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To force or not or about an intellectual high of

Ya, of course, I suspect that children who, so to speak, by nature possess assiduity exist, congenital ability to concentrate on a task, to derive intellectual pleasure from the solution of this task and, eventually, to finish this decision, striving for the answer. Very much can be that somebody was lucky, and his children possess such abilities. My boys of it are not able, to my big regret.

Though I expect the reader`s grin when he learns about age of my sons (the senior only was 4 years old, younger 1,5); of course, you will tell: yes they on age should not be assidious and concentrated about what intellectual pleasures you speak, let`s children be children, they should play, in game the world is learned. I subscribe under each word. Of course, they should play, and they indulge in this occupation the most part of the life. However...

I will afford small lyrical digression Here and I will tell about some supervision over children familiar to me preschool and school, age. Though what I will speak now about, know and understand (and condemn quite often) practically all. It will be a question of the TV (that is infinite viewing by children of animated cartoons, more senior children sit down on computer toys), about very widespread inability to occupy by children itself. Well, you will not claim that this problem does not exist.

Of course, modern children exactly thanks to the TV and the computer know about world around much more, than we knew at their age. Information transferred to them in bright pictures exactly as it is perceived and acquired on their age more optimum, remains in their clever heads. It is digested and given “on the mountain“, sometimes, for adults absolutely unexpectedly. It happens pleasant (or not really) a surprise. Subsequently, during study at school, adults reflect over the arising problem: why such this clever, gifted child suddenly badly studies at school, cannot concentrate on occupation (boring and monotonous almost always). And here any leisure disputes on color of aura of these children and the other things which are not concerning business take place. Well of course, you were right when you thought that I hint at discussions about Indigo so-called children. But, however, I not was going to write about it, this subject came up therein, I will leave it.

the Problem of the TV was discussed by many, but I will repeat. The TV is “information chewed and put in a mouth“ of which it is almost always not necessary to think. All facts are already interpreted, discussed, estimated and provided to us in the form of categorical statements which, sometimes, even adults cannot (yes most often just do not want, under the law of the smallest resistance) to call in question. What to demand from small children who do not even know (from - for small life experience) that the fact that they say to them, is possible (and at times and it is necessary) to call in question. In television there is also no that principle initially “statement of the purpose - a way - achievements of the purpose“ which takes place to be in real life fundamental for perception of her (life) bright and happy.

Can argue that such principle is present at computer games. However we will remember, small children are how susceptible and trustful. Those worlds which are modelled in computer games are perceived by them often directly and substitute reality. It is not enough really good games, and those that are offered, often propagandize if it is so possible to be expressed, other morals, sometimes inadmissible in human society. Owing to the natural susceptibility, it is difficult for child to differentiate the fictional and real world. It leads to problems of behavior and problems of social adaptation. But, besides, I distracted again. Wanted to speak and not about it too. All this is that promised lyrical digression which, however, will help us to consider a question essence.

Directly question: whether it is necessary to teach the child to be able to take intellectual pleasure from life? To teach it to become interested in any task (already at this stage many have problems: well as even to become interested, it is already necessary to make some efforts, to overcome congenital laziness and just to notice a task, to formulate, understand that its decision can bring pleasure). Then the far bigger efforts are required: to pass on a solution of this task, this way often is difficult, maybe, quite boring, maybe, monotonous, surely requiring attention and some efforts and overcoming (absolutely natural) laziness. And - at last - to come to the answer, to receive result of the work, to enjoy this result, to feel satisfaction that you made .


Yes, I taught (I learn) to read the children early. I do not know, can eat children who in 4 years are capable to take the book and just to read it, deriving from it pleasure. My eldest son well is able to read, quickly and everything understands (can retell, estimate), but for him it always is work. That is I force to sit down at the book of its . (There now, stones departed to me.) No, I do not beat him, I do not shout, but I force: I do scary interested person and I try to interest him that, for example, will happen today to a duckling Tim. As a rule, it not strongly interests him though, of course, interests, but he knows that in order that to learn it, he has to sit down and itself to read the page - two texts, and process of reading for four-year-old (very active, easily distracting) the child are work . And it is difficult for adult, sometimes, to force to do work which can be not done, in principle.

I here at some moment when I see that himself the child cannot force , I tell strictly and rigidly (well, of course, after having accompanied with an active zainteresovyvaniye):“ Sit down, read“. And he sits down and reads. And I see that reading the first several words is a work which does not want to be done, but then he becomes interested and reads already because he wants to know, what will be farther, and when reads up up to the end, I see on his face distinct pleasure, but not that reading ended as you, I assume, could think, and that he read that there with a duckling happened that with a duckling everything is good that Tim won against a cunning fox again. I see satisfaction from the done work, the son can not let go the book for a long time, he considers pictures, savors peripetias of events about which he just read.

I I do not want to deprive of it this pleasure in any way, pleading the fact that it is still small. I want that he learned to set before himself the purposes already now and to reach them. I want that he could feel “thin“ fluctuations of the soul which can be learned especially brightly in the course of occupations by intellectual exercises.

Approximately also I force

it to go in for mathematics (As he rejoices then when the problem is solved.) And I learn to draw it and I force to look narrowly at surrounding things and the phenomena to be able to reflect them in paper. I know that there are children who possess abilities to drawing, maybe, they and should not be learned and directed persistently. But, having observed the son, I saw that he can draw only within 2 - 3 minutes, just some lines, then soskuchivatsya and does not want to be engaged in it more.

you will tell that it is necessary to give to the child the chance to express itself, but if it does not have enough ability it to make? If he, having tried to represent a dog, sees that sausages, absolutely not similar to anything, turn out, is upset and more does not even try to repeat attempt? But at this stage he can comprehend at all that drawing not for it and why to try, time all the same is impossible. Well of course, maybe, he could live life and without it, but I chose for myself to help it to learn to derive pleasure and from similar creativity - manifestation of. I force it to see things, people, animal, trees - everything so that then it could reflect it in paper. And it too for it work . But also he (not I) receives incomparable pleasure from when it manages to represent the hare, for example, or a human face. His eye shine pleasure when it gives the drawing, for example, to the grandmother or the uncle, or me.

I I just do not want to deprive of it this pleasure .

Who, except me, can teach him to find this pleasure in life?

Yes, now I force it to see a task, to formulate it, I force it not to be lazy to pass on the way of achievement of the purpose, but a high from the solution of an objective is already its incomparable pleasure .

I I think that any TV, no computer game will give it this shade of an intellectual high .

I I hope that in the future it is itself already will be able to formulate for itself tasks and itself to solve them. My business - to show it this party of human life and properties of human consciousness. Yes, I do not argue, it is work , but the work bringing satisfaction.

I, I want to notice finally that it is necessary to force the younger son much less. It with pleasure copies the senior: important “reads“ books, important “draws“, important “recites“ letters. From a bright example he comprehended that these occupations are interesting .

I I almost know that you, dear dear readers, will call me cruel (rigid), very strict, very much mother demanding from the poor children. But my children do not look the poor, believe me.