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I always knew that I am loved! Always knew

Ya that I am loved! I am the only child at my parents. For mother I was always the love embodiment, for the father - a pride subject. I understand it now, and in the childhood I just knew that I am loved! And will always help with a difficult situation, will always support.

I Knew it and in 14 - 16 years. When the youthful maximalism dictates the rules of conduct. When there were first feelings, novels, experiences. And when mother spoke: “Oh, the daughter, at you so many these Vasya / Petya will be!“.

Somehow at the time of special experiences I asked

: “Mothers, you love me?“, and she answered: “Of course, you are my daughter!“. I then did not show, but about myself noted: “Well, if I was not a daughter me and it is impossible to love?“ .

When I married, I so rejoiced to emergence in my life of “independence“ that even decided that I outgrew the mother`s help that it is not necessary to me, I have a husband! And all the same I called every day mother with some household trifles and questions. And every day she was ready to listen to me and to help! Once a week we with the husband went to parents, it is simple to communicate!

When I became pregnant, mother herself began to come nearly an every day and to help about the house. It irritated me a little, I could make everything! But now I understand that I was irritated rather on myself, and actually I very much needed this help, and the desired “independence“ acquired by me - only the myth! to

I despite everything, and in life, both misunderstanding, and offenses, and punishments, I always felt that I am loved!

I here, I am mother! I have a beautiful, best, most beloved daughter! I approach a bed, I look there, I watch at my miracle and heart, no, even not heart, and I ALL am filled with something! Something very much - very warm and nice! And probably it is also maternal love! Because in a different way it is impossible to call this pure feeling! To me it seems that is not present in life of bigger happiness, than to observe this peacefully sleeping being, than to feel touches of these small palms, than to realize that it is your closest little man! Now I understand what is meant by the words “my daughter“!

always knew

Ya that I am loved! But never represented as far as! This feeling stunned me!

Me it seems to

that I even remembered expression of the mother`s person when it here also stood and looked at the treasure, at small part of! Of course it is illusion, but I think, I can catch this eye on myself and now, the maternal love does not pass!

always knew

Ya that I am loved! And now I understand how I am loved! Mummy, darling! I very much - very much love you!

P. S. I wrote it right after childbirth... there was a keen desire to write down everything that happens to me... can be, someone will read, and will remember the mother...