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Summer camp: twenty years later

In my backpack lie carefully washed shorts - t-shirts, shorts - socks, and also cookies, wafers, candies, apricots - are shorter, all set of the loving mother going to visit the children in summer camp.

Familiar turn. Familiar birches. Familiar cases.

Favourite camp of my childhood - “Star“. Now they will run out to me and will be, interrupting each other, to greedily tell what cool they had competitions with whom made friends and as, having become covered by a sheet, went to smear little girls. And, maybe, even - who with whom fell in love...

First that was told to me by the son, having hardly taken a step for gate:“ Mother, we want to leave from here“.

Here those time. With children, of course, you get used to any surprises. Especially when their five. I know from experience that the main thing - not to flog a fever.
- is quiet. Go, wash apricots. Also we will talk. it became clear

Behind apricots by p the following: boys in chamber use foul language, and two not just swear - talk on it. Trite jokes sound constantly. Pasha and Danilka come from the next chamber - roll and jump on others beds. Requests to leave ignore. And actively use the physical superiority.

- Mother, take away!

as a result of negotiations we reached a compromise: let`s go home for two days, and there we will look.

Two days I rehabilitated children. Extended that really happened. Terribly hesitating, reddening, looking aside, they retold to me camp “jokes“.

“Mother, and this, incorrect, is already absolutely a shame. All right, I will not speak, I will write?“ Twenty years passed, and the main repertoire - the same. I had to convince children that to remarks it seems: “I want to drink“. - “And I to write. Let`s not allow to die each other!“ it is possible and it is necessary to belong more simply. For greater persuasiveness told stories from the childhood - such tragic in far Then, such ridiculous Now. Psychologists claim that the first week children ask from camp home. And then get used.

But in that is that and a question: whether it is possible to get used to everything? Whether it is necessary to get used to everything?

it is easy to p to Leave. The statement is standard!“ I ask to release my child (a surname, a name, group) from camp until the end of change on family circumstances. I have no claims to administration of camp“. But something stopped. For what I vote, subscribing under this text? That to my children not the place in good camp “Zvezdny“? What “rest in one of the most picturesque corners of the Kaluga region“ (as in the advertizing leaflet) - for those who use foul language and let loose hands? What can they feel full impunity? No, it is some double-dealing fellow: why I have to take away from camp of the normal, raised children respecting social norms and rules? To send - with a shame! - owes violators.

clear understanding that I do not want more intellectual lack of teeth in the life Accrued. We were offended - we began to cry and escaped. The good has to be with fists. That is to be able not to agree with the evil. Kindly, who agrees with the evil, as if already and not kindly at all. Unfortunately, at the evil the arsenal of means is obviously richer: what it is possible to oppose to a mat if not a reciprocal mat? And to a fist?

it is easy for p to argue. Before me there were children. My children. To them it was bad. They complained. Cried. Asked home. The first (both the second, and the third) instinctive desire - to grab in an armful, to take away, rescue. And at the same time hardly they distracted from unpleasant subjects, in eyes healthy gloss appeared: boys told about leaders, competitions, competitions, tricks, rejoiced to daily yogurts and fruit. I know the children - they love all this. They liked be pleasant in “Star“.

... Two free permits worth 4500 rubles everyone in the good camp with capital cases which is once built up by large plant for children of the employees, and nowadays transferred to fixed assets of the regional budget allocated to us through management of social protection of the city of Kaluga. And we were grateful because to buy the commercial vacation package with an expanded package of excursions and visit of the pool for 6500, our family which is bringing up five children aged from 11 years till 8 months is able to pay even the partial cost of the “facilitated“ permit.

“Well, for free of charge - what you want?! Rejoice to what is given! Sleep on beds? Feed normally? What else is necessary?“

To honor of employees of bodies of a social security and camp to which it happened to communicate the uniform note of this narrow-minded position in their words did not sound. Permits were free for our family. In practice it always means that just someone paid another for them. In this case - the Ministry of health and social development of the Kaluga region. Tricky question: if I go to buy with the son to him boots whether have to us palm off in shop fragmentary on the ground that he pays for himself? The regional ministry acted as such omnipotent “parent“ in relation to our family. May I agree to the permit “with marriage“?

- it is unconditional, your children have the right for high-quality rest, - Svetlana Georgiyevna Perevezentseva, the employee of department of affairs of a family, women and children of a municipal government of social protection supported me. She also explained the mechanism of issue of preferential permits. It is idle time. Namely - declarative. On the basis of the arrived statements the commission selects the children who are most needing the help. Priorities give are as follows: first of all help to children - orphans, children - disabled people, then children from large and incomplete families, to children of the unemployed, and also children from dysfunctional families. At the same time the commission sees not children, and only documents.

the Main issue which interested me: whether it is possible to influence hooligans somehow? What civilized barrier can be delivered to dissoluteness?

- Write the application, - Svetlana Georgiyevna advised. - In our management or addressed to the camp commander. The abusive abuse is an administrative offense. On the basis of your statement through the commission on affairs of minors it is possible to fine families of these children. At schools there were such precedents. And in summer camps usually prefer not to communicate.

the Director of camp Natalya Yurevna Burova took of me the hint.

