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My day off of

or have Well a rest, were only tired very much

Day began usually. At 8:20 in the morning I heard that mine malyshastik woke up. In two minutes prior to my alarm clock. Urgently it is necessary to rise. And to rouse little Kristinka. Today there is no time to roll, on Thursdays the husband brings Christina to my mother for the whole day (!) it works absolutely near her house. And at me nearly a day off turns out - there is no child the whole day, do that you want!

So what I want? First of all, to send the child with the father. And it means that it is necessary to wash and dress the child quickly. I include a heater since in the house of only 15 degrees. Also bustle on rooms begins. Christina, of course, does not want to clean teeth, much more interestingly, for example, to roll about in a mother`s bed with the book. And on the way to vsklyuchit the computer. And to look what picture at mother will be highlighted on the monitor today. And to include a clockwork duckling, let grunts. And...

But should - remove all to a pizhamk and to chapat in a bathroom. Here it, of course, needs both toy lyagushatka, and plastic glasses, and at once two toothbrushes, with Winnie - Down and a green giraffe (not red or blue!) . And at this time I the third toothbrush (with a yellow giraffe) try to clean fast to it teeth. Christina resists, but I with songs and humourous catchphrases everything am I manage to walk a brush on the top and lower number of teeth. I put Kristyu directly in a sink further, I wash hands, a face and all the rest:-), and on it washing can be considered finished.

we Are wrapped by

in a big towel, without fail we take in hand small polotenchiko with kittens and we go to put on. Time draws in, and I still should collect a bag to the child with myself. But here the husband comes to the nursery, and I fast fade, having left lots of clothes for Christina and a couple of valuable instructions. Malyshastik delighted with a father`s look, still - the father already put on for work, a beautiful shirt, a bright tie... What beautiful father!

A I already left in a bag a jacket, a sweater, a cap on a case of cold weather (we though in California, but here too winter). Everything, to the child to the handle cookies that in 20 minutes of a way did not die of hunger, I send a couple, I wave a hand following and I dial mother`s phone number. I say that Christina already in way, I give instructions, than to feed and when to stack. IN TOTAL. Freedom!

I Look at the watch, without five nine. The horror to come to work in 15 minutes, and I, as they say, in pants and in a helmet. Run in a bathroom, from there on kitchen to make coffee. My God what happiness that I have espresso - the car. Every day I am more and more claimed in thought that it was one of the most successful purchases in my life. I press one button and in half-minute I receive strong and tasty espresso. With a cup in one hand and a cottage cheese pack in another I sit down by the computer, I look through mail. Well, here all as always, 161 messages from the category “at once in garbage“, other two letters quickly I look through and also I send to garbage.

I dart a glance Again for hours. So, it is necessary to run. In those half-minute which are required for me to thrust a cottage cheese pack into the refrigerator I estimate that today to put on myself, I run to the room, I embody conceived, I am enough a bag with notes and run in the car. I start the motor, I look at the watch. The devil, for 4 minutes later, than planned! All right, we will hope that with traffic jams more - will carry less.

Aha, schaz! After storm incessant rains at us in the area a half of streets, repair at us is blocked there, and water still the river runs along sidewalks. Spent excess 10 minutes that, traveling about on neighboring garbage cans, all - to get on the main road. I go. Time goes. I begin to be nervous since I see that I am not in time, and my chief hates when I am late. Besides it cannot just begin a ballet class without me - I am his leader. Ballet will wait, ugly...

I Drive up to Hollywood. The new godsend - Hollywood - the boulevard is blocked, they prepare for a ceremony of delivery of “Oscar“ whether you see! Built some tents there, having turned a piece of the street into pedestrian. I try to go round all this disgrace, but right there it becomes clear that not one I am such clever. All need to get in some way for work. I get stuck in traffic jams, loudly I use foul language. Does not help!:-) Traffic jams do not resolve, to be nervous became even stronger.

