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Feeding of the baby - experience and common sense of

Try to carry out such, quite harmless, experiment with the baby of months 3 - 4 joy: let`s it smell and lick a meat piece, a spoon of meat mash. Most likely, having only smelled, the kid will refuse even to try it. Why? Because did not get used? No, just at this age the baby has no enzymes capable to digest meat. Therefore he understands that food with such smell - NOT FOOD. And absolutely in a different way the child of months 7 - 8 reacts for aroma of cutlet. Pulls to it hands and will even risk to suck. But, most likely, will not begin to swallow, and will spit. Why? Necessary enzymes began to be produced little by little. Already Food, but it is still tasteless.

If too early to begin to enter feedings up to the baby, visible terrible changes, most likely, will not be. However a pancreas, being overstrained to produce necessary enzymes in the necessary quantity, on ultrasonography will look increased as if inflamed. To what to hurry in it a delicate question? If yours karapuzik completely is on breastfeeding, then till 6 months it is possible and not to experiment over it. Iskustvennichka is advised to enter feedings up from 5 months - carefully and gradually. We are going not to feed him with fruit yet, and slowly we accustom his intestines to new food, we train enzymatic system.

Often kids on breastfeeding refuse other food, preferring a breast. Also eat nearly one milk to one and a half - two years, look at the same time quite healthy and happy with life. There is nothing terrible in such diet if the child well gains weight, and you are sure that it has enough milk.

Meat should beginning to be entered not earlier than 9 months (common sense, but not recommendations of producers of baby food which feed your child!) . To begin with a tip of a tea spoon and to give it not more often than 2 - 3 times a week. We will enter chicken in a month after meat, fish - from 10 months.

the golden rule - 1 new product a week Is. And a ditenka with tendency to an allergy - 1 product in 2 weeks. The modern adapted mixes completely satisfy in food the child before half a year. But, if does not pass also two hours after the last small bottle of milk, and the kid is already capricious and wishes to have a bite once more, it is time to try squashes. We give preference to buckwheat, rice, corn. We leave a semolina for kindergarten, and - closer by a year we taste porridge for the first time. Both of this grain strongly allergichna.

Soluble squashes from boxes are good

all - get easily divorced, sucked from small bottles, prepare quickly. I to them have not enough claims. However some - Heinz buckwheat - have strange sourish taste, many porridges of the same firm from 4 months have in structure chicken meat, a paprika, tomatoes - rather allergichny components. Therefore we choose a squash with a minimum of components for the first feedings up. To the Allergichny child we part porridges on his mix, we try dairy to avoid. Till 5 months the baby has a golden rule “what is not exhausted - that is not eaten“. And time it is not exhausted, pushed in a mouth by handles. Therefore babies to this age so desperately push out language a spoon, but with pleasure suck food from a small bottle.

About feeding from jars and food of house preparation was told already much. I consider that in the winter and in the spring when there are no fresh vegetables - we do not take the vegetable marrows and cucumbers which are grown up on nutrient mediums into account - jars are irreplaceable. But in the summer and in the fall why not to weld a rebyatenka vegetable soup which is easily and small crushed in the blender and is frozen. Thus, near at hand always fresh food. In principle, there are combines with a nozzle for wiping through a sieve - that will get rid of fibers and pieces of a peel.

we try to choose as a part of what there is no ascorbic acid From can food. It is frequent allergen, but to find food without this making very much and very difficult.

At the baby about one year diathesis often arises from - for immaturity of fermental system. When the child grows up, everything is normalized. The exception is made by cases when parents continue to feed the child with allergichny food. Then the wrong reaction of an organism will be fixed, and the allergy will remain for many years.

to Begin with

a feeding up I advised from vegetables - fruit already tasty, it is simpler to accustom to them the kid.

we choose

From oils natural olive (costs about 100 rubles for 300 - a gram small bottle), creamy - natural, but not an “oil and fat product with vegetable fats“. We add only to the cooked food, but not can, on droplets.

Often doctors advise

to give to the child to the ambassador of half a year cottage cheese and an egg yolk. If you are supporters of feeding of the child eggs - it is useful, and all here! - prefer that quail, they do not cause an allergy.

Cottage cheese is a special subject. In - the first, it contains a lot of protein, and if you gave to the child about one year cottage cheese today, do not give meat. In - the second, cottage cheese does not pass thermal treatment, no more than 3 - 4 days are stored only in the refrigerator also. If on cottage cheese it is written that it is suitable within 2 weeks - here did not do without preservatives. It is worth buying children`s cottage cheese in specialized shops of baby food and, it is desirable, in day of a supply. For example, in a large supermarket the box with cottage cheese can stand all night long under the battery, in it the pathogenic flora will grow, and the kid will get poisoned with such food. And the parent exclusively on the producer of food, not in view of conditions of its storage in shop will sin.

After introduction of the first feedings up a chair it becomes frequent colors of a feeding up - orange after carrot, yellow from a peach. Colors of a feeding up, but not liquid, with an obvious feeding up in it.