- Yes, I perfectly know this problem. Children swear. Some - even without hesitating of presence of adults. I say to the leaders of area long ago that a trip to such camp as “Star“, has to be encouragement, a prize. That sending anyone, we undermine prestige of summer holiday. At first all agree with me, but right there begin to press on pity and professional qualities: and how these unfortunate socially unprotected children? Who will be engaged in them? Really they are necessary to nobody at all?

Dmitry Oreshkov, the senior leader of camp, sees a half of all problems in social composition of visitors. According to him, in each group of so-called social change there are 10 - 15 people who did not want to go to camp - they were violently “pushed“ by parents because the free permit “broke off“. These children behave most provocatively - do everything that they were expelled. Dmitry told a case when parents of the girl who was constantly falling into hysterics were called and asked to take away the daughter home. Also received the answer: “It to us here on... it is not necessary. You have a permit to 15 - go - here to 15 - go and do with it that you want“.

the Second side of the problem - in inexperience of leaders.“ We are slaves, we work for food“, - Dmitry Oreshkov says. Upon termination of change leaders receive about 500 rubles on hands, and spend often much more. For such money it is possible to attract for quite serious, requiring big return work only students of teacher`s college: they need practice. Tutors and leaders with an experience do not go to camp. And even very “burning“ students often lack elementary experience to see and manage to extinguish the conflict in the beginning. it is traditional to p to work as

With girls more simply: girls in chambers get acquainted at once, sympathies - antipathies reveal quickly and right there report about them to adults. It is possible to move not got on. Features of psychology of boys are that that they in the first three days can quite manage the address “hey!“ and about what does not suit them prefer to be silent. And when the conflict ran high and became obvious, there passes week after the beginning of change, and sometimes more - and to settle children already not always it turns out.

Natalya Yurevna noted that the number of children who in the middle of change are taken away home from - for the fact that they could not adapt to the atmosphere of camp increases every year. And quite shared my position what to take away brought up, and to leave dismissed, it is abnormal - with whom we will remain?!

Natalya Yurevna called the darling, but the tired and chilled girl - the guide 5 - go group. In essence, I learned only one: it is impossible to follow all, especially when children remain in chambers one.

was Decided that I will always manage to write the application, and invited directly offenders - Pasha and Danila. It were tall boys with a rigid look. In response to attack of the director of camp both at first borrowed actively - a defensive position: “And what they? They too...“ It was necessary to sort things out: “watered“ with a mat? cookies were selected? These children were beaten? The nose in blood was hurt? Who to whom comes to chamber, eventually? If you before it did not know, all this in general is called “administrative offenses“. Mother of these boys can write the application now, and your families will be fined. That is parents will pay money for your bad behavior. Most likely, it will not be pleasant to them.

, as for money, modern children “senut“ Everything quickly. Pasha and Danila started singing “excuse“. I told that “excuse“ is ready to accept, but only once. In following without any educational conversations I will write the application.

U I was not doubts that Pasha and Danila will not get more. Will be afraid. It was most difficult to convince own children that after all event is possible and it is necessary to remain.

- When in camp there take place changes of an asset under the direction of RSM, - Natalya Yurevna Burova pensively told, - children absolutely others. With them also you are not tired...

Ya went to regional committee of the Russian union of youth to the secretary Olga Korobova to learn in what a secret of these camps. “Well, if children are not raised in a family, then in three weeks of summer camp change they can hardly be changed“, - Olga at once told, having listened to a problem. “But to let know taste good all - it is possible“, - I hoped.“ It is possible. But for this purpose problem children in group has to be very little, and not they have to set the general tone“.

B of camp of an asset on developed traditions, there come positively adjusted children according to recommendations from schools and public organizations - successors of a pioneering and Komsomol. The second secret of success - in special programs. The leader of summer camp, according to Olga Korobova, is the special profession other than the teacher. He has to know laws of collective, own a technique of its unity, be able to provide various trainings and collective creative affairs, and also it is correct to direct energy of group in days of natural crises.

- And still, - Olga Korobova added, - all out-of-school work with children was fine rejected back by the decision made in 1993. Then at the federal level it was declared that public institutions should not be engaged in education. That it is function of a family. Function of schools, various centers, houses and palaces of creativity was reduced to training. The decision it in the form of orders and orders was lowered. Then “froze“ many good programs. (By the way, and “Star“ N. Yu. Burov`s director noticed that bigger financing and the best material resources could give to leaders additional, quite civilized, a leverage over children.)

Literally three - four years ago, having tested all negative consequences of this decision, society looked back, and good experience of the past becomes demanded again.

... I packed a backpack again to go to children.

At an entrance faced the neigbour the girl.

- Something, Sveta, you were not visible long ago? Had a rest somewhere?
- In camp was.
- In what?
- In “Builder“.
- Was pleasant?
- Why was not pleasant?
- Me beat there.
- Who?
- Girls from chamber. And the father with mother took away me earlier. - Listen to
, and those who beat you, - what is with them?
- They remained.

O than and conversation.