I brush the hair with

On traffic lights and I impose an easy make-up. In ten I have to be on the place, and not such effigy which jumped out of the house 40 minutes ago! At last reached to studio. Thank God, the entrance has a parking lot directly! Fast I park, on the run throwing money for the parking into the automatic machine. I am late for those 4 minutes. I rush into studio. Hello! Three persons came (instead of expected 15)! But the chief right there begins occupation, he will wait for nobody. I sit down at a grand piano, I take breath. Behind work quickly I calm down, in breaks between exercises I try by means of the calculator in the mobile phone to count whether there will drop down for me that the sum that is in the bank, on payment of nearby accounts.

Won back a class, I go back to the car, on the road estimating at what shops it is necessary to stop by and that in them to buy. Especially the lunch problem concerns. I come into a supermarket, I decide to buy fish and a chicken liver for lunch, I stock up in children`s department at the same time - pampers, juice, a pechenyitsa... I go to other shop, for a long time was going to buy the child a ball. At the same time I take a set for a sandbox, rubber ducklings and still some rubbish. I get into the car, I look at the watch. 12:30. Getting not hungry what is a spoon of cottage cheese and a cup of coffee from nine in the morning! I decide to go home. Half an hour more and I almost at home. Almost... The car got hungry too and is so strong that I was frightened for its health. Urgently I turn on gas station.

it is possible for

and home Now. Houses of anybody! Marvelous feeling of the empty apartment! But there is no time to rejoice, there is a strong wish to eat! I change clothes in house and I fly on kitchen. Three frying pans on call, fish, a liver and potato - everything prepares at the same time, me on now and all for the evening. In twenty minutes already I sit down to a table with a plate of a fried liver with potato. Here also time to enjoy loneliness came. A glass of juice in one hand, the newspaper in another... Beauty!

After a lunch I load ware into the dishwasher and I start a cycle. Frying pans, of course, should be washed then most manually, the car washes them badly, but - plates - forks copes with cups perfectly. I remember that it is quite good and clothes to wash. I load the washing machine white linen. So, and this white T-shirt should be cleared of spots at first. I put on rubber gloves, I take a bottle with bleaching powder, I drip on spots... It seems disappeared. Hurrah! I Rinse an undershirt and I throw it into the car. So, it is made.

Wants to sit a little quietly after a lunch. I sit down at the Internet, I walk minutes 15 there. Cold. There is a wish for hot tea. With something. Sweet.:-) I am mentally transferred to kitchen, but I find nothing sweet.: - (But, nevertheless, already I go to kitchen really, I put a teapot. While tea is ready, I get into a case where the stuff, from baby food and cookies to dried mushrooms and canned food is stored. Hurrah! there is not particularly since what time an overlooked box of chocolates! For the mother-in-law bought lukum with mindalyom, there it is not enough calories!:-) The box begun, but candies quite are still suitable for the use. I put several candies on a saucer, I take a cup with jasmine tea and I go back to the computer.

So what we have all - with finance? All accounts department in the computer, bank accounts, credit cards, payment of accounts - everything is controlled and made on the Internet. I put payments, I calculate how many remains money... As always - at all. :-) Normally. In a week a new salary. Let`s wait. And it that it? The wages was paid out the left check? The money put was, into the account, left it back? Absolutely fine, the husband will understand then in what business - its salary was. I hear - clothes stopped being washed. Went, shifted it in the drying car. Started. Returned to the computer.

Visited the website of library of the Congress, shot a few notes to itself for work from there, unpacked, saw - a good music and absolutely unknown. I look at the watch - already the beginning of the fourth. So, in 20 minutes it is necessary to go to work again. Already in other studio. I grab the vacuum cleaner and I am fast run with it on rooms. With the child not especially you will vacuum, at once shout rises.

