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How much now autumn weddings?

Fall - to a lump “eyes a charm“, and to whom - a headache. The last - workers of REGISTRY OFFICES. Still! This season in Russia it is traditional - a time of weddings. According to Gimeney`s attendants, since September lines of persons interested to inform the state of the feelings are built.

to Marry

or not, everyone solves for himself. If you decide, prepare for powerful blow to your purses.

Registration of marriage costs only 83 and a half rubles. But friends of it will not forgive you! In Russia weddings can be played! Not to do without “a fancy-dress masquerade“ in any way!

Whatever one may do, without snow, pink, silvery, blue, red, with thingies, rosettes, an embroidery etc., etc. the dress or a suit for the bride of the real wedding will not turn out. Depending on ambitions of the bride and financial opportunities of the groom one buy a dress for 3 thousand rubles, for 1000 dollars, others hire. The veil is decoration of the ladies` heads turned by grooms - costs about 500 rubles. However, the charming hat covered with poppies, roses or chrysanthemums with success will replace it. It is considered, it is the privilege of innocent girls. And so, the attire for chaste is more expensive, than artificial florets and branches, plumelets and pearls which interweave into the bride`s hairdress.

the Man dressed in a tuxedo looks stunningly. Such prikid also more than a thousand rubles will cost the groom in 7 (for rent - from 2 thousand rubles) . Obuvka for newly married will cost not less than 4 thousand rubles. All above-mentioned can be got in shops for newlyweds where you for certain will want to buy also gloves for the lady, a tie or a butterfly for the gentleman, etc. that too threatens to take off for kopek.

Even if you in day of wedding will prefer “to walk about“ in old jeans and a shabby jacket, not to do you without wedding rings. The price of such pleasure fluctuates from 500 rub to 3 - 4 thousand rubles. By the way, the bouquet for the bride if it is the pansies which are not broken from a bed, costs about 500 rub

we Will tell several words about the trains which are taking away young people in the happy joint future. It is possible to hire any car today: from ordinary “Volga“ to “abrupt“ foreign “Mercedes“. The minimum order usually - 3 hours. For 7 - the meter limousine should be paid about 30 dollars, for 9 - meter - 50. If you want that the car was decorated with rings, flowers and ribbons, prepare 40 more dollars.

Visit of the REGISTRY OFFICE threatens with some devastation to your purses too. To imprint this event on video - 350 - 400 rub. To leave to ancestors the facsimile - 600 rub (24 photos on 2 copies).

to Marry - so with music! March of Mendelssohn for a long time not the monopolist on wedding festivals. Your pure feelings will register both under “Kalinka-Malinka“, and under “Moscow, bells call!“. Pleasure cost - about 250 rub“ Live“ music is more expensive than record.

we Will sum up of

the result. The most modest wedding will ruin you at least thousands for 11 (rubles), apart from a holiday table (which cost depends on amount of the invited and their appetites). Truly, it is necessary just to go mad from love to make up the mind to such step as a marriage! To live in a civil marriage not so guilty it is reasonable and economical more likely. Let old women at an entrance do not condemn your dissolute life. They even if “will chip in together“ all bench, then will hardly scare up at least on a bridal outfit.