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Dreams come true

Ya always dreamed of a big family: I, husband, two children (at least). We will name the boy Andrey or Vsevolod, and the girl Anna, it was dreamed to me. But alas! A family, having begun to develop, it did not develop. After divorce with the husband I remained with the child one.

Of course, two are a family too, and the family consisting of mother and the child, now the typical phenomenon (unfortunately). Certainly, I did everything possible that my sonny Seva did not feel defective, tried to keep a neutrality in the relations with his father that he did not forget to visit the son.

was engaged in

Ya in auto-training, inspiring in itself that everything is good that I have a child, but in a semi-sleepiness at dawn the little girl for the handle with my son often dreamed. I did not hide from myself: I want to have a family, I want to give birth to one more child. I tried to look for purposefully the husband, but in my life usually occurs so: if you do something “purposefully“, then it, as a rule, does not yield result. All important events and meetings take place in my life accidentally while you do not wait for it at all.

So turned out also with my “half“. I will tell about the acquaintance a bit later, but result of our meeting such is - I found the beloved and became mother not only three-year-old Sevushki, but also ten-year-old Andryusha, and still all of us together dream of little Anechka (and we try to realize our dreams:-))...

We met... in church. But we will begin with the beginning. It was one-day bus travel in historical places of the Leningrad region. We visited then the Nevsky Dubrovka, fortress the Nutlet, old Ladoga... But at first we were carried to Tikhvin to the Icon of the Mother of God returned to Russia in the summer of last year. So for me it was, first of all, the pilgrim trip with the spiritual purpose - to bow to an icon, to ask the help. I did not expect and, frankly speaking, and did not want to meet anybody, was shipped in myself, in the thoughts and prayers.

He was the only man in our group, and there was not one. He noticed me at once and during all trip almost did not depart from me, sometimes starting talking about something, but is more often - silently. I felt its silent presence and - strange business! - it warmed me. The frost was minus 20, and I felt heat. I did not ask questions who is he who his companion, is by sight slightly more senior, just felt reliability which warmed.

that he managed to tell about himself in that our first meeting I learned that his name is Alexey that the lady whom it accompanied - his godmother and that he lives on other end of the city. Later I learned about existence of the son Andryusha and his mother who after divorce is busy with the device of private life, and it not to the son. Our relations with Alexey developed, and at some moment I understood that I cannot live without it. I suggested to unite our incomplete families: I wash with Seva, and him with Andrey. I knew that I will not become for the ten-year-old boy a mother only because I love his father, but was sure that I will love him because I love his father.

Now at me a big family: my Alexey, our sons Sevushka and Andryusha and - in the future - the daughter Annushka.

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