I do not manage to drink

of Coffee any more, but it is necessary to drink, otherwise at work I will miss and yawn. I run on kitchen, I make coffee, I pour it in a mug - a thermos, and I take with myself in the car. I taxi up to a mailbox, I remove mail. I leave exactly in 25 minutes prior to the beginning of a class - on the dot, it is necessary to spend for the road so much. How many time said herself that it is necessary to leave in advance how many times was late, was nervous - no, all the same I take off from the house always end-to-end. Get on the road accident or a stopper - everything, I will be nervous and late again. But this time everything managed, reached safely, and entered into studio exactly in four. On the road, brushing the hair, was late I remember that I was going to wash up in the afternoon the head while there is no house anybody. Wanted to be washed, take quietly on the head a mask from salt... forgot.

I Play a class, in passing I look through today`s mail. Account for gas, account for the car, account for an insurance... Oh, contract for summer! Work for 4 weeks of July to play for 7 - 8 hours a day, it is very heavy, but and will pay for everyone hour

I Leave studio - still light-. In 25 minutes I drive up to the house - already darkly. Time - six. I have still, at least, two hours before arrival of the husband with the daughter.

I Put a teapot, I go to change clothes. It is good that fish fried in the afternoon, and that now I would not begin to potter with her. And began to smell it in the evening absolutely to anything. Ate a little fish, drank to tea. Well. It is necessary to go to do something until the daughter returned. Put fully, both to iron and to clean up... I will go, perhaps, to iron, for me from household chores this most pleasant. In half-eyes I look in the TV where the Clear Heads and Clever Men program which is written down on Sunday turns.

Time imperceptibly approaches

eight. I stop ironing, I am filled up on a sofa with apple and the book. Literally in ten minutes I hear noise of the rising garage door - the husband with the daughter arrived. I clean the book, I go outside to meet. We kiss - we embrace, all - all day did not see. Kristinka jealously peeps, does not love when mother embrace and kiss the father.:-)

Only we come into the house, Christina climbs to a piano at once and pulls along me. As, all day did not see mother, did not sing a song. We sit down on a banquette nearby (when we bought a piano, this banquette also entered the price). Very necessary thing for the pianist (i.e. for me), on a chair it is inconvenient to sit, it is too soft, is too high, on the contrary, too low. And a banquette professional - optimum on height and on rigidity. And long, in addition, so we together with Christina there easily accommodate. We sit down near, we draw near almost closely the tool. Here I should endow the convenience, Christina to me overturns notes!:-)

we Open the daddy where I lovingly placed couple of tens children`s songs (according to own taste). Here at us and a song about summer, and about a smile, and the song of a young lion and turtle, and a song about charging, and is a lot of - many other very good songs from my childhood. We begin with the very first song and we sing until the end of the collection. Everyone - each song. Christina very carefully keeps order, itself turns to me the page when the song comes to an end, and a finger shows on following. And I have to play and sing. Well, as a last resort, it is simple to play, but surely all song from beginning to end. Sometimes Christina indulgently allows me to sing only two couplets from possible four.:-) On some couplets Christina begins to sing along or accompany quietly.:-)

in Some way it recognizes almost each song by its appearance in notes still before I begin to play. As it does it - for me a riddle. Well tell how the child without pictures can determine, for example, the song by a leaf with notes on which from above it is written “A lullaby from the movie “There will be jam tomorrow“?:-) And Kristinka unmistakably, having seen this leaf, puts a finger to lips and speaks: “It is silent - quietly“. Everything is correct, practically each line of this song begins the word “quietly“.

were Sung by all collection, time already around nine. It is time to prepare for a dream. Here we have the ritual. Every evening before going to bed we get into a mother`s bed and we read books there. I undress Christina to pampers, and she with visible pleasure climbs under my blanket, rejecting in passing a cover and a plaid. I lay over it books, and she begins to thumb through them and to comment. And right there the instruction follows:“ Hectares are hectare - hectare“. It means that it is necessary to start the song “Lived at the Granny“ on the computer. I include a computer, I open the folder with children`s songs in a MP3, and I include “Geese“. We listen and sing along together, representing as geese wash pads and as the granny when at it geese were gone cries. Rub - four playings, and it is possible to listen to other songs.:-)

