight and removal of a stress.

the Exercise bike consists of sitting, a wheel, a frame, pedals, a flywheel or any other simulator of a wheel. Frame, saddle, pedals, wheel - the main components defining comfort, appearance and reliability of the exercise machine.

two types of systems of braking Exist: magnetic, representing the permanent magnet which is mechanically coming to a flywheel, and electromagnetic. The last system is most modern and is connected to a network.

Shagatel - the compact exercise machine for full occupations on the minimum square. Shagatel imitates walking on steps. Trainings on this exercise machine promote increase of endurance of an organism, work improvement warmly - vascular system, to strengthening of muscles of legs and buttocks. The built-in computer calculates time of trainings, the number of the spent calories and number of steps in a minute.

the Rowing exercise machine consists of an iron or aluminum frame, handles - oars and a mobile seat. It is ideally suited for decrease in excess weight, strengthening of muscles of all body, improvement of flexibility of a backbone and mobility of joints. The main influence is the share of muscles of a back and a humeral belt.

the Exercise machine - ministadium , or the multipurpose exercise machine is intended for exercises in house conditions and allows to work all groups of muscles. Multipurpose exercise machines combine in themselves the exercise bike, the rowing exercise machine, a racetrack and the vibrating massager helping to relax after training.

we Will add forces

Power simulators better to use in a complex with cardiovascular machines. If there is no such opportunity, then before occupation it is necessary to warm up well. House power simulators are not intended for accumulation of muscle bulk. They are effective for correction of a figure as only on a power simulator it is possible to give the isolated load of that part of a body which needs to be corrected. Gross weight of cargo plates or disks does not exceed 50 - 100 kilograms. Mobile blocks, the elementary mechanical devices or hydraulic expanders are used to increase in loading. Occupations on power simulators demand special accuracy to protect themselves from injuries.

It is unconditional, purchase of the exercise machine is very serious decision therefore it is necessary to weigh everything at first properly. The notable result will be not earlier, than through two - three months. The most productive is the integrated approach: occupations on kardiotranazher, occupations on power simulators and a special diet. It is worth being engaged two - three times a week on an hour and a half. The ideal option - occupations with the personal trainer who will control your loadings will make the personal program of trainings and will trace correctness of performance of exercises at least at the beginning.