At half past nine the husband goes to fill with

a bathtub. It is its sacred duty - every evening to do a bathtub and to bathe the child. I have 15 - 20 minutes on preparing a bed, to pour milk and water in small bottles, to close a window in the nursery and to get a pizhamka from a case. Still it is necessary to collect toys, the scattered clothes, to fill in waters in a humidifier etc., etc. At last, by ten o`clock Christina already in a bed. In a window looked, sang a lullaby, drank milk - it is time to sleep, the bull-calf fell asleep.

I Leave the nursery, having left weak light there. Malyshastik still some time sheburshitsya, has even fun, then begins to shout. I go there. Well of course, our new focuses - all on a floor, both a blanket, and a pillow, and a bottle with water, and toys... And on an empty bed as on a cage, the child runs. I load everything back into a bed, I take the child on hands and, long listing all animals known to me, I tell that all - all sleep.

I Put Christina in a bed and I leave the nursery. Already has to fall asleep. Time - a half of the eleventh. Now it is possible and to communicate to the husband.:-) I go on kitchen, I take a beautiful ceramic tray, I cut on it fruit, apples, pears, oranges... I bear all this in a bedroom. We settle down with comfort on a big bed, we eat fruit, we watch some transmission which is written down in New Year`s days (there is no time even at all to watch TV).

In half an hour we hear shout of the child. My God, well this time? I go to the nursery. Christina lies blindly, but continues to shout also loudly. Mine “sh - sh - sh“ do not help, the small bottle with water is resolutely rejected. It is clear, something dreamed. Today full moon.: - (To Bor on hands, I swing. Zero effect, continue to shout. I begin to talk in a voice, I try to wake that the bad dream came to an end. It seems helps. Christina opens eyes and sits down at me in hands. “Father“. - You want to the father in a bed?“ Yes“. We go “to the father to a bed“ (we after the birth of the daughter began to sleep with the husband in different rooms that very much was pleasant to both of us).

the Husband quickly cleans a ceiling light, and we with Christina sit down on a bed near the father. We sit. Christina sees a lonely piece of apple on a dish and right there begins to gnaw it. We sit. We are silent. The child with concentration and methodically eats apple. There passes the two-three of minutes, and Christina begins to settle in a bed closer to a pillow. We lay down on both sides from it. It seems how to sleep all three together. We lie. We are silent. The child continues to bite apple.

in a couple of minutes her eyes begin to be closed by

, but she still tries to fight against a dream. We with the husband, having risen on elbows, we exchange glances and smile each other, and Christina falls asleep meanwhile. We try to pull out at it from a hand an apple piece - does not give, begins to peep. All right, sleep with apple. We lie. Christina dozes, eyelids still shake, a dream rather weak. I weakenedthe expert also laid down quietly a nose in Kristinkino a shoulder. And during this instant I understood that such happiness. Quiet, family happiness. Also felt it physically, having felt as the easy luxury captured all my body. We lay near three together, such family, having as if merged for a moment in one whole. We - the FAMILY, an ordinary happy family... And it seemed to me that the husband endures the same now, as I.

I Take

the sleeping Christina on hands and I carry it in a bed. Now there is no wish for either the TV, or something of another.“ Day off“ came to an end day, there is a wish to have a rest. I take a shower, I wish to the husband good night and I go to myself to the room. I go with the book to bed, and again with pleasure I note how it is good to sleep one. Let the husband watch TV to two o`clock in the morning, let at it in the mornings on ten times the alarm clock call, let him snore in a dream... As they say, it is necessary to sleep together, and to get enough sleep - separately.

And “output“ day under the motto comes to an end with

: “Have well a rest, were only tired